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Ariel has more sexual adventures

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Ariel (13yo.) has her first 69 with a boy, and has a threesome with two different boys, being brothers.

Although I had been initiated into oral sex with a female by a friend of my mother’s at age 12, and into oral sex with my grandfather when I was 13, shortly after that I became sexually active!

I began to have my own sexual encounters with others. The first of these was Danny(12yo.) a classmate who lived just down the street from us. I used to visit his house in the evenings, after school, and he and I would play cards on his back porch. His mom worked at the school, in the school office; she was a single mother, whether as a result of divorce or death of her spouse I do not know. They lived, with an older sister of Danny’s, in a large, two story house, one of the nicer old houses in town.

A few nights a week, Danny’s mom would have male visitors after dinner, and would disappear with them upstairs for the rest of the evening. Now I know she was a prostitute, selling herself to a few choice customers a few nights a week to supplement her income from her job at school, but then I didn’t even have any idea what prostitution was. Danny never said much about it, and simply referred to the men as his uncles.

We were playing cards one evening while Danny’s mom entertained one such guest, and his sister was at a girlfriend’s house, and Danny mentioned he had accidentally walked in on his mom with one of his uncles’ cock in his mouth a couple of nights before. He had watched quite a bit before either of them noticed him standing there, and she had gotten up and taken him to his room and told him not to interrupt them again. Then she went back to the uncle to finish up.

She hadn’t offered any explanation to him since then, and Danny wasn’t sure what to think of it. He had seen his mother and his oldest sister naked many times, but had never thought of it as a big deal, or ever considered either of them doing anything like that. In fact, he was pretty meh? about sex altogether, and when I asked if he had ever jerked off, he didn’t even seem to know what that was.

No one was liable to interrupt us, so I told him to take his pants and underwear off, and showed him how to masturbate. He watched as I spit on my hand then stroke his cock up along his shaft. He moaned and watched on as I placed my left hand to his balls. Gave him a bit of a squeeze.

After a while, I told Danny it felt even better if we did what his mom was doing for his uncle, and asked if he would let me kiss his cock. By now Danny was enjoying the best feeling he had ever had in his life up until then, and he was more than happy to let me take his dick into my mouth. I began to lick and kiss his dick, which was about 5 inches in size. Uncircumcised, as I grasped the shaft in one hand, my other hand to play with my leaking pussy. I slid the foreskin back to expose the head of his dick, and licked around the head, then ran my tongue across the slit then licking up and down along his shaft.

As I began to suck Danny’s dick, wrapping my lips completely around it and taking it in and out of my mouth, all of a sudden he fired his load of cum into my mouth. That surprised me, because I hadn’t ever really taken a shot of cum. Where as my grandfather’s cum only seeped out.

Danny’s dick began to go limp, and I gave it a few more last licks, then sat back and asked how he had liked it. He had loved it, and couldn’t wait to do it again, and I asked if he would do the same for me. As I lifted my skirt and pulled my panties aside. He lowered his head and began to lick and kiss my pussy.

Danny had, never eaten a girl out before. I begin to teach him a little bit about licking and sucking on the most sensitive areas of my pussy! Afterwards I begin to cum and squirted in his mouth. Danny’s little hard-on grew back up and I sucked him off again. We continued having oral sex with each other, until it was time for me to go home. As we did, I told Danny it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to say anything about this to his mom, or anyone else. Since I had begun oral sex with my grandfather, I had figured out that our incest, and the fact that it was sex between a relative wasn’t looked upon favorably by others, and had become very good at keeping it secret. Danny, until now sexually innocent, paid attention as I warned him, and promised not to tell anyone.

The next couple of times we got together, Danny was so excited by the thought of cumming again, he was ready to go straight to having oral sex with each other. I got an idea to lay on top of him to give him a blowjob. While he sucked and kissed my pussy. In a 69 on his coach. His mom had finally had a talk with him about the night he had walked in on her, and told him it was just something two people, two grown up people, did for each other sometimes. Danny was smart enough not to ask any questions or let anything slip about us, so we were able to continue on. We eventually went back to playing cards and other board games, but the loser would have to give oral sex though usually we ended up in another 69.

A few months later, my mother took me in the old station wagon across the street, and we all went to the lake together. The family across the street was a mom and stepdad, along with her kids. There was an older boy, about 17, another boy about 13, a girl my age, another younger boy about 6, and a younger daughter, maybe 3 or 4. They all went to the lake with us, except for the stepdad.

We had a great day at the lake, and then piled into the wagon for the trip home. Along the way, I pointed something out – I cannot remember what, now – and used my middle finger to point at it. Wayne, the boy who was my age, said something about that being a nasty gesture, and, not having any idea what he meant, I asked him about it. It was Bruce, the 17 year old guy, who leaned over and whispered to me that he would tell me later, after we got home.

That evening, after we had cleaned up and had dinner, Bruce found me and told me to come with him. He led me out behind their house, to an old barn hidden in the woods, along with his young brother Wayne we climbed up into the loft of the barn. There, over in one corner, was an old blanket and a small pile of magazines, and Bruce told me to “Take my clothes off bitch!” I begin to take off my dress, along with my training bra, and panties. I watched on as both of them stripped off and saw their dicks. Bruce was bigger than his young brother, being 8 inches. While Wayne being about 6 inches.

I begin to blush, my little nipples were stiff hard, and my pussy begin to leak. Bruce chuckled and told me that I used my middle finger, it meant “fuck” now that explanation was out of the way. Wayne said that next thing is for me to sit on the blanket like a good whore. Then they both got close where both their cocks were close to my face!

I leaned over for a closer look at each of their hard dicks. I begin to reach out for their dicks. Bruce slapped my hand away. Used his same hand to grab my chin, to make me look into his eyes. He said that to listen here carefully, you be a good slut and follow my instructions. We be over and done with if I don’t listen, him and his brother will fuck you roughly! Do you understand?

I gulped and nodded up and down but it wasn’t enough for Bruce. He shook my head and made me say do I understand him. I said yes! He released me, and told me to start sucking. Without hesitation I wrapped my lips around his big dick, while my other hand stroked Wayne’s cock. As I sucked Bruce off he chuckled and called me a good bitch. After sucking him off his brother got restless, and said that it was his turn to get sucked off. So I released Bruce’s cock. Which was a mistake! As Bruce looked down on me and said that he wasn’t finished, so now here’s my punishment!

He grabbed a handful of my hair. Pulled me to his dick and shoved his big cock into my mouth deep into my throat. I never taken a bigger dick into my mouth and begin to violently gag. As tears begin to go down along my face. Bruce and Wayne together chuckled, as they watched on. Bruce telling me that next time you do stuff without his orders. You get a punishment just like this! He released my hair and he pulls his cock outta my mouth! I coughed and tried to breathe.

After I knew what was going on, Bruce gave the order to suck on Wayne’s cock. I begin to suck his cock just like I was being told to do. While stroking his cock. Then being told to suck his cock again! After he said enough I stopped and he told me to lay down on the blanket and spread my legs!

Bruce kneeled down took a closer look at my pussy and then used his middle finger to go into my pussy. He smiles and looks me in the eyes. He said that I was a naughty girl, for spreading my legs to guys I didn’t even know. They both laugh, with Wayne adding that this was not my first time! To which Bruce asked me who was my first fuck? When I didn’t answer. Wayne kneeled down and grabbed my neck, and squeezed it a bit. Repeating the same question with force!

To which I responded with a lie that it was Danny! Both the boys laughed as Wayne released my neck. I was confused, as Bruce followed that none of them cared. It was just a joke! The look on my face I had made them laugh! Now with all jokes aside, Bruce lines his cock with my pussy and pushes inch by inch inside I tried not to make as much noise but I couldn’t help it. After it was all done, Bruce begins thrusting into me I moaned and watched as he thrusted back and forth. Wayne then told me to match his thrust each time he pounds you!

I eventually got the hang of it after a few minutes of Bruce fucking my pussy. He begins to speed up. Making me moan more and louder! I begin to feel the head of his dick hitting my cervix, and after hitting it a few times I begin to cum! Following a few more thrusts he begins to cum!

Bruce then takes his cock out of my pussy loaded with cum, my cum, and some blood my blood and pointed out. That he’s taken my virginity! As he chuckles, then Wayne positions himself to where Bruce was and sticks his dick, which is smaller than his older brother’s into my pussy having a repeat of it. After Wayne pounds my pussy he was never able to hit my cervix like his brother did. But I had cummed before Wayne got to his climax!

After that we took a break and I tried to catch my breath. To which Bruce’s cock gets hard again! He then said that I hope that I was ready to go again slut! He then reaches for a Playboy magazine. Tells me to get on all fours and lift my ass in the air. To which I did slowly, as I did, he immediately shoved his cock into my pussy and begins fucking me fast and rough unlike the last time! He was going all out!

I screamed a bit at the intensity of him fucking my pussy like the best I could describe it: He was smashing it! He was hitting my cervix once more and I couldn’t even stop myself from cumming!

Bruce explains the reason why I’m cumming so quick is that he was hitting the “sweet spot” that all girls love it when their man reaches their cervix which makes it so good! After he pounds me a couple of times, he cummed again filling my bowls. Then his younger brother Wayne told me to lay down on my side, lift my leg up! To which I obeyed he lays behind me, guides his dick, and begins to fuck my pussy. He tells me to match his thrust and keep up with his pace he told me!

To which I begin to get a better hang of sex. The boys fucked me three more times. Until it was all done. The boys got their clothes on except their pants and threw a box of tissues next to me. Bruce told me to clean the mess which is my pussy! Then get on my knees again and clean their cocks. To which I did suck them off again this time until they both shot their loads and I swallowed it all down.

Some cum did seeped out of my mouth dripped off from my chin. I did have my left hand out to catch some and licked off the cum from the palm of it! Bruce and Wayne got their pants back on. Began to climb down the ladder out of the barn laughing as how good of a slut I was! Hearing that word made my pussy tingle! I was happy knowing that I was being called such a thing!

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Tg ID:bgggn0bv4

    You clearly don’t know anything about girls. Most girls hate having their cervixes hit as it hurts and is uncomfortable. The best spot to hit is about an inch to the front which you can easily hit in doggy.
    This was painful to read when you clearly know nothing 🤣

    • Jim ID:71ou0taghl

      It looks like you know nothing because there are a lot of girls that actually enjoy it