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Daddies pretty little ladies – Part 1

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Me and my friend Lisa got a very big surprise off my daddy.

When I was little I was in my bedroom with my friend Lisa, she was sleeping over, my name is Amelia, and it was quite late, we were just in my room, in our pyjamas, sitting on my bedroom playing with my Barbie’s, and my daddy called us downstairs.

As we raced downstairs and in to the front room, daddy was sitting in the middle of the couch, he looked like he’d just got out the shower because he was wet and only had a towel draped across his lap, he saw us and tapped the seats at each side of him, “Come and sit down, girls.” So we ran over and sat at either side of him.

He put his arms around us and pulled us in close for a snuggle, “You girls are growing up so fast, you’re both so beautiful. Like pretty little ladies.” He said, we liked being complimented but it made us blush.

I couldn’t help notice he had something underneath the towel, it was sticking up and made the towel look like a small tent, “What’s that, daddy?” I asked.

“Oh, that….” He replied, then he pulled the towel off his lap and pushed it on to the floor, he was completely naked, and the thing that was sticking up under the towel was his cock, it was fully erect, very big, “…That’s just my cock.” He added.

Lisa and I were gobsmacked at the sight of it, but we didn’t know what to think about it and we just giggled.

“Don’t be embarrassed girls. I think you’re old enough now to see one. What do you think?” he asked.

“It’s big.” Said Lisa.

“Yeah, it’s very big.” I said.

“Cocks get big when men are happy, and you girls make me very happy. Would you like to touch it?” he asked.

I didn’t know what to say, I looked at Lisa and we were both just kind of, do we or don’t we.

“Go on, put your dolls down. It’s time you played with big girls toys now. Go ahead and touch it, it won’t bite.” He said.

We put our dolls down but I still wasn’t sure, Lisa was the first to make a move, she touched it quickly then recoiled her hand and giggled, then she sat up facing it and reached out again and very tentatively rubbed her fingers up and down it before curling her fingers around his girth and holding it in her hand, “Oh, it’s hard.” She announced.

When I saw Lisa rubbing it I figured it couldn’t be that bad, so I reached out and put my hand around it, “Oh yeah – it is hard.” I said, confirming her analysis of my daddies cock, our rubbing seemed to make my daddy very happy, he was smiling and making happy sounds.

“Oah – that’s it – good girls.” He breathed, sounding very relaxed as he opened his legs comfortably, however, when he opened his legs I saw something drop down under his cock.

“What are these?” I asked, grabbing hold of the hairy sack now hanging below his cock.

“Oof – not so hard, darling. Those are my balls.” He said.

“Sorry, daddy.” I apologised for grabbing his balls so hard.

“That’s okay, darling…” he replied, stroking my head, “…You go ahead and explore, just don’t squeeze too hard.” He added.

Lisa and I had a hand each around his cock and we were both rubbing it for a little while, his cock was getting really warm and we could feel its heart beat, it was a lot of fun, we even laid ourselves down across the couch to be more comfortable, then daddy held our heads and gently pulled them closer to his cock.

“Why don’t you give it a kiss.” He said.

We were having fun so we both leaned in to kiss the shiny tip of his cock, and we were giggling because our heads were touching and our noses were getting squashed together as we pouted out our lips and kissed it, but then something happened, daddy held our head in place and groaned, “Oooaah.”

Then loads of white stuff came shooting out of his cock, it went all over our faces, up our noses and around our mouths, he let us sit up but told us not to wipe it off, “It’s in my eye.” Said Lisa, daddy wiped it off her eye for her so she could open it and see.

As we looked at each other we could see that our faces were covered in white stuff, it looked like the PVA glue we use at school.

“Girls. Girls. I want you to lick it off your lips for me.” Said Daddy.

“Eew.” We giggled.

“Go on, I dare you. Do it for me.” He begged.

“What is it?” asked Lisa.

“Man candy.” He replied.

We were young and gullible, we thought it was actual candy, and every kid loves candy, so we agreed to try it, “Okay!” I said, and we both burst in to giggles, and we counted, “On three, Lisa. One… Two…. Three Go!” I said, and we both licked it off our lips really fast, I scrunched up my face because it was like eating a sour sweet.

“Wow – That’s my girls. Taste good?” he asked.

“No!” said Lisa.

“Yack!” I said.

Daddy laughed, and he leaned forward and picked up the towel off the floor, “Aah, you’ll get used to it.” He said, wiping the rest off our faces for us, “Do you want to keep playing?” he asked.

“Yeah.” We replied.

“Okay, how about we go and play some more upstairs?” he asked.

“Yeah, let’s go to my room.” I replied, me and Lisa jumped off the couch and ran up the stairs with daddy following.

Part 2 soon.

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