I raped a hot Latina burglar

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I raped a hot Latina burglar that broke into my house she had the best pussy and now she’s my sex life for life

It was 5 years ago my house got broken in 13 times I got sick and tired of it cops can’t do nothing all of my stuff gets taken so I decided to wait for the fuckers so I can blast them with my 12 gauge turns out when I check the cameras it was only one person the next night I waited and I heard the windows being broken in and I was getting ready to blast or knock this motherfucker out when I saw the burglar I immediately point my shotgun right in her head how do I know it’s a her she surrendered and I yanked her mask off little did I know she was very hot and pretty and she had some very massive tits and a huge ass and a small waist she was begging me not to call the cops and was sorry for breaking in because she needed money to bail her boyfriend out of jail but I didn’t care I handcuffed her but I couldn’t resist looking at her sweet ass when I was getting the phone to call the cops she looked at me all concerned what I did I duct tape her mouth and proceed to yank her pants down she had a massive ass that was begging to be raped I proceed to stick my dick inside of her sweet little butthole and begin violating her she was crying and I was enjoying it she begged me to stop while I kept on going for hours after that she went totally limp and gave up resisting when I was done creampieing her little holes of hers I end up putting her in my basement and kept her prisoner as Stockholm syndrome begin to settle on her she begged me to have sex with her I violate her all day and she always tells me that she’s sorry for breaking into my house and now she’s addicted to my dick and I noticed that she totally forgot about her boyfriend little did I know that I found out her boyfriend is in prison for armed robbery robbing a bank now she’s my bitch and she does whatever I say rule number one you little whores that break into my house if you steal something from my home you’re going to get ass raped and if you have a boyfriend with you I’m going to make him watch.

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  • Reply Crazy Joe ID:99uwotzm4

    Just an AK-47 and a shotgun that I used to threaten her with and a couple of handguns I have you like role-playing

    • Sarah ID:99uwotzm4

      I always wanted to watch a girl get raped up close to me while I hold a gun in her head

    • Sarah ID:99uwotzm4

      Did you stick that Barrel inside her pussy

    • Crazy Joe ID:99uwotzm4

      Nope I just ripped her tight pants off and raped her in the ass with no lube she beg for me to stop but I kept on going the more you telling me to stop the more I keep going

    • Sarah ID:99uwotzm4

      Nice It makes me so wet the way you raped her

  • Reply Sarah ID:99uwotzm4

    Hope you taught her good lesson Crazy Joe bet she won’t do that again btw I don’t
    Want to ask u personal questions what kind of guns you have babe

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    I wish I was in her place. I wanna get raped. Sadly I’m only 15 so not many guys are willing. My kik is bella_quinn123

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      Have you tried burglary?

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    • Sarah ID:99uwotzm4

      Washington state slut I think you might have to ask him where he lives because like he said he’ll rape any girl that breaks into his house to steal and try not to get shot

    • Crazy Joe ID:99uwotzm4

      I’m no serial rapist but if I find out you’re a girl that broke into my house whether you’re ugly or hot I will stick it up your ass first no lube

    • Brandon ID:99uwotzm4

      Jesus Christ dude you sound like you would fuk anything that moves glad you taught her a lesson bet she won’t do that again and now she’s your submissive sex slave now that’s awesome