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A families descent- capture 2

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The story of the young mother and her daughters capture and enslavement continues.

Another man steps to her mother on the opposite side, and as the first releases her head, turns her to face his semi hard cock sticking out of his pants. The first man sits on the couch, his hard, wet cock sticking up he lifts up the woman enough that he can slide under her, and lower her onto his cock, burying it in her tight, dry cunt while the second man grabs her head and forces her to start sucking him until fully erect. Grunting as the cock penetrates deeply into her, the slave takes the new dick in her mouth, sobbing quietly while the men use her cunt and mouth for their pleasure. As the second man using her mother gets fully hard, a third steps forward and releases his penis from his pants. Maya steps behind the young girl, and kneeling starts caressing and fondling her nude body while she watches the man sitting on the couch lift her mother and move her slightly forward, aligning his cock with her third, and never before used, tight hole. As Ami watches her mother be violently dropped onto the cock invading her ass, with the second man kneeling and pushing into her still dry and painful cunt while the third man grabs her head and forces his hard dick into her mouth, Maya rubs from her tight ass to her nearly hairless cunt, one finger slipping to the first knuckle into her virgin pussy. Over her mother’s grunts and cries while she is raped in all three holes, and her sister’s moans and sobs while her body is groped and pinched Ami hears Maya whisper in her ear. “doesn’t your mom look like she is having fun doing her duties as a slave? I bet you can’t wait to show everyone how well you can please three or four hard cocks with your tiny slave body” sliding her finger from Ami’s cunt and back to her tight ass, she said” the men will have so much fun tearing your three virgin holes open, making you into a good little slut” while she forced her finger in Ami’s resisting ass to the full depth of her long middle finger, drawing a deep grunt from her tender lips. As the young girl pulled on her bonds, with the finger stroking deeply in her ass she saw a man with a second video camera moving around the room to get the best angles for the rape and humiliation of the three girls.
As the woman now known as slave 182 was beginning to get wet from the abuse of all her holes the man ramming into her pussy stepped back, and the man raping her mouth lifts her off the cock deep in her burning ass. With the mobile camera close to her, filming her use and humiliation, the men switch positions. The cock wet from her mouth gets rammed deep in her aching asshole while the man who was fucking her ass rams deep into her now wet pussy. As she sobs quietly the penis wet from fucking her tight cunt is held to her lips. She wildly shakes her head no, while squeezing her lips shut trying to avoid the humiliation of being fucked in the mouth with a cock wet from her ravished cunt. The man swiftly slaps back and forth across her face, four sharp slaps ringing in the quiet room. As her mouth drops open the man rams his slimy cock into her throat, causing her to gag and retch around the stiff penis in her mouth. While slowly stroking Ami’s virgin ass Maya spoke loud enough for all three slaves to hear” you will never try to refuse any act on or with your body, it belongs to us not you. When given the gift of cum in your mouth you will never waste it, you will swallow unless told otherwise. Whenever a person chooses to fuck you, when they finish you will clean them with your mouth without hesitation. Do you understand?” After waiting a few seconds for an answer, both daughters are brutally slapped. Ami with a sharp upward strike to her tender pussy and Riri with several brutal strikes across her firm breasts. As both girls scream in pain Maya askes again “DO YOU UNDERSTAND”. Both teen girls quickly gasp out “YES MISTRESS”.
As the men raping her mother once again switch position, slave 184, once known as Riri, the nearly 16-year-old daughter of slave 182 is pulled by her leash to the man sitting with his pants open and semi hard penis laying on his leg. With her back to her mother, she is pulled forward so her mouth is over the exposed cock. “Suck it slut, satisfy me while I watch your mother’s rape” “Please no, I am a virgin, I have never done anything like this, please no” Riri begged. Instantly the whip lashed across her tender back, the snap ringing like a gunshot in the room. As Riri screamed from the pain the lash struck rapidly, four more times across her exposed back. “You stupid bitch, shut up and suck. You will be punished for speaking, and for hesitating when given an order. NOW SUCK”. Crying quietly the kneeling teen bent forward and took the man in her mouth, sucking and licking him while she gently sobbed. Maya stood, holding Ami’s leash, and walked behind her sobbing, sucking sister slowly enough for the young girl to crawl on her knees with her. Standing beside the teen, holding Ami mere inches from her sisters exposed cunt and ass, Maya spoke” your sister looks unhappy, I want you to make her feel better” The young girl looked from her sister’s sex, naked and red from being rubbed and fingered by the man she was now giving her first blow job to, up at the older woman, obviously confused. Maya shook out the whip she was holding in her right hand, and looked down at the girl” use your mouth, and Tongue. Make your sister cum, lick and suck her little virgin cunt and get her ready to be raped, my little doll.
Mirei sat on her couch naked, hands cuffed behind her, staring at her two naked, cuffed daughters in front of her, trying to understand what was happening. What would they do to her innocent girls, to her? How could she protect her daughters? Barely aware of what is happening she looks up at the man beside her. As she slowly realizes that he has his penis out of his pants a sharp slap stings her face, throwing her head to the side and momentarily stunning her. Out of fear, she opens her mouth and sucks the limp member into her mouth. As the cock slowly hardens in her working mouth she looks over at her girls, staring shocked as their mother she sucks the stranger to hardness for what she is sure is her coming rape. Sobbing in shame she makes no resistance as he pulls his now hard tool from her mouth and sits beside her, then lifts her and slides under. Staring at her watching daughters she feels the cock slowly and painfully forced into her burning hole. As she watches the evil, cruel woman who has said she will train her as a slave caress the barely teen body of her youngest daughter a shiver of revulsion and anger courses through her pained body. Noticing another penis in front of her mouth she immediately begins to suck it to the best of her ability, afraid to cause more pain for herself, or her girls. As the second cock hardens in her mouth, she desperately tries to think of something, anything, she can do to save her innocent young girls from this horrible fate. While watching in aguish the rough molestation of her eldest daughter, and almost loving caresses of the evil Maya on her youngest, she barely notices the man at her mouth step back while the man raping her hole lifts her right off his hard cock. Suddenly, with no warning, she feels the cock tear into her aching ass to the hilt, as the man cruelly drops her whole weight on the cock barely penetrating past her tight sphincter, forcing him deep into her bowels and tearing a shriek from her abused mouth. The third man forces his cock into her mouth as far as he can, gagging her while she feels the second man forcing himself into her burning vagina. Through her tears she sees Riri on her knees, sucking the man after being repeatedly, harshly whipped. While Ami is led to kneel inches from her sister’s exposed pussy and ass, Mirie was sure she was going crazy, hallucinating. No one would be so heartless to abuse innocent girls like this.
As Mirei watched her youngest daughter kneeling with her face inches from her other daughter’s naked sex, the man ramming his penis down her aching throat stiffened, and pushed into her mouth until his balls rested on her chin, and she felt him pumping his cum down her throat into her stomach. Within seconds she felt the warm flood of jism into her now wet pussy as the man between her legs stiffened and moaned, ramming deep into her. As soon as he came the man stood and pushed his penis against her lips. “Clean it, ” he growled. Sobbing, the young mother opened her mouth to the wet, sticky cock covered in her juices and his cum and slowly sucked and licked it clean. As Mirie sucked the juices off the cock from her wet, sore pussy the man in her ass lifted, driving himself painfully deep in her tight hole, and she felt him pulsing and pushing as the hot cum flooded her bowels. As he set her on the couch and stood, she noticed a man standing on the other side of her with a thin, long bamboo cane. The man pushed his sticky, dirty cock from her ass against her lips, and again she was ordered ” clean it, slave”. Mirie shook her head, no, not the penis filthy from fucking her ass, no one could expect that of her, it was to disgusting for even a slave. The cane whistled as it was swung, striking across the tip of her exposed breast. As it struck her eyes flew open, and she screamed at the explosion of sharp pain across her chest, and the man rammed his filthy cock into her mouth, muffling her piercing shriek.

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  • Reply Anon ID:1dd1xk5noqg6

    I keep trying, but it does not particularly like the formatting from my word processor when I copy paste it. I have another idea to try on the next section, most likely mid week. I appreciate the feedback, this is my first try at writing, and have no one editing so it a bit of a slog. Any input is graciously appreciated.

  • Reply K ID:cxttdilxib

    Compelling story, but you need to add spacing to make it easier to read. (If you imagine it like it’s a movie, each time the ‘camera’ changes focus, you should have a new paragraph.)