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Eve’s Drops

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My friends woke me up, nocking on my window with a [Happy Birthday] sign, and presents.

They even brought a cake, with 2 candles. A 1, and an 0, since I just turned 10. So, I pulled open the curtains, and opened the window to bring in the cake off the sill.

They stepped back, wearing masks, but didn’t really keep their Social Distance from each other. They all said “Surprise!” together though.

“You guys,” I pulled the boxes in too, and closed the window. It was cold, of course. The snow hadn’t melted all the way, and the mud was even icy, but I guess the masks helped them keep their faces warm.

I set the cake aside, since I didn’t have anything to light the candles, and blow them out. Then, I wrote [I’ll text you all L8r.] I barely got it to fit on the page, but they all nodded, and looked back and forth.

Emily got out a marker, and wrote [Open them!] on the back of the Happy Birthday sign. Most of the other girls got cold, and wandered off to Text later, but there were boys there too. One of them was Emmy’s brother, Geoff but I didn’t recognize the rest of them. The masks didn’t help, but they stuck around for some reason.

I didn’t realize why until I unwrapped one package, which turned out to be underwear. Bras and Panties, but when I went to hold one of the bras up, I noticed that my nipples were poking out through my sleep shirt.

“Nh!” I held the bra cups over them, and they went soft right away, but it was too late. The boys were really looking, and Emily too? She looked down, and then she held up the sign again. [Try Them On!] She wrote, right next to [Open Them!]

“Uh,” there were all these boys watching, and then I remember Milly telling me about fun flags. It was loud, out by the street on the way home. So, a car drove by, and at first I thought she said something else. Another word that started with F, and U.

“Huh,” I didn’t wear a bra to bed, and my own hands on my boobs. Milly started growing them before me, so she was always ahead in bra sizes, but she knew exactly the right size to get me. 26As, and these opened up on the front.

That was part of the Fun Flags game she played with boys. Before we all got locked up inside, and couldn’t go out to see anyone but our families. The internet helped, but then a boy got his phone out, and Emily slapped his arm when he held it up. She shook her head, and said something, I couldn’t hear, but the mask even made it impossible to lip read.

He put it back in his pants, but he had to lift up his jacket to do that, and I saw his boner bulge right through the front of his pants.

Of course the main Fun Flag was panties. She liked to show them off, and once she even pulled them down, in public! That really got their attention, and she spread her legs so the skirt pulled tight over her lap. The boys dropped things to pick up, and get a look under the table, but all this attention was really warming me up inside.

So, I got brave, and stood up. Bent over, and pulled my shorts down, but then I took a pair of panties out of the pack, and pulled them up. The boys were really rubbing their pants now, and I didn’t have to wonder how she got them to come bye.

She lured them, teased them with flashes up her skirt, or down the neck of her tops. I shivered, when the cold fabric pulled tight across my butt, and hot crotch, but then one of the boys grabbed the marker, and Emily held the sign on her back for him to right.

[Now the bra.] maybe Geoff invited some of his friends, they sure looked old enough to be in middle school, and while he was her “Big Brother,” he wasn’t really that big. His friend, though. “Wow,” I was blushing like crazy, and daring myself to go even farther then I ever had before.

I turned around, trying to take deep breaths, facing away while I took my sleep shirt off. Turning back to look over my shoulder, I knew that it was long enough to hang over the tops of my thighs.

Sure enough, the boys were right outside the window, holding up both hands to shade their eyes from the reflections, and breathing so heavy it fogged the glass a little even through their masks.

“Hihihn! I know, I’m teasing you, but you like what you see so far?” I wiggled my hips, and let go of my chest. To pick the bra up off my bed, and slip it up one arm yo my shoulder. Holding the cup up to one side, I even twisted to reach behind me, and fell for the dangling bra, but their eyes went right up from my butt.

Panting like hungry dogs, I got the other side up, and held the cold cups over my nipples, which went hard again. Felling the satiny fabric, I doubt it was pure silk. If she could afford pure silk, then she’d probably get them in her own 28 A+? That’s halfway between A, and B, you had to special order, so you didn’t have to pad them out with foam inserts, which were warm, but also kept your nipples from poking out where boys can see them.

“Hihihn!” I turned around, and pulled my clip-board over. Flipped over the page, and wrote [Show me UR Ds.] Again, I didn’t have room to write out Dicks in such big letters. I had to write me smaller just to fit that in the top, but the boys looked at each other. Geoff looked back and forth in the middle, but the one I really wanted to see was Claus.

I don’t know, his name probably wasn’t actually Claus, he just had on a red hat, with white fir around the bottom, and even a little snow-ball hanging from the top. Like Santa Claus, even the white cloth mask looked kinda like the fake beard a man would put on to play Santa at the mall, or ring a bell for the Salvation Army out front of Walmart. Any other year, when people would actually go out shopping, at the stores, and you could sit on a man’s lap at the mall.

A stranger, and I even thought he might get a little touchy feely, or something would stick up in his lap. Between his legs, underneath mine sitting sideways, but of course, he never did. The mall probably makes sure somehow, that there not hiring a dirty old man to play Santa, and there’s a whole line of kids waiting with their moms to call the cops if he gets caught molesting them, but.

“UH! Hahehinm!” He sure doesn’t have white pubic hairs, and it was even bigger than I expected. I shook my head, and made the pumping sign, so he’d start jerking off. Looking at me, in my new underwear, and this was shaping up to my best birthday present ever.

I don’t guess I can assume that everyone reading this will get it, but I was named Eve for a reason. My mom called me that, her best Christmas present ever, but having your birthday right before Jesus’ is kind of bad timing. So, on the one hand, I get to open my Christmas presents early, but on the other, I pretty much get half as much for Christmas, splitting them between the 2.

I know, it’s petty, and jealous, but my brothers, and my friends get all their Christmas gifts on Christmas, AND a full load of presents on their birthday, so I can’t help feeling cheated, and I don’t want to go to their parties. Just to watch them show off all they got, but the boys sure didn’t wait.

“Oh, ah ha!” Their eyes shut, and the slowed down. One by one, but really close together. So, bye the time one finished, and other one was just getting started, and all too soon, they were all pulling up the front of their underwear. “Huh!”

I wasn’t even close, and I realized that I was just holding my crotch. Through my underwear, my fresh new dark pink satiny panties, and not even rubbing it in. “Good, good job boys!” I clapped, and reached up between the cups. I had to look down, and find the tiny buttons on the plastic buckle. It was really tiny, but once I dug my nails in, the popped in, and slipped out. So I could let go, and tape a deep breath.

“Huh!” it was so worth it, just to see their masks stretch. Their jaws drop, and their eyes wide. Taking in my young perky pair. “Hihihihnm!” I just fell back on my bed, feeling them, squeezing them, then down my tummy, all over my legs, and then between them after they all left.

Maybe together, so Emily could play another round of funflags, once they got somewhere warm enough to take off some of those layers, but I barely even had to find my fun button to spam it to a great big climax, almost right away. “Uh huh hah haN! Neah.”

“Eve?” My mom knocked.

“Yeah mom?” I just pulled the bottom of my covers, and rolled over. “You can come in.” As soon as I was covered up, I turned around so I could get my head on the pillow, and she slipped in sideways.

“Where did you get this?” She picked up the cake by the plate on the night stand.

“A friend.”

“A boy, friend?”

“Hihihnoh. I don’t know any boys that can bake, let alone ice a cake that well. You know Emily?”

“Yes,” she sat down on the end of the bed, and tried to breathe in through her mouth, instead of her nose. Well, I did just have a big loud squishy orgasm, so it probably stank up the room, but she held it in her lap. “Huh, I hate to ask, but Emily. She’s not trying to pressure you into anything, homosexual?”

“Of course not, we’re just really good friends, but you know her brother Goeff?”

“Oh, honey. He’s far too old for you.”

“I know, but he brought a friend over, and he’s really.” Big. “Young, er. He’s 11, but, he’s not really. You know.”

“Started puberty?” I nodded.

“So, he’s not, really interested in. Huh, well. You know.”

“Girls yet?”

“No, he likes me, and he even kissed the window, but he kept his mask on, and the window closed. He’s just not ready for S. E. X.”

“And you are?”

“Hihihno.” I lied, at least I thought. Maybe, I was a little closer, and if that one boy. The strange one, with the big hairy. “It’s just masturbation, not sex, but I didn’t want to come out so horny.”

“That’s okay.” She patted my shoulder, “But make sure you take it slow.”

“Okay, I will.”

“You better get dressed.” she took the cake back to the door, “I made Latkes, your favorite.”

“Okay, I’ll be right down.” As soon as she left, so I could put on some clothes over my new underwear, but I hoped the drops of boy juice didn’t wash away before it got dark. So, I could go up to the attic, and get grandma’s Blacklight from the seventies out.

I want to try something, I heard about, once it gets dark enough to see it glowing in the snow…

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