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Surfer hippy boy learns to play

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Hello I’m a long haired hippy beach boy hitch hiking but had gone down on a small beach in “what you doing today you interested in some dick sucking for a ride well you will have to take it up the ass” ” you can come I kind of forgot then looked over to see the mans hand uncover his cock making it bounce as I could not believe what I was seeing he played with it as I couldn’t help but feel my cheeksbetween my cheeks of my very shot soccer shorts I had a ball bag g-string under it and took off the shorts and did yoga he started to masturbate as I starred he sat up looking around as I kept doing exercise spreading my knees facing away arching my back as he came over
“Hello” he said holding his dick having to use both hands.and lean back then dropped it making it swing back and forth
“I am from Pakistan can I bring my things over and ask you about customs?” “sure” said the western man had me feel his cock
He came back with his things and sat down “wow that’s a big dick!”. ” want to see me fuck him?” “ok” “then I can fuck him to?” “…now hippy lay on your tummy” “why?” “what are you doing?” “get down lower yes like that take these off” ” no I don’t think so!” “yes!” “no get off me!” “to bad I’m going to rape you ….I was having a flash back to when I was much younger
He was tall and strong he had a container of Vaseline put a handful into my ass cheeks he yanked my head back by my hair as he forced his dick in my ass as I screamed 5 times in a row but then he press his left hand down on my back making sure to have me stay up on my knees keeping my head pulled back as he pounded his dick into my ass as another man came closer to see him rape me real good adding a large amount of baby oil he had with the Vaseline in a bag then drilling his massive dick up my ass hammered me then back once more as the man asked if he could fuckas well they were on his blanket I said ” he’s after you is that ok” “sure I want to see you take his meat then we are going you can follow us if you take it up your ass to” “say yes” “oh yes sir” his dick was big and he knew he had to be ruthless and I said thing like ” please stop” the man took us into Carmel we got in the hot tub guests came and watched as I sucked his big dick then some large black men brought a donkey they said

. I was in shallow water naked then some other man came over with his dick out hard and had me go into a secluded place and he got his dick sucked as another man came watched him fuck me in my ass and fucking me hard and fast then each taking a turn until done then left I went back to my things put my ball bag swim suit on (just a waistband high up by my belly button the fabric is pouch you put your balls and penis in with a narrow g-string that goes up your ass and I like it as far up my ass as possible

I headed up the stairs of a cliff house just as guests were starting a party with lots of drinking the first thing they do is go invite young boys up to the party give them booze have them get naked while doing cocaine with them
Soon I was taking dick after dick and given snorts from a mans bullet(a device shaped like a bullet but a little bigger you hold up to one side or the other to sniff cocaine into your nose to get high) an entire group of perverts would encourage their buddies to fuck me as hard as possible hearing the ladies were going to a chick party the men took me upstairs and the local black dealer was just about to come over to make money hearing about a hot hippy boy getting high and fucking like a wild slut was great
Upstairs a large cooler was placed in the living room a cushion put on it in a plastic bag they poorer cooking oil all over my back as a large man with a big dick began giving them a show his dick way to big
“No let me up I need a break!”

“oh no you don’t I’m fucking your little

hippy ass now!…..”. ” ya Big Bill rape him we want to hear him suffer just get it in then ram it in…..!” “let me do just that hold him !….ya like that…..! up the rear

” Please No No Noooo….!!! Nooooo….!!!”

“just let it happen ok and I won’t slam it in ok?”

“its to big please…..no please…!!!!! Nooooo !!

” Im a liar get ready for full on anal sodomy …! move him to the cart in the corral” they took Mr to the corral and all followed the drop of blood in the Vaseline made the donkey stand up and stab his dick into my hole first try nailed it the cart had a curved roll bar looking thing he rested against but didn’t need it even shuffled closer while humping meas they counted 41,42,43…..74,75,76-82 he came out resting but wanted more and came back missed my hole tried again nailed it hard as it was filmed the guy from Pakistan was drunk at some neighbors house thinking he was the hired help was drinking the owners son had began to play with his dick so he fucked him they made their way around to the cheers watching me handcuffed and were on a mission to help the boy went up to the owner while the last part had finished said who he was and went to please the owner asking me to be incurred but the owner suspected his motive and wanted proof and made him fuck at the same time incuffed me he was fucked and the owner fell asleep and he escaped he got some skimpy suit on and we got to Monterey where he ran out of gas non of us had money we went towards a theater and got in the back when someone went outside we had to find seats anyplace we could and I went towards the back few rows sat second to last spot by the wall being groped shoved down on the floor by a big red neck he pulled the center seem over and fucked me the other boy was given hits as he sat on mens dicks and the Pakistan man was high as a kite fucking some young navy guys

” my uncle told me one morning ….he couldn’t pick me up but would send someone to pick me up from school skip the last 2 hours of school so at lunch time I changed and exited not seeing anyone I began walking 3 blocks later a van going the other way passes me going ,4 blocks past the school turn around comes back passes me parks on the next block ahead of me as I walk past the 2 men give me cat calls
In broken English he says ” ride?” I say are you here to pick me up ?” “” yes see you enter see” “ok thanks. ” “like your jeans cutoff ” “make us like you ass to fuck we go candy n play see?”
“see you like porn magazine ?” “yes yes very much the other very large Mexican was on the carpet in a cowboy hat looking at boys being fucked as the sound of his belt buckle as he had removed his boots then his pants ” look at this dick now you get up on your knees spread those cheeks apart …..oh ya feel that dick going up your ass gringo you like” “oh see its nice see”
” now these men who are with me following will enjoy you as well” he told them something in Spanish and they followed us to some park in a ghetto area with an abandon housing track and took me to the merry go round and 5 of them fucked me in plain view of whatever homes were lived in a big tall man one from the car was he fucked me on the spring rocking horse then they left me their I walked back under the overpass to a super market where a pervert drove me towards the ocean and to a secluded place and threatened me with a knife and fucked me and realized I had my bag on me but kept fucking me till he busted he had put the knife down I knocked it out the drivers window as I went out the other and took off across the field he fired up his car but got stuck and I was free pulled up my suit checked to make sure I had everything.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Feel like I’ve been tripping again! There’s something compulsive about your stories. Love the sound of your ball bag swimsuit, you teasing little hippy boy slut!!