Cat: Abuse

Mom only needed laid

I was abuse by my mom when I was in my early teens Mom and dad got divorced when I was 12. Mom became very abusive to me. She would keep me grounded for the least things. She would... # # # #

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Out of her league

I asked this girl out from work. She laughed at me. Saying she would never go out with me and that I was way out of her league. I said “Fuck you! You fucking bitch. Go fuck yourself... # # #

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My Chinese neighbour

It started with me when I was 10ish my Stepfather used to make me wank him when my mother was at work by the time it was a every other day thing . Things changed when I was 12 as one... # # #

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My stepdaughter recently moved back into the house after dumping her loser boyfriend. She had two kids a 15 yo boy and a 13yo girl. The girl is a hottie. 5 foot tall and beautiful.... # #

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Used by stranger

My Name is Kevin and when I was around 10 I lived in a Housing Apartment Building with Assistance, it was a big building 6 Floors and I lived in the 5th floor with my mom that worked... # # # #

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Ambulance story

We had an ambulance transport from one hospital to another. A teen with cerebral palsy was going to a childrens hospital in Chicago. 2.5 hour trip. The parent decided to follow us in... # # #

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