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Drugged mom and sold her to my friends for sex

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My mom was a drunken, drugged out slut. So many guys and women in and out. I drugged her many times fucked her and sold her to my friends for sex.

I heard my slut mom talking to another slut friend of hers, she didn’t think I could hear but as she got drugged and drunk she talked louder. She got fucked her first time when she seduced a 20 year old guy when she was 12. Before my Dad, who died several years before, he’s already been fucked by 4 women, and 42 guys in all of her holes. Then after my dad she was up to a total of 132 guys. I might say that is 132 guys she knows about. I started at about 13 when I lost my virginity in her slutty friends cunt. They were both passed out, naked in moms bed. I fucked the friend while fingering my moms hairy cunt. Then I started having more opportunities with my mom. I fucked her regularly when she was out of it. Sometimes I had to fuck her used cunt with an unknown number of guys cum inside her. Other times, it was must me and I got clean, wet, hot pussy, asshole, mouth, and beautiful tits to use. I told my best friend about it when he was over for the night. He heard her getting nailed and the guy got very loud about “fucking that hot ass” when he was buttfucking her. My friend sprouted a hard on immediately as did I. We had been having oral sex and hand sex between us for a couple of years and he gave me a hand job and I gave him a BJ and he came in my mouth at the same time the loud guy shot off inside my moms ass.

After a while when things were quite I could tell that mom had passed out and the guy was getting another nut off inside her. Sneaking into the hall, she never closed her door, I could see that he was on top of her ass, she on her belly, plowing her butthole again. In about 15 more minutes he was done, I hear a slap on her ass and he left. We both went down to lock the door. I told my friend he could fuck my mom if he wanted. I didn’t need anymore drugs, she was out again. Her pussy was loose but he must have cum both times in her ass and not in her pussy. I had to go first, I sucked her tits, kissed her, kissed her on her pussy then he went. He sucked and mauled her tits, she has big ones, then rubbing her slut pussy it got wetter, and I spread my moms legs and kinda pulled them up as he got between them. He rubbed the head of his 7 incher up and down my moms pussy and couldn’t take it. I asked if it was his first piece of pussy and he said it was. I told him just to put it in and fuck. He’ll cum quick. I told him that my first time I only lasted about 10 pumps then dumped my cum into her. She was snoring she was so passed out. I moved her and she stopped, and while my friend fucked my mom, I sucked her tits, then put my dick in her mouth. She couldn’t the way I’d seen her bob up and down on so many different cocks, but I jacked off into her mouth. My friend was pumping her pussy for all it was worth and he soon came too. Still hard, I had him switch and pull up her legs, even more than I did for him. I lined up to her just used asshole and gave her a good buttfucking.

After that my friend spent all the time he could staying over at my house. He asked how often she got that drunk and I told him usually Friday, saturday and sunday nights, sometimes on wednesday. I fucked her those nights, and probably one or two more. I explained that I could put some of her pills into a cola and she’d pass out when she wasn’t drunk and I could fuck her. One day he came over and told me he did it by accident and he was sorry. I thought he fucked my mom when I wasn’t around but no. He told some boys from our school about her. It was the next thing he said that got me interested. I honestly didn’t give a shit about other guys fucking her slut body, but one of the guys told my friend “Hell, she’s hot, I’d pay to fuck her” all the other boys agreed.

I knew they’d all want to fuck her holes, cum in her or on her. So I got all the necessary things to clean her up between and after. I used my friend to put word out and soon there was about 20 guys wanting to pay to fuck my mom when she was passed out. So the first time was just the first guy who said he’d pay. I didn’t know what to charge, but the guy brought out $50. It was a week night, so I used her pills on her. I had her cleaned up, and she is a very pretty woman, with a really nice body, she’s just a total fucking slut. She was laid out on her bed on her back, her tits showing, her dark brown pussy hair parting as I had her legs spread showing her pussy. I took the money and he told me and my friend to leave, but I told him I had to stay to make sure he didn’t hurt her. He agreed that only me would stay and he stuck his dick in her hairy pussy and fucked her. He came very soon, then got off and put on his underwear and pants and left immediately not saying anything other than “thanks” while he looked at the ground on his way out. I went in and wiped up her pussy, pulled out some of the cum and wiped her up again. I pulled the covers up over her. Later that night I spooned behind her and buttfucked her which was getting to be my favorite way to fuck her.

Soon we were having 5 and 6 boys at a time, each paying $50 to fuck her. When guys wanted to buttfuck her, usually after they’d fucked her cunt so many times, I charged another $20. I have no idea where they got the money and didn’t care. My friend and I got all the pussy, ass, tits and mouth we wanted and they guys were all satisfied. Once at the grocery store my mom couldn’t figure out why so many boys my age were trying to help her with her groceries. They even offered to come to our house to help her take the bags out of the care.

I am 19 now, at college, I go back almost every weekend, and even though I have two girls that I fuck at college, sometimes together, I still go back and fuck my mom. I sold my moms body from 14 – 18 when I left. At that time I had thousands of dollars saved up. She’s still very pretty, hot body, and is still a slut. I drugged and raped my mom, I drugged and sold her body to other boys and she has no idea.

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:7ylren4oic

    To even write something this fucked up about your own mom speaks volume.Your a low life piece of shit and you know it.i came from a great family and i fuck my mom behind my dads back but we agreed to it.Im not the whack job that has to write stupid sick made up shit like you, you piss ant.Of course low life cracksniffer liked it.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Wonderful story! Love the down and dirty style!

  • Reply Momhate ID:135zg01c8k

    Great story keep writing