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Step-mom part 4

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No more seeing her naked body or smelling her freshly worn panties. I dream of ways to fuck her.

With so much hatred for one another, the cunt would blame me for shit I didn’t do at one point I was grounded to my room for 6 months straight. I would spend my time on how much I wanted her to suffer as I torture and use her as my fuck slave.

One of my favorite fantasies I still get rock hard thinking about it. I take a rope and hang her by the wrists. With her suspended two feet from the ground I would take her legs and spread them and tie them so her pussy is and tits are exposed and ready for whatever I want. I take a bull whip and snapping it on her tits, one tit then the other. Watch her scream and cry from the abuse her tits are taking. As welts form on her tits I would snap the whip on her wide open pussy. She’s screaming and begging me to stop. Tears run down her face. Her tits and pussy covered ir red welts I take her her down tie her up so she can’t move her ass up in the air for me to fuck. I would slid my cock in her tight asshole and pound it hard and fast. Her crying begging me to stop I shove the handle of the bull whip deep into her pussy making her asshole even titer. She passes out from the amount of pain. I’d grab her hair and fuck her even harder waking her up. I bust mu nut deep inside her ass. Leaving my cock inside her warm cum filled asshole till it go’s limp and her hole squeeze it out. I leave her tied up with the whip handle still in her pussy. Rolling heybto her back I violently fuck her pussy with the handle, her cumming over and over and over.

She gives up begging me to stop and crys and takes the the abuse. I take the handle out and shove it in her ass and shove my cock into her pussy is. In out on out as fast as I can. Filling her pussy with my cum.

I start thinking on ways to get her to take in my cum without her knowing.

More to cum!

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