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Lusty mating with my little aunty – A pre-teen Indian sex story

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A pre-teen Indian boy (Vasu) and his little aunty (Madhu) had their puberty in their 11 and 10 . Being very lusty, they matted with each other joyful

Intro : Dear readers you would be very much doubtful about the puberty of the little guys Vasu and Madhu in their 11 and 10. Nowadays because of the fast food and obesity this is happening almost everywhere. You will surely believe after reading the narration by Vasu (my neighbour boy)himself.
I am accustomed of reading sex stories from “sex stories 69” through my mobile. And also I have written more than some 20 stories. One day when I was reading a nice erotic story, I was called by someone. Keeping the phone on the couch, I went out. At the same time Vasu entered in and started reading the erotic story. As he was in his 12, I advised him not to read such stories in that age. He laughed merrily and told me that he and his little aunty Madhu who is in her 10 have been matting with each other for the past one year. I was stunned hearing that. He started to narrate it elaborately in his own words.
I am Vasu. The mating story started before a year. My dad Shiva (37) is the first son of my grandpa (70) and grandma (62). My little aunty Madhu was born when my grandpa was in his 60. She is just one year younger than I. My grandpa is a lusty man and so even now he is in the habit of fucking grandma. Being their heirs, both Madhu and I also are very lusty.
After his lunch at about 2:00 p.m. regularly my grandpa will fuck his wife. Madhu and I are watching it secretly, hiding in different places. I could watch Madhu but she could not watch me.. She would be inserting her finger inside her vagina while seeing the fucking game and I would be moving the fore skin of my cock and enjoy.
One day Madhu caught me red handed. She pinched my ear and pulled me to a separate place. She threatened me that she would tell grandpa about me. As she was a pet to all, her words would be accepted. So I obeyed her words. Taking me to a dark room where unwanted materials were kept ( lumbar room)., she ordered me to lick her vagina and told that she would inturn suck my cock. I gladly accepted . Every male is deriving and enriching his extreme pleasure when his cock is being sucked by his counterpart. He earns more joy rather than fucking her.
The game started then itself. She undressed me and I did the same to her. After lying on the floor, Madhu pulled me on her. As we didn’t have our puberty, it went on very nicely. You see, from the birth to death all the living beings are having sex feelings. If you touch the organ of a child, he or she would smile. So there is no doubt that we both enjoyed the game.
Getting bored, Madhu asked me to join my two fingers and insert them inside her pusssy. When I was doing so, blood started oozing out from her vagina. I was bewildered. But she hugged and kissed me gladly and said that she had had her puberty. With great Joy she said that she was ready to be matted with any male from then. But she insisted that I should be the first one to do so and I should get ready as early as possible. On another day, when Madhu was sucking my cock, suddenly I felt that,I pissed in her mouth. But actually it was not my piss. It was only the white milk that leaked from my little boy. She very gladly told me that I also had my puberty.
As Madhu had attained the age, it was celebrated in a grand way, by the entire family. Because of that we both could not meet at all. Roughly for 40 days grandpa ordered Madhu to be in a room and not to come out.
In the meanwhile another incident happened in my school. My best friend was Salim. Even in his 17 he was my classmate. Though he was black in colour, his personality was excellent. His broad chest . His height and the black curling hair even attracted the boys. Nothing to say about the girls. He also had his puberty when he was 10 years old. He told me that within this 7 years he had fucked nearly some 100 girls. Almost all are elder to him. His sister’s friends, neighbourhood girls and mainly our senior girls. Because of his excellent complexion girls are attracted like flies attracted by Jackfruit peels.
When I told him about the lumbar room matter, he felt very glad and patted on my back saying , “So you have got your permanent sex partner. Give me also a chance to mat with her. Now get ready, I will introduce some girls to mat with”
On the same day itself he introduced a girl of 15 by name Jenny and took both of us to his house.
Very cleverly he guided and directed me to fuck Jenny. As per his advice I did the entire mating. I made it with her five times continuously.
Cutting the classes Salim and I would go to a secret place and do masturbation one to the other. Then only I was stunned seeing the size of his penis. When my penis was 6in (long) and 2.5in (around), where as that of him was 11× 3.5. and black in colour. I must use both my palms one below the other to hold it. Then only I understood the reason of the girls being mad with him.
Within these 40 days, I also had matted with some 20 to 25 girls. By being sucked, moved the
fore skin and churned by the girls, my little brother also zoomed out his size. Yes he became into 9 by 3.
One day when it was about 2:00 p.m,. when my grandparents were mating with, secretly Madhu came out from the room. As my grandpa would take two hours to play, Madhu wanted to make use of that time. She took me to the lumbar room, hugged me tightly and started to weep. She could not tolerate the separation. She told me that more than she, her little sister was weeping and crying everyday, for not able to play with my little brother.
We both were very eager to couplate with. So one undressed the other and we both became nude. I was astonished seeing the physical appearance of Madhu. Yes her flat pusssy had become into bunny and chubby. Some hair started to grow. On her flat chest two guavas had grown with two cherries on them. Yes, Two boobs had grown on her chest. Physically Madhu also had become chubby and shiny. All of a sudden some chemical changes happened in my body and my little brother grew and grew up to his maximum size and started dancing. Seeing his size, Madhu also was stunned.
At once, she knelt down and held him in her two joined palms. Like lying on a bed he was majestically moving with slight vibration. Then suddenly she laid down on the floor and pulld me on her. Like on the first day we started doing the work of licking and sucking the organs. I started to bit, pinch and caress her thighs as well as her vagina. As she and her vulva were chubby, her clitoris was slightly peeping out from her pusssy.
Salim had taught me a trick. It’s a miracle ofcourse. Any chubby girl like Madhu will touch the peak and would have her orgasm all of a sudden. Let me explain the trick. A clitoris will be in the triangle shape standing in the vertical position. There will be line in the middle of it. A talented lusty man can hit on the line by his tongue and make a gap. If he enters his tongue inside the gap and erase the inside wall of the clitoris She would definitely have her orgasm at once. The viscous liquid would flow like a fountain and will drench the face of the man. I also did the same as per the advice of Salim.
Madhu had her orgasm at once. I licked sucked and drank the liquid speedly. The more I sucked the more the liquid flowed. She could not bear with anymore. So I turned my body and started fucking her. My experience had taught me to start the matting slowly and increase the speed, step by step. Madhu held my hair tightly in her two hands on either side of my head and pulled towards her. With extreme emotion she kissed all over my face. I exposed my entire experience and made her to prattle with joy.
Yes , I kneaded her guavas , bit the nipples and sucked the nipples alternatively. Kissed on her forehead, eyes, cheeks and lips as well as her neck and shoulders. So also I bit and kissed her side ribs. I pressed my index finger inside the naval part and rotated it. Then I gave her deep French kiss. Bit her tongue and pulled it out. We exchanged our salivas. That was the main key to induce maximum lust. She rotated her head this side and that side and started murmuring,” My dear Vasu, I have been waiting all along the 40 days for this only. I love you da my sweet rascal. You are my man. I will definitely marry you and enrich and enjoy this joy till my death. I don’t know where you have learnt such talent within this 40 days. Really really you have done your magic. I will remember this forever. Thank you da thank you so much my sweetheart.”
As I was doing yoga properly, my little brother did not leakout that white milk quickly. So I could fuck her for 30 minutes continuously. After that my rowdy boy spitted the white milk at intervals and lay on her, pressing her boobs by my chest.
My cock started to shrink and tried to come out from her vagina. But Madhu did not allow it. She tightened her vagina flesh and moved slightly up and down. Touching the walls of her vagina my little boy moved in and out. By that friction he once again got erected to the maximum.
Now in the same position we both stood up. I asked Madhu to raise a little bit and hold my hip tightly by her legs and my neck by her hands. I asked her to raice and lower her body. I also helped her to do so. This was a different type of fucking and we both enjoyed atmost. Unlike other girls, Madhu did one special trick. She held her vagina flesh once again tightly and made my little boy to be inside her pusssy. While fucking with other girls in this posture, my little boy was often coming out and I tried to insert again and again inside the vagina. So the entire fucking interest faded away and we could not enjoy the fucking. Because of her cleverness we both enriched the maximum pleasure.
Another 20 minutes passed on. Then she came down and I asked her to stand in her fours. Then I I plugged inside her pusssy my rigid rod . But this time I exposed my entire speed and energy in this mating. I kept my body on her back and held her boobs in my hands and was fucking her. Rhythmically according to my blows the body of Madhu moved front and back. Once again she started murmuring. This time she was using bad words. I liked it very much.
All along the way we both were talking sexual matters. I cracked many sexy jokes. Unless we did so the fucking will not be a sweet one. It will be tasteless. At one stage Madhu talked about “blacked.com”. she asked me how the black men only are having one foot or even 14 or 15 inches long penises. And also she expressed her desire of being fucked by such a long black penis. At the time I revealed the truth about the friendship between Salim and I. With full interest she heard about the personality complexion and talent of Salim. When I said about the size of his penis 0ne foot long and 3.5 inches around, she was stunned hearing that. She begged me to allow her to be fucked by Salim. That was what I was also expecting. That is a different story. I will soon narrate it as the second part of this story.
Two long hours completed. My grandpa called Madhu and slowly one by one we came out of the lumbar room. From that day to yesterday we both have been enjoying.
Dear readers I am Aruna. Your sex story writer. I hope you would have enjoyed this story. Please comment about it by writing to my mail ID
[email protected]”. Please don’t forget to write the heading of the story. I will write the second part of it as soon as possible. Until then bye bye.

Lusty mating

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