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Groomed pt2

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My uncle had just given me my first orgasm.

Uncle drew held me in his arms while I was processing what had just happened.

“Feel better, sweetie doll?”

I was mixed with feelings of shame and guilt and I had so many questions but I was too stunned to ask. A few minutes later I heard my dad come in the house to pick me up. I said my goodbyes to the family and didn’t say a single word on the car ride home. My dad didn’t think anything of it since he had just gotten out of a long day of work and was probably appreciating the silence. We got home and I went straight to my room, closed the door and laid in bed for a couple hours before dinner. I knew that I’d have to go back to my grandparents house tomorrow and see my uncle and his kids. I was afraid of Peter, but In that moment, I was so afraid of uncle drew. What had just happened? I had so many questions.

That next morning, my father drove me back to my grandparents house. All uncle Drew’s kids were there, including Peter. I got out of the car and kissed my dad goodbye then ran off into the back yard where I could be alone. The nice thing about grandpas house was the big yard, play set and the woods with all the trees in the back. I was still processing the day before and I was curious about what that feeling was from what uncle drew did to my pussy.

I looked around and saw no one near me, so I decided to hide behind a tree and investigate. I put my fingers down my underwear and felt around. I heard pussys look just like a pair of lips. I slid my finger down my slit and back up when I felt a bump that made me jolt. Curious, I put my fingers on the little bump and started pressing and moving my fingers in slow circles over it. This must of been what was making me feel so weird during my tickle session with uncle drew.

“Sweetie? Are you back there?” I heard my grandpa calling to check where I was.

“Yes I’m coming!” I quickly readjusted my pants, got up and headed towards the house. It was time to play with my cousins.

Peter wouldn’t take his eyes off me. It was like he was plotting what he’d do with me today. I saw as uncle drew was watching him watch me and then uncle drew called him up for a walk. Phew! At least I didn’t have to see them for a bit and I began to play sailor scouts with my cousin. I was always mars on account of my long black hair and my cousin was moon because she was blonde with blue eyes. We even had the play costumes we were so obsessed with the show! While playing, uncle drew and Peter came back and wanted to play. Peters little sister Trisha who was playing as sailor moon was excited and said okay you guys be the bad guys and we’ll fight you! Seemed fun so we all played together. Trisha and I were both 10 and in the same grade which was a lot of fun for us at school, we often played together. Sometimes we even practiced kissing!

Uncle drew started chasing me and caught me. He held my body close to his and said “caught you haha!” He was groping my chest over my costume with one hand and held my pussy with the other, then picked me up and ran away with me laughing playfully, maniacally. If it weren’t for yesterday, I wouldn’t have thought much of it, but I was frozen thinking oh no what is he going to do?

Uncle drew ran with me into the backyard by the shed then put me down. “Well miss mars, that was so much fun, but I think you and I should have a little chat. Remember yesterday when I was tickling your little baby parts? I was thinking today I’d explain to you what I did. I’m sure you have a lot of questions.”

I looked up at him with silence and shock. I did want to know what happened to me and why it felt so good but so wrong at the same time.

“Here let’s go into the shed I want to show you something.”

My grandpas shed was large and looked more like an unused greenhouse. There was a table in the center of the shed and it was cleared off. Uncle drew picked me up and sat me at the edge of the table then kneeled down so his eye sight was aligned with my belly button. He looked up into my eyes as he spread my legs apart and took in a big breath of my aromas.

“Your leg felt better after I tickled your little baby parts yesterday, right?” I knew I was lying about leg pain to get away from Peter, but I didn’t know uncle drew knew that. And maybe what he did does help pain!

“Uncle drew, what was that feeling I got when you were tickling me yesterday? It didn’t feel like any other tickle I’ve ever had before, it was weird and warm and made me feel… uhm well… good I guess.”

My uncles eyes widened like he was excited I’d ask. “Well sweetie doll, that little button between your legs made you feel that way!”

“A button?” I questioned. I had a button on my body? Weird.

“Yes sweetie, all girls have a little button that make them feel so good. And if you tickle it for a long time, you eventually get an overwhelming good feeling that rushes through out your body, here open your legs I’ll show you.”

“Oh no it’s okay I know where it is ha” I giggled nervously knowing something about this felt wrong.

“Don’t worry sweetie, I didn’t hurt you yesterday right? I just want to show you again, lay back.”

I did as uncle drew said and let him open my legs again. My underwear was pressed tightly against my pussy where he could see the outline of my little lips pressing through my panties. His face went in between my legs close enough to where I could feel his hot breath on my inner thighs and he began pressing his fingers on my slit over my underwear. “Right here is your button, you have a pretty little pussy, darling. Wanna show it to me again and I’ll make you feel good again? I promise I’ll make you get that good feeling again!” It felt so good yesterday but so wrong. Still, something inside me wanted to feel that way again and I was less afraid of uncle drew now that he was teaching me about what he was doing to me.

I told uncle drew yes he could do it again but only if no one saw. He chuckled and said “don’t worry, we can keep this our little secret.” He removed my panties and lifted up my sailor scout costume exposing my bare chest. I was developing faster than other girls my age, but my breasts were still so small. He took his right hand and started flicking and playing with my nipple, using his other hand to keep my leg spread apart and then he surprised me! Uncle drew put is face into my crotch. I gasped “UNCLE DREW DONT DO THAT! THATS DIRTY I PEE FROM THERE!” He ignored my pleas and I felt his tongue go up and down my little slit “OH NO UH UHM AH AHHH WAIT AH” still, uncle drew ignored me. His tongue pressed hard against my clit and swirling around it slow then faster then slow again. Licking it and grunting knowing it was making me feel so good. I think he liked when I would tell him to stop while I was moaning.

He started lapping me like a dog would when it gets excited to see people, licking from my little unbroken hole upwards to my clit sending the sensations throughout my whole little baby part. It didn’t tickle this time but it was overwhelming. “Mmmmm honey you taste so good. Your button is getting hard. I could lick you all day” no no no no NO I thought! This is so wrong. “Ah ah ahhhh oh uncle please stop it feels weird. You shouldn’t lick there I pee from it!” He ignored me and then I felt him sucking on my clit how I’d suck on a jolly rancher. “AHHH WAIT WHAT ARE YOU DOING WHY ARE YOU SUCKING IT PLEASE STOP!!” It was embarrassing enough he was licking it but sucking my little button felt humiliating on a whole other level.

“Mmm but sweetie doll you look like you’re liking it. Almost as much as you liked when I tickled you with grandmas massager. Would you rather us use that instead? I want to give you another orgasm!”

“Orgasm? What’s that” I said catching my breath as he took a break from licking my little pussy.

“Oh, that really good feeling that you felt yesterday when I was tickling your button for a long time, once your body gets enough of the good feeling, you feel really good then your body says enough, that’s called an orgasm! They’re perfectly natural. It’s how some family’s like ours show how much we love each other, and I love you sweetie doll.”

“Oh okay I guess that makes sense… thank you uncle drew..”

“I’m going to keep going now, if you want we can pretend to keep playing. I’m the villain who’s captured you and gets to do whatever I want with your little baby parts. Scream no and stop All you want! I won’t stop until you orgasm, sweetie.” Uncle drew dove right back in licking my clit even faster now. I couldn’t focus on anything but the intense feeling of his tongue powering through my little cunt lapping it like a dog or sucking it like candy. Swirling his tongue around my clit like it was a lollipop then licking it fast and sucking on it again. “Mmmmmm stop it!” I shouted while in ecstasy “you’ll never get away with this you villain!” I started to love playing the game this way. He was so strong and could easily over power me, I knew even if I wanted to run he would easily grab me and maybe he’d do worse but right now, he was just licking my pussy and rubbing my little nipples.

“Sweetie!!! Drew!! Time for lunch!!!” I heard my grandma calling. Uncle drew took one last lapping at my clit then got up from his position and put my panties back on. I pulled down my costume and looked up at him as he started to speak.

“Remember this is our little secret, our own special game we play. If we keep playing, I’ll keep showing you all the ways I can make your body feel good. Maybe after lunch, I’ll push your button with something else, sweetie doll.”

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