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True story of Dad/son who hired me

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A father hired me for himself and so his son could lose his virginity . Long story!!

This had to of been one of most bizarre experiences as a sex worker and I still feel conflicted about it a little bit.
A couple months ago I get a message on my work account, a 48 year old man wants to have 3 hours of my time. He goes on to explain his son is 20 years old and still a virgin and he wants to use this time so his son can have me and so he can show him the ropes basically. I honestly had never gotten this sort of inquiry before so I responded by quoting double my rate and he agreed to it so hey, I’m in.
I agree to meet them in a pretty decent hotel downtown.
The man answered the door in a bath robe, pretty decent looking guy. A silver fox, nice body. Then I go in and see the son sitting nervously wearing only boxers. Unfortunately the son didn’t inherit his dads looks n I see why he may still be a virgin. Pudgy, long greasy hair, acne scars. Poor guy. The man hands me a Lacey top with no panty and instructs me put it on. I make sure to undress directly in front of the son, nice and slow. The dad(I’ll call him john) then takes my hand and instructs me to lay back on the bed and spread my legs so I do. He reaches and opens my pussy up and asks his son (I’ll call him brad) if he likes what he sees. Brad nervously nods. At this point I close my eyes and relax. I was really enjoying whatever the heck was about to happen. John tells him to touch it. I feel one of Brad’s fingers lightly graze the entrance of my pussy in a circular motion. Go on, said john. Stick your finger in, see what it’s like. John moves his own hand away while Brad slides in a singular finger and inhales sharply. Oh wow, it’s so warm. He says in a low voice. He slowly slides the finger in and out. God, she’s wet. He says. That’s cos she likes it. Says john. Try two fingers now, he tells brad. Slowly brad inserts another finger. He moans softly, sliding them both deeply in. My thigh trembled a little and he moaned louder. “This guy is gonna cum before he even gets his dick in me” I think to myself. Brad fingers me slowly for a few minutes. “Its so different than i imagined” brad told his dad. “All pussies are different” replied john. John reached and rubbed my clit in small circular motion. Keep fingering her. He instructed brad. It started feeling really good so I moaned and rocked my hips up. Oh fuck, fuck Brad moaned. “I’m rubbing her clit, see this?” He said and pulled back the hood. “This is the clit, full of nerve endings. Be gentle with it” Brad slid his fingers a little faster. “Shes so wet” he moaned. I opened my eyes and glanced down. Both their backs were towards me , all attention was on my increasingly wet slit. My thighs trembled again. “Let me feel.” John said. Brad slid his fingers out slow. John spread me open again momentarily, then slid 3 of his fingers in. Unh! I winced and thrust my hips up. “Shes tight” he stated. My pussy flexed around his wriggling fingers. “She’s ready. Brad I want you to go first before I loosen her up” john said. “What? Oh god. Fuck” brad breathed raspidly and I could feel the bed move as he clumsily fumbled around to pull his boxers off. “Is there a condom?” He asked nervously. “No condoms. Use this lube.” John replied. Oh god, okay. Brad said his voice a little weak sounding. I listened to the liquid smacking as brad lubed himself. Brad positioned himself between my open legs. “Alright go on boy, give it to her. Look at that red pussy, she wants it” john said slightly stern he was right though, I was very into this weird experience. Brad griped his cock and slowly laid on top of me, angling his cock into me as he laid down. “Oh god. Oh god” he moaned as it slid in. “Its so tight” his cock wasnt very lengthy but the girth felt nice. I rocked my hips up into him. “Unh! Fuck” he responded. “That’s right, reach down and spread her open some more” john stated. Brad reached a shakey hand down and spread my lips apart. Upon doing so my pussy gave way and he slid in the rest of the way with ease. We both moaned and slowly rocked together. “Oh god I’m having sex. I’m really fucking a pussy” he moaned. My thighs trembled and I continued to rock into him. The slow rocking began to turn into shorter thrusts and grunts, his body stiffened above me. “Don’t cum just yet brad, slow down and enjoy her” john directed from across the bed. “It feels so good” brad groaned as he tried to slow himself. He lay his weight completely onto me and caught his breath, his cock twitching inside of me. I rocked up slightly and moaned. He grunted and slowly rocked into me, our bodies in rhythm together. My pussy was audibly slick. “Her little puss is enjoying that” john said. He was right, Brad’s cock was stroking perfectly. I moaned and shuddered beneath him. My pussy began to grip and loosen. I was going to cum. “Unh .. unh. Her pussy” brad moaned. “Is she going to cum for you? You’ll feel her hole grip but the inside will open up” john replied. I moaned as my pussy smacked around brad. His slow strokes turned into thrusts and grunts again, the bed frame banging again the wall. I could feel him swell, there was no stopping him this time. “I’m about to cum oh fuck” he shouted. “Dont pull out, cum in that pussy” john talked loudly over our moans. With a sudden deep thrust, Brad exploded into me, followed by a handful of weaker thrusts and grunts. He slowly laid into me, breathing heavy and moaning in my ear. “Stay like that for a minute” john said. He pulled a cell phone off the night stand and started taking pics. “There, proof for your buddies. ”
Brad’s cock slowly turned flaccid, then slid out followed by a rush of liquid. He moaned and slowly rolled off of me. I lay still, sweaty and quivering, my legs still spread, cum spilling from me.
John dropped his robe and climbed onto me immediately. “Time to fuck daddy” he grunted and forcefully penetrated my now swollen pussy. Ah! I shouted as the length of him slid in. “Fuck. Fuck how old did you say you are” he groaned. “I’m 28” I replied. “Tight little pussy even fresh after fucking” he grunted I wasnt sure if either of these guys actually thought so like maybe he just hadnt had sex in a while either lol. Brad still lay beside us on the bed as his dad grunted on top of me. John sat up on his knees and gripped my hips. “Look at this pussy taking this cock” he groaned, pulling me up and down. Brad rolled over a little and put his mouth on my puffy nipples, flicking his tounge against the sheer lace. “That’s right” said john “suck her little tits while daddy fucks her little pussy” Soon john was arched above me on all fours, ramming and driving his cock into my pussy raised up by my hips. I thought about female dogs when male dogs get stuck inside of them. The headboard slammed rhythmically into the wall again. I wondered if the people next door would complain. Brad was erect again, the motion of his arm furiously yanking himself added into the momentum of everything.
John’s stamina was magnificent, his swollen cock stiff to the brim of cumming rammed into me for a solid 20-30 minutes, only slowing to catch his breath. Brad had already sprayed a second load onto the bedsheets but his dad was undeterred and kept pumping. “I’m about to cum. I’m gonna mount her” he grunted. He gripped my hips again and flipped me over onto my stomach. He pressed me into the mattress by my shoulders but my little ass was arched up, knees practically lifted off the mattress from the force of his cock driving into me. “When I’m done you’re gonna fuck her like this” he stated to his son, immediately before his final deep thrust. He drove himself into me and I yelled out loud. He drove himself in a second time, the force causing cum to sputteringly spray around his cock, out of my hole.
He remained inside of me, catching his breath, I moaned weakly beneath him. I glanced at the clock. They still had a little over an hour with me. John’s hands weakly gripped my hips, his cock still throbbed out the last drops of cum into me. But brad was already to his knees, excited to take over where his dad left off. John remained over me a solid 5 minutes before slipping out, again more liquid gushed from me, spilling to the mattress. Brad slipped into me before the cum could even finish spilling out. “Look at you now, an old pro at this” john laughed and brad thrusted away. “Yeh baby. Come on my cock” brad grunted, eager for my pussy. I did cum for Brad, my pussy spasmed wildly, queefing out cum as it did so. Brad came for me again too, his dad took more phone pics and video of brad fucking me from behind. It was funny that within the span of 3 hours he went from a nervous shy virgin to completely owning my pussy like a grown man. This was probably one of my most interesting experiences as a sex worker. But I was very into it and now want more virgins and dad/son teams. If you’re in the NOLA area hit me up.

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    I had my first cock inside of me at 11 I was molested by a stranger that’s when I knew I went both ways cause I enjoyed it and asked him if we could keep doing it

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    Nice storie glad you wrote it sod the punctuation you dont need an English lesson would love to chat

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    Not too long, but it would help if you spaced out your paragraphs. just for future reference, too bad we can’t edit them after they’re posted, here.