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My fuck with mom part 2

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Mom was doing as she was told and now I was going to be the boss

The next few days, I got the same after school. mom let me feel and suck her tits.
I had been sending emails, but she hadn’t moved any further on, so I went a bit harder on the Friday I wrote to her
Since you don’t seem to be doing as I asked here is a little proof that I’ve got camera’s in your house and I sent a video of me sucking on her tit from other day.
I also wrote tonight you will wank your son or I’m sending videos and don’t stop him touching you too
DAN.B I then sent
That was in the morning before school at school I got the emails up and had a reply saying she would do as I asked but it’s not right but she would do as the email asked .
Great I though getting a wank off my mom tonight I was hard all day at school I was walking home with my sister who has no idea what we are doing as she is always at her friend’s I’m sure she’s a lesbian .
We arrived at home and mom smiled at us and I noticed she had on a black blouse and a pair of shorts I went up stairz to get changed into my shorts and tshirt.
I came down and sat on the sofa my sister came down dressed in a mini skirt and tshirt and said she was going to Sandys house and staying the night mom told her have some tea first but she was out the door.
Mom came over to me and said tea will be ready in a hour and sat next to me and cuddled me I straight away started undoing her blouse revealing a black bra mom let me, she looked the other was as I groped her tits, then it happened I felt her trembling hand on my shorts rubbing my cock through the material I was in heaven I moved my hand on her leg she jumped but didn’t stop me as she rubbed my cock I stroked her leg moving my hand up to her shorts, her hand was at my waist band of my shorts when she said would you like me touch you , as I would say no I nodded and her hand went inside my shorts my cock jumped when her finger touched it and her fingers went around it and moved slowly up and down it felt so good I was trying to concentrate on feeling her legs and sucking her tits while she played with my cock.her legs felt so smooth as I moved my hand then I felt mom pull my shorts down freeing my cock and her hand went back on and continued to wank me, my hand now was between her legs and my fingers were going up the legs of her shorts I could feel her panties nice and silky I wasn’t far off cumming but she was only doing slow not fast like I do my fingers were feeling the leg holes of her panties as I put one under them and felt her lips they were wet she was enjoying this as my finger entered she gasped and her hand was now wanking me fast I had no choice I was cumming as my cock exploded my first wank of someone and my cum was shooting on my mom she kept going till I was empty but still held me as my finger was exploring her pussy, she had her eyes closed as I fingered her and I knew she was liking as I moved a bit so my hand could come out and I went to Undo her shorts , she said no we shouldn’t be doing this but I still was undoing her short buttons she just kept saying we shouldn’t but never stopped me as I pulled her shorts down over her legs her knees then off her feet I looked up her panties were white silk ones and I moved my hands to pull them down she lay back as I took them off revealing her pussy my fingers were straight in again fingering her She was moaning her eyes closed as I fingered her her body was shaking it was then I looked my cock was hard I moved my body closer as I fingered her still her eyes closed I pulled my fingers out and moved my cock she didn’t noticed as I pushed in It slid in so easy the feeling was unbelievable wet warm and tight as my cock pushed right in her pussy causing her to moan, I was thrusting like a steam train , her arms around me holding me tight as I thrust my cock up her I could feel my cum getting ready to shoot up to the place I was made .
It was time as my cock erupted and sent my sperm up into her womb it felt so good pumping in-and-out of my mum.
I stopped I was done my balls empty, I could feel my cock shrinking as I pulled it out . I looked at my mom she was crying saying its wrong doing this but it was so nice .
I told her I wouldn’t tell anyone as long as she let’s me do it , She nodded and I said you have to do what I say no questions , what you mean she asked if I say wank me you do it, if I say suck me you do it .
She agreed to do as I ask
I told her she should go get a shower clean up and we can go in her bed naked and watch tv , she nodded when she went in the shower I went my room to write a email.
I said that was a good mom now let him do anything ,and you please him I’m watching all the time so be a good slut for him or else .
DAN.B send

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