Liz incident

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!*disclaimer*! This story is 100 percent true. All names are as they were during this time. Let me know what you think by messaging me on my kik at WETLIZ696.

*backstory* This happened when I was in college. It’s still haunted me for years.


I wake up to the sound of my alarm going off and I groan when I get out of bed. The week has been rough already and I dread to think of what today brings. I stretch and yawn then I head for my closet to pick out my outfit.

I find a pair of leggings, which were basically my go to for pants, and I grab a nice white blouse. Then I go over to my dresser and I pull out a pair of black boy short panties and a black sports bra to match. Then I head into the bathroom to shower and get ready.

When I’m in the shower I start lathering up my body and I start focusing on my tits then when I get done with them I move my hands down my body to my beautiful almost hairless pussy. My hands run along my slit and my puffy lips and when my finger runs along my clit I shudder and gasp. Then I hear a noise outside the bathroom window.

“Hello? Is someone there?” I shout from the shower but no response.

I finish my shower and get out. I start drying off then I hear another sound. I don’t pay it much attention and I continue getting dressed. I slip my sports bra on then I step in my panties and slide them up my slender shaved legs.

I walk back into my room and I finish getting dressed. I head downstairs and there I’m met with one of my roommates Katie.

“Hey Kate.”

I say as I walk into the kitchen to make myself some breakfast.

“Morning Liz, sleep well?”

She says as she eats her breakfast and drinks some coffee.

“I slept pretty good, hey is the Nightmare supposed to be here today?”

I say as I start making some eggs and toast.

“Yeah, I just got off the phone with him. He’ll be here at about two.”

She says finishing her breakfast.

“Okay, perfect.”

I say as my breakfast cooks.

“Okay well I’m off. See you later Liz.”

She says as she heads out the door.

“Bye, see you later Kate.”

I say back. My breakfast finally gets done cooking and I sit down to eat.

I finish my breakfast and I gather my things before I leave for school. I get into my car and I pull out of the driveway and head for school.

My drive is kind of boring but I get to look at all of the beautiful trees and houses. After a few minutes of driving I reach the college that Katie and I are attending. I pull my car into a spot then I get out, collect my stuff and then I head inside after I lock my car.

Once inside I go for the small coffee station in the lobby of the school. I always greet each employee with a kind attitude but there is one I’m not too fond of. But I still act friendly towards him.

“Good morning Elizabeth.”

He says with the same wide smile as always.

“Good morning Jimmy.”

I say with a slight bitterness in my voice.

“I have your order already made up for you and no charge today.”

He says as he stretches out his hand with my usual order.

“Thank you but I still have to pay Jimmy.”

I say as I reach into my bag for the money.

“No you don’t, I already paid for it. Just because you deserve it.”

He says as his hand start shaking from holding the coffee out.

“Okay, whatever.”

I say as I take it and walk away.

I get through the rest of my day pretty easily without any hiccups or speed bumps. Then as I’m getting ready to leave I see my phone ringing and I look at it and I see a message from the name “Nightmare” pop up and my body fills with excitement.

Nightmare: “Hey Lizzie, I’ll be at your place in a few minutes.”

Me: “Okay, see you then. Xoxo”

I close my phone and start heading for the door when all of a sudden Jimmy steps in my way.

“Hey Elizabeth, I was thinking maybe I could walk you to your car.”

He says as he blocks my way to the exit.

“No, I’m fine Jimmy, you don’t have to walk me to my car.”

I say as I push past him and out the door. I could have sworn he said something behind my back but I couldn’t catch it but anyway, I head to my car, get in and head home.

Once I’m home I pull into the driveway and I see my friend Nightmare coming down the road in his charger with Dante, his black Labrador in the passenger side.

I wave to him and I head into my house. Nightmare and Dante come in a few minutes after me. Then Katie shows up and we all start hanging out.

A few hours later I tell Nightmare goodnight and I head to my room to get ready for bed. I change into my pajamas, which is just a pair of shorts and a tank top, and I get into bed. Before falling asleep I play on my phone and eventually I start dozing off, so I close my phone and go to sleep.

I’m waiting outside the window when I see the light go out so I wait another few minutes until I know my angel is asleep.

I climb in through the window and quietly stand there taking in the smell and sight. “I’m in her bedroom” I say to myself as I make my way around her room. I walk around quietly for a few minutes then I notice her dresser. I walk over and I quietly open her drawers and go through them then I find the drawer I’m looking for.

I open it and my cock hardens when I see all of the glorious panties laying there. I pick one up and I enjoy how it feels in my hands. I hold it to my nose and it smells like she does. “Strawberries” I say to myself.

I continue smelling the panties until I hear my angel stir in her sleep, I look over and see her peacefully sleeping. I walk over to her and I just stare at her and my cock hardens more. I kneel down and smell her hair. “Mmm she smells so good.”

I can’t stand it anymore and I slowly remove her blankets from her. When I get them past her chest I stop and admire the sight of her luscious globes in her tight white tank top. The way her chest rises with each breath drives me crazy, so I slowly reach out my hand and I lay it on her right tit. God it feels so good, so squishy.

After a few minutes I decide to go a step ahead and I slowly pull the strap of her tank top off her shoulder until the strap of her bra is in my sight. Then I reach over and pull the other tank top strap off.

Now she’s just covered by her sports bra, I reach into my pants and pull my hard cock out and I start stroking myself but I get bored after a few minutes so I slowly pull her blankets back more until I get them to below her knees.

Now my angel is there in front of me wearing the prettiest pair of panties I’ve ever seen. I begin stroking my cock again and I just take in the sight. Then I reach forward and I touch the waistband of her panties. They feel so nice and I run my finger along then and down to her pussy. I touch her through her panties for a few minutes and she feels so soft and wet.

I run my finger through her slit and I can hear her breath getting heavier so I press my finger on her clit. But when I did my angel woke up screaming.

“Who the Fuck are you!!!? Why are you in my room!!?”

I say as I scream for my friends.

“Please, stop screaming.”

Says the creep in my room molesting me in my sleep. But luckily my screaming attracted the attention of my friend Nightmare. He comes running through the door with the look of fire in his eyes.

When he sees the creep with his dick in his hand standing in my room he rushes over and throws the stranger into the floor and puts his knee into his back.

“Elizabeth, Call the police. Now.”

He says without even looking at me. I cover myself up and grab my phone. I dial 911 and explain the situation to them.

They sent officers out and everything was taken care of. The creep was arrested and it was then I realized it was Jimmy from the coffee shop.

Well he was arrested and taken to jail. After that I decided to lock my windows from then on.

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