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Cum in my Room

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I got up, took a bath, washed my hair, and shaved my legs. Then, when I got out, and dried off. I put on a robe, and tied the towel over my hair…

Pretty normal Saturday morning stuff, I headed to my room. Thinking about checking if I’d gotten any Valentines messages on Facebook. Toweling my hair dry, I took it over to the laundry basket where I stepped in it.

“Ugh!” Sticky white lines on the floor, and dripping down the front of my dresser. Mom, and dad were gone at work, which just left me and my brother at home alone. I went right over to his room, and busted open the door. “What were you doing in my room?” As if it wasn’t obvious, from the mess he left in front of my dresser. My dirty clothes in the basket on top.

“Nothing, I.” I grabbed his hair and yanked it. “Ow, let go!” He managed to pull my arm off, so I grabbed his ear, and pulled it out. “You’re hurting me!”

I pushed him in my room. “Look at that.” I pointed, and pushed him down.

“What?” He rubbed his ear, on the hardwood floor, but looked at where I was pointing.

“Oh, nothing.” I grabbed him by the back of the neck, and pushed him down. My knee up on his back, so his arms gave out, and I could rub his face it in. “Clean it up.”

“Uh,” he tried to turn his head, but only managed to wipe it on his cheek. “Guh!” He gagged, “It’s gross!”

“I know, I just stepped in it! Now clean it up.”

“With what?”

“Your face, lick it up, you perverted sicko.”

“Uhl,” he licked the floor boards, and gagged. “Luh ugh!”

“Huh!” I finally realized what I’d just done, and let him go. Took my leg off his back so he could get up.

“I’m sorry,” he blubbered, “I couldn’t help it.” I just shook my head, and backed away from the laundry basket. Just then seeing that my underpants were layed out on top, but not the way I left them. I can’t remember how I left them, because I just kicked them off, picked them up, and threw them in on top of my night shirt, and sleep shorts. I sure as shit didn’t spread them out neatly, though.

Without my weight holding him down, he could grab the wet towel off the floor. “Uh, get the front of the dresser, too.” He started wiping the drips up, but I turned my chair around to sit down. My knees were going weak, once the adrenaline started wearing off, and I even laughed at the whole situation, once I sat down, and relaxed.

I just beat him up. My big brother, or at least he was always older, and taller than me, but ever since I started puberty. Before him, I even noticed the other boys, at school. Even the other 6th graders seemed to get shorter and shorter, when in reality I’d gotten taller, but I never noticed that compared to him.

I sure never thought that I could overpower him, but I was so mad that I wasn’t thinking. I’m not a violent person, and while I had been in a few fights. I never started them, and the only ones with boys, thinking back. They weren’t even fights, more like being picked on by boys because they were bigger, stronger, and I could barely fight back.

No, I didn’t start it, he did by coming in my room, and. Well, cumming on my floor. That thought was so funny, I couldn’t help laughing about it, again. Which just reminded me that I could kick his ass. Not literally, with him bent over on his knees. Across the room, so I’d have to get up, but his pants sure looked tight when he bent over, from here.

“There, I think I got all of it, so. You’re not going to tell mom, and dad?”

“Huh,” I rubbed my toes together, and stuck my foot out. “Not all of it, I still got some on my foot.” Propped up on the heel, he nodded, and dropped the towel on the floor. “Don’t get up, stay on your knees, and crawl.”

I hadn’t made my mind up yet, about telling mom and dad, but then he did what I said. Exactly what I said, he got back down on his hands, and knees, then crawled to me. “Uh, okay. Just don’t tell anybody I did this.” But he touched my foot carefully, and held it. He kissed my big toe first, and licked between them.

“You like my feet?”

“No, I.” He looked up, but then his eyes stopped, and his mouth hung wide open. Looking up my leg, where it stuck out the front of my bathrobe, and I didn’t cross my legs, or hold my knees together. Like I had been taught to wear a dress, or skirt, so boys couldn’t sneak peeks at my underwear, but he wasn’t sneaking a peek.

I wasn’t wearing any underwear, neither. “Huh,” I pulled the other side of my robe over, and tucked it between my legs. “Is this what you want?”

He shook his head, but he shut his mouth, and then he rolled his lips together? “Spt!” He looked back at me, up at my face, and shook his head again. “I’m not really a foot man.”

“Well, too bad. If you want another look, you better finish cleaning it up. You like your cum?”

“Uh, it’s not bad.” He licked the tip of my thumb toe. So, I wiggled it, “Suck it.”

“Oomh!” I felt the soft damp terry between my legs, and rubbed it in.

“Uh, suck it like a dick. Yeah, in and out, just like a dirty little dick.”

“Oomp smup!” I pulled it out, and stuck the other one out.

“Now the other one. Of course you’re not a foot man. You’d have to be a man first.” All though, that sure looked like a lot of stuff, he shot all over the place. “Hneahuh! Don’t tickle.”

“Sh huh!” He huffed, and pulled my toe out, “Sorry.”

“Well, maybe you’ve learned your lesson.” I was playing hard to get, but honestly. Ever since he looked right at it, I wanted to show him, even more. “Huh, okay.” I rolled my eyes, “Get up, and drop your pants.”

“Huh,” he straightened up on his knees, and looked down. “You want.”

I kicked his shoulder, “I’m not asking you, and you sure don’t get to ask me questions after what you did. Better yet.” I lay down, “Get your dick out right here.” On the floor, I put my knee down on his chest, but not all the way. “You got to see my cunt, and you’re ashamed to show your little.” I had to twist around to look back. “What’s wrong, dickless?”

“Uh, I can’t get it up.”

“Why not? You obviously thought I was sexy enough, thinking about me naked in the shower, weren’t you?” I grabbed his face, and stuck my thumb through his cheek. Or held it in between his teeth so he couldn’t shut his mouth.

“Wecaugh!” I had to let go so he could answer me. “I just beat off, it’s going to take a minute.” He tried pulling it hard again, so I had to let him go. So, my leg wasn’t blocking him, and he can breathe. “Uh, it shouldn’t take too long.”

“Huh!” I couldn’t wait, so I pulled the knot out of my robe. “Look at me.” I spread it, not wide open, but I turned my hips to cross one leg over. “You like my ass.”

“Uh, I think it’s.”

“Shut up, you don’t have to tell me I’m sexy. I know that, you’re the one that spread my underwear out, as if I still had my ass in it. Huh!” I shook my head, hearing myself, and the stupid logic coming out of my mouth, but now that I was up. “Don’t get up.” I went over to my laundry basket, and let the back of my robe hang over my ass. My legs, and picked up my underwear. “Or maybe you were sniffing them?”

I looked behind me, but he bit my lip. “You can nod your head yes. Even though I already know you’re a panty sniffing sicko. Aren’t you?”

“Ngh hm!” He nodded, with his eyes closed. Still frantically yanking his little floppy. “MHN!” Until I got down to hold the dirty cotton over his mouth.

“Don’t stop, smell it? Smell the farts from my ass. A whole day of farts, if I’d known you’re going to come in here, and smell my panty ass, I would have eaten extra beans.”

“Uh phF!” He looked up, at me sideways, but then his eyes went down. Half his eyelids too, but I realized that I couldn’t hold him down, and my robe closed. I know I’m not super busty, even for an 11 year old, but I grew up, instead of out. That’s part of the reason for all that, about my butt, because i actually have one. I know, the boys try to look away when I turn back, so I don’t catch them looking at my butt, but come on, guys. I have friends, you think they don’t watch your eyes, and tell me what you’re staring at? That’s how I know I’ve got such a nice ass, because none of them have the balls to tell me.

“Oomph! PhbpbP!” He shook his head, but I just sooched my butt cheeks around, and pushed his nose in my crack tighter.

“Yeah, smell my ass.” He slipped me the tongue. “Oohnahahuh!” It tickled. “No, you don’t deserve my pussy. Kiss my ass, suck the farts right out of my butthole, uh!” I rolled my eyes. “Stupid. Dickless little sicko.” What the fuck is happening to me? This doesn’t even sound like me, but he didn’t say no. As soon as I said dickless, I looked right at his fingers. Pinching it hard against his thumb, and slapped his hand. Pulled my panties out from between my legs, and his mouth. Scooting up to smother him in my ass crack. “Lick it out good, huh! Kiss that dirty asshole.”

He didn’t say no, but even as I wrapped my panty clad fingers around his hairy little boner, I knew. Exactly what I was doing, he said he couldn’t help it, but “Come on. This is what you wanted right?” It kept slipping out, because it was so short, and I’d never seen his little pud before, but even telling him that was a lie, and I knew it. I wasn’t just punishing him now. I can’t help thinking about it, the other way around.

What if a boy came in my room, grabbed me by the hair, dragged me off, and made him do whatever he wants? Not what I want, honestly, he can lick my puss juice all he wants, but that’s what he wants. I’d rather make him lick my ass out, because he doesn’t want it, and he can’t say no. He never said no, because I didn’t let him, I never made him say no, but he yelled Stop, you’re Hurting me!

“Uh, fu?” No, “Uhn!” I can’t help hunching off his face. “Uhuhuhuh!” Can’t breathe, and then the hard wood floor smacked me in the face. “Uhn gh!” I can just curl up, hug my hands between my legs, and feel the twitches on my fingers.

“Are you okay?”

“No, uh ahn nah!” Rubbing frantically, so it doesn’t stop, the orgasmic waves get stronger, and stronger.

“Oh my god, you’re having a seizure.”

“No, I’m cummingh! NHNHNHNH!” Again, my first double orgasm, I mean. I’ve gotten off twice before, but never again before the first one even ended, and even though it’s more mind blowing than the first, I can’t forget what caused it in the first place.

I just raped my big brother, and got off on it. Literally.

“Oh, good. Uhm, so this means, you’re not going to tell?”

“Huh, hah!” I finally managed to breathe. “Huh, no.” As much as I’d like to tell everyone I can rape my big brother, any time I want now, it’s probably not a good idea. “Huh, I told you.” I held my wet sticky fingers up to his lips, just to watch his nostrils flare, and his eyes wide open.


“You better think of that, before you cum in my room again.”

“Okay, I promise, it’ll never happen again.”

“Oh no. You don’t get off that easy.” I winked, and giggled. “I just don’t want you wasting it.”


“Uh!” I rooled my eyes, “Your cum, dumbass. I don’t want you jerking off without me. You understand?”

He grinned, and nodded. “Okay,” he had to get back on the floor, to pull his pants off.

“Huh, good.” I wrapped my fingers up in my panties again, to jerk him off in them, for the first time.

It sure wasn’t my last.



I’m just going to skip the debate over whether it was Rape or not. Technically, because it doesn’t matter. She doesn’t care, whether it was rape or not, technically. She got off just thinking about it, so for once. The victim’s willingness, and consent aren’t really the issue. It wouldn’t stop her either way.

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