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Our team won – then daddy scored

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Our football team won the world cup and dad and I were so excited we celebrated by having a wild fuck against the wall.

Dad and I were at home watching the World Cup, we’re both big football fans but my mom and sister weren’t, they hated football, so while we stayed at home they went out for the afternoon.

We were in the front room watching the match on the big 55” TV dad had bought especially for the occasion, he was drinking beer but I was only 14 so wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol, but today dad made an exception and bought me some low alcohol alcopop drinks just so I could join him in drinking.

We had our football shirts on eating pizza and chicken wings and drinking throughout the whole match, it was a bit slow going but when our team scored the first and second goals we knew it was going to be victory for us and we were absolutely buzzing.

Our food went all over the floor and our drink kept being spilled over us and the furniture as we jumped around the room in celebration as the goals kept on coming, but during the second half the other team made a come-back and in the last few minutes of the game we both say down, the teams were tied and as the clock ticked down we needed a goal to win.

We sat on the edge of our seats, our hands clasped together, biting our lips and rocking back and forth praying that our team would score before the time ran out, then it happened the goal to end all goals, the greatest goal in football history, our team won.

Both of us erupted in a fit of screams of excitement and victory, we jumped and ran around the room like lunatics, “Yeeeeeeeees!”.

I was so excited I jumped in to my dad’s arms, wrapping my legs around his waist, he held me while we both raised an arm in to the air screaming in celebration, “We won!” he cheered, then I threw my arms around him and planted a kiss on his lips.

There was nothing unusual about me kissing my dad, except we were both very worked up, we were in the moment, happy, excited, we experienced every emotion you can imagine while watching the match and now that we won, we were just so very happy.

Dad kissed me back, but passionately, I liked it so I kissed him back too, he turned around with me still in his arms with my legs around him and he pushed my back against the closest wall, then he pulled off my football shirt, “Wait. Wait, daddy, wait.” I said, he put me down and I took my shorts off, then I helped him remove his shirt.

He picked me back up and pinned me against the wall again, we were kissing passionately, he removed my bra and sucked on my nipples and kissed my boobs, kissed my neck, then he unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect cock, I threw my legs around him, clamping my heels together, he pulled the crotch of my panties aside and forced his cock inside my pussy.

I was a virgin but I’d fucked myself with a dildo a couple of times so my hole was already open, he fucked me hard against the wall, our lips hardly ever parted, only when I needed to groan and catch my breath.

“Oih – Ungh – Dad!”

Dad was groaning louder than I was as he stuffed my pussy with massive cock, “Yeah – ungh – woo!” he moaned.

Mom and my sister walked through the door and saw the back of my dad, his pants around his ankles, her bare ass showing, and me pinned against the wall in front of him as we fucked, “Oh my God, Larry, what in the hell..?” shouted mom.

“We won, love.” He replied, continuing to fuck my brains out.

I looked over dads shoulder, “Hi mom – ungh – We won.” I gasped.

Then dad came inside of me, he had a powerful ejaculation, I felt every single shot of his spunk fire off in to me, he pulled out, kissed me again, then dropped me to my feet on to the floor, he turned around, “Come here baby.” He said to my mom, his pants were still down and he was flashing his cock, mom quickly covered my little sister’s eyes.

She didn’t look happy but dad went over to mom and picked her up and spun her around, “We won. We won.” He sheered, then he kissed her and swept her up in to his arms and carried her up the stairs where they fucked, very loudly.

“What were you and daddy doing?” asked my little sister.

I couldn’t be bothered making up a lie so I just told her, “Fucking.” I replied, she was too young to understand what it meant anyway, “Want to get some juice?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She said, so I took her in to the kitchen and we both got juice.

After dad fucked mom’s brains out, she didn’t seem too bothered that dad had fucked me in the front room.

My dad fucked me real good and I absolutely loved it, it was a spare of the moment thing but damn, he’s got a big cock my dad, I want to have his babies when I’m older.

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    How old are you

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      Love to email ya foxy. Respond and I will give my address

    • Foxy ID:3zxjrennoic9

      Okay Random what is you’re email

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    Wanna take my seed too

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    Wanna have a bbc team up with your dad?
    mail me [email protected]

  • Reply Anon ID:bo2qeovzml

    Daddy only scores when he has successfully breeds her

  • Reply AP ID:on8so7lk0in

    If they had lost I guess he would have fucked her up the ass.

    • Kat ID:10zh0yw9fikl

      My dad started fucking me when I was 12, he held me up against the wall and fucked me like that once and I remember be scared he was going to drop me but also turned on because I realized exactly how much bigger he was than me. Ever since then I’ve always gone for the taller guys. Def in my top 10 favorite fucks.

    • AP ID:on8so7lk0dl

      When a guy has a big enough cock (at 12 almost all cocks are big) and pins his partner to the wall, it becomes very clear they are fuckmeat and the only thing to do is hang on and enjoy the ride.

    • Kat ID:10zh0yw9fikl

      Agreed. Lol. There were a few times when he wanted my pussy that I knew I was going to get fucked and I couldn’t do anything about it.

    • AP ID:on8so7lk0dl

      It’s a fine line between getting used and rape. Getting used is when you are safe but have no control.
      I’m pretty sure it wasn’t only your pussy that got used. A man like your dad sounds like probable used every hole brutally for his pleasure, any time and any where he wanted. Also, pinned to the wall like that I’m sure he got off on the noises you made as your cervix took a beating again and again.
      Did he have you on birth control of some kind or did he also get off on controlling you by making you hope your cycle was right?

    • Gray Wolf ID:fzq5qe3hjp

      Kat … funny that you like that. My daughter is 12 and she loves doing it that way. Up against the walls, legs spread and sliding down on me. Sje also like it when I turn upside down so I can taste her and she treats me with her oral skills (mom taught her well!) graywolf352 o kik