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Anal with my aunt and her dog

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My aunts age is 31 and mine is 14

I have sleep overs at my aunts all the time. She has 2 Daughters but they are not relevant in the story much. My aunt is a bit shorter than me, and she has such beautiful tits and such a great looking ass. I always lust about eating her out but knew it would never happen. She got a divorce last year and it was very hard on her so we started visiting her more often. They had a dog named James and it was a pitbul. At night i close the door but I was feeling a little too horny. Ive watched zoophilia before on the internet and the dog was right there. I woke up up by rubbing its belly and he got up. I think got on top of it and kind of trapped him by squeezing him and reached down. I then started jerking the dog off and he got hard. I was also getting hard but the dog started whimpering so I stopped. I got on my knees and bent down praying that it will get behind me and fuck me. In not gay but I was experimenting in the shower before with my fingers, fingering my asshole while I shower. Anyways the dog wouldnt budge so i turned and pulled him to
me and mounted him on my ass and he started fucking my little asshole. It felt alot different than my fingers but if was really good. I must have been making too much noise because my aunt came in and turned the lights on. I didnt know what to do and I thought that I should jump out the window to kill myself thinking that it would be better than her exposing what I did to my parents. But what she really did was shoo the dog out, lock the door, and sit on the bed. I was still stripped naked on the ground from getting penetrated by her dog and she got down and put her hand on my thigh. She told me that it is ok and to not be scared. She was assuring me that boys my age have lots of hormones going all crazy and that they do some crazy things sometimes. But she did tell me to stay put for a second but she didnt come back. The next day her 2 daughters were being taken to some random playplace by their dad and it was me and my aunt alone in the house. I was too shy and scared to go out of the room but after about an hour of being awake my aunt came in the room with a box of stuff, wearing only a see through robe. I saw her perfect body through it and I was already getting hard. I tried to cover it but she already saw my 7 inch cock pressing on my pants. I asked her what is happening but she just sat down and put her hand over my lips shushing me. It was so hot and I thought that I was going to cum just from that. She opened the box and it was filled with so many sex toys and she explained that since im discovering what I like, that I should be able to pick and choose. I was going through and found a vibrating dildo and showed her it. She took it from my hand and started licking it back and forth. She pulled out another dildo, handed me the vibrating one, and said “lets do it together shall we?” I was so excited that I practically ripped off my clothes and got ready to insert it, but it was too big for me. She was already having her dildo at her ass hole and I bent forward to get a close look. She started pushing it in and going faster and faster. I asked if anything in the box could work for me and she pulled out a black strapon. She put it on herself and made me sit facing her with my legs out at the side. I felt like such a venerable pussy boy and she started thrusting my ass hole. It felt so much better than my fingers and the dog. I asked if I can touch her and she let me. I got a vibrator from the box and stuck it in her pussy. I also started feeling around her pussy and it got all wet. I licked my fingers off and started to jerk myself off. I had the best orgasm of my life and I came all over her hand, and she licked it up. She told me to get the vibrator out of her and to finish her off by licking her up. I got down and started eating her pussy and she started to moan super loud and squirted all over my face. it tasted super bad buy I didnt care at all and we both just laid there and never spoke of it after…

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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