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Our dirty little secret: Mercury’s Erotic Escape

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This is the next progression in the adventures of exploring my niece and she body. Enjoy!! And please leave a comment.

After that day we could see each other for few days, but we kept in touch with massages. I would get a random self from my kitten (by this time I was calling her that because of her curious nature but timid personality) I would respond to her in kind. We would do the same grind session with some modifications to keep things interesting. For example, 2nd time she was wearing a dress which was slowly while grinding travels up and her panties were rubbing against my boxers and her next line was so low and the dress was stretchy that I was able to put my hand inside to feel her boobs. While grinding, I would kiss her cheeks and neck and shoulders. And at one occasion my bare dick was rubbing against her panties and I came on them, and she kept that cum whole day didn’t even clean them or changed them. That was hot.
For the 3rd session we had more time, and she’s wearing a dress like last time, but this time I was only wearing my boxers so we had some more skin contact. This time I got kisses on my cheeks and neck before we started, and we continued, but this time halfway through grinding my hand which was on her waist went inside her panties.
She at first got a shock, but recovered and gave me some room to let my finger into her slit.
I was rubbing her clit and playing with her boobs, she was grinding my cock. I think we were in sync.
She would cum I would cum and this went on to the point she took her panties off, and I pulled my dick out of the boxers, and we were on skin to skin contact and at one point my dick got pressed between her thighs and pussy opening she didn’t stop, she was in trans. I came very quickly, so we there were my niece’s pussy juice on my cock and my cum on her groin. She whipped it off from her pussy but kept the one near her abdomen and got dressed. And then before leaving, Gabe me a hug and a kiss of a small peck on the lips.

After that session we went to the living room both dressed and sat on the couch, and she started studying, and I was on my phone. Then we started talking, and she said that her parents wanted me to tutor her for physics and chemistry subjects as she needed some help. I asked why not biology. And to that, she said that we were already doing biological experiments since weeks. So no need, we can continue. And that is when I saw that spark in her eye, that sluttyness. Hunger and craving for carnal needs.
I said well, then I said we start from tomorrow three times a week for 3 hours each time.

She got excited, hugged me, and then we made out with a full on French kiss with the toung. She even tried to feel my cock again.

Now I knew it was on, and I can take this to a new level. She was more comfortable with me when we were alone.

End of part 3.

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  • Reply PK ID:1e2wiopbmgbo

    I wish this was me

  • Reply Crazyperson ID:1ddq5lj6oprc

    @Bunny you nl should start reading from the start this was part 3 read part 1 and 2 also one of the stories my niece has left a comment. And would love to see your comments on other two stories as well

  • Reply Bunny ID:1ekr6a1a5laa

    Omg please more you made my pussy so wet I loved reading your story with my vibrator inside of me please post more I want to keep cumming

    • Crazyperson ID:1ddq5lj6oprc

      I am about to post the next part. Also bunny if you want to talk to me and my niece and share in with our experience let me know we can arrange something

  • Reply gra78 ID:zdaqepd9k

    Thank you made me cum..Next one please

  • Reply Vincent ID:1dwn79ljhyz7

    Very sexy makes me hard reading it.

    • Crazyperson ID:1ddq5lj6oprc

      That was the point.
      Next one might make you cum

  • Reply Crazyperson ID:1ddq5lj6oprc

    Would great if you all can leave some comments my niece and myself gets turned on by other ppls comments.

    • Mxjay ID:1ex1m5nrmg2o

      Can u have her chat with me to share her experiences u know please have her add my sc Mx_jay247