Caught at home

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Late last year I was raped in my home, this is an account of what happened that day. I am now pregnant as a result.

A long weekend to myself, it would be bliss. My flatmates were all away as were most of the neighbors. Sweet, I was going to spend most of my weekend reading and go out briefly shopping for a new bra.
I woke the next morning, a little earlier than I like, but it meant getting to the shops earlier than the usual long weekend rush. Going into the lingerie shop, I was greeted by an older woman, who asked what size bra I usually had. I informed her I wore a size 14 B.
We looked at a few bras, then I went to try some on, They were ok, but just didn’t seem quite right. Then she used her tape measure and suggest that I try a size 12 C. She selected a few for me to try on including a couple that had an underwire, I had not used underwire bras before.
The woman told me that the underwire bras would give me better support. I tried them on and yes, they did give better support but felt a little bit odd to have the firm wires against my chest.
I purchased two new underwire bras and one without, then heading to the supermarket to get a few supplies.
Back home it took me a couple of trips from the car to bring in all my shopping, then a few minutes to put it away. I then went to my room to try on one of my new bras. I stripped off my dress and my old bra, then put on my new bra. I stepped over to admire it in my mirror.
“Very nice.” The deep voice sounded from behind me.
I squealed in fright, turning to see a large man in my bedroom doorway. This was not good.
He took a few steps and closed in on me, I momentarily froze in fear. I was just in my bra and panties.
“No…” I wailed.
I brought my arms up to protect me, but he just wrapped his arms around me and lifted me.
“Let me go!” I cried.
He turned towards my bed then threw me onto it. I half bounced to the far side, tumbling over. He stopped at the edge of my bed and pulled his tee-shirt off, then climbed onto the bed and moved over to me. I curled up into the smallest ball that I could. He pulled me around and took hold of my head, lifting it up towards his waist. He then pushed the front of his pants down and withdrew his swollen cock.
“Suck me,” he demanded.
“No, please” I wailed.
“Suck me,’ he demanded again, his cock hitting the side of my face.
“No, let me go. Please…” I begged squirming.
He pushed his cock against my mouth, but I kept my lips tightly shut, then managed to squirm away for a moment. He tried again, I managed to squirm just enough to avoid his cock on my lips again, but it rubbed across my face.
“Come on, suck my cock.” he again demanded with a hint more anger in his voice.
Again we struggled, his cock brushing across my mouth a couple more times, but I was able to turn my head aside just enough.
After a couple more attempts he pulled my head in hard against his body, my head turned hard to one side. The reach behind and pulled sometimes out from his back pocket. As he moved it forward it slipped out of his grasp and tumbled onto the bed. I watched as the bright red object fell and then landed. It looked like a bit of an odd, large, open mouth guard, it clearly had a set of lips on one side and a large hole in the center.
The guy picked it up again and moved it to be directly in front of me. Then he started to pull my mouth open while trying to push the object into my mouth. I tried to squirm and turn again, but his grip was too powerful for me, then suddenly the object slipped in and tuned to catch my teeth in the groove designed for them. While the guard felt firm, I could only just begin to squeeze with my mouth. I felt stunned to have my mouth forced so wide open.
“Ahh, ahh, ahhh” I whimpered
He took a firm hold again on my head, lowering it slightly and turning it back to face his lower belly. I watched his cock rise up in front of my nose then it dipped again. I felt his cock touch the mouth guard and then for a moment, nothing. His cock emerged from the inside of the guard and pushed against the roof of my mouth. He pushed his cock in further, going towards the back of my mouth, his cock kept going, catching me in the back of my throat.
“Garh, arr urg,” I gagged.
“That’s better, much better.” He told me.
He withdrew his cock and then pushed it in hard into my throat, making me gag again.
The shock of having the guard forced into my mouth began to fade as the horror of having his cock thrust deep into my mouth increased.
I felt very frightened, unsure of what to do. He had a firm grasp of my head and he started to pull my head in and back, making his cock go back into my throat.
Then he suddenly sped up and moved my head very vigorously, back and forth while his cock raced inside my mouth.
“Garr” was the only sound I could make.
My head flew back and forth, sending my blonde hair flying. Then he suddenly stopped and I managed to catch a couple of breaths, then he started over again. Again he stopped and he then slowly pushed his cock all the way into my throat, making me gag and splitter, he held his cock in firmly until I felt as if I was going to be sick. He eased back out.
I had never been treated so harshly before, and I was too scared to do anything that might invoke something more violent from him. I spluttered and grabbed a couple more breaths while I had the chance.
He started the vigorous head movements again.
Tears cascaded down my cheeks, dripping onto my chest and running into my new bra. I hoped that I would survive this attack. He paused to allow me to get a couple more breaths, then started again. He carried on again and paused for another moment, before starting again. Four times more he drove his cock rapidly inside my mouth, then he eased for a couple of seconds before pushing his cock firmly into the back of my throat.
I gagged and choked hard on his cock.
He withdrew his cock entirely from my mouth. Gasping, I began to catch my breath while he still held my head firmly, the guard still keeping my mouth wide open. I guess I had about thirty seconds of rest bite, then he pushed his cock back into my mouth.
He started with the vigorous tugging of my head again, driving his cock rapidly into the back of my mouth. The cycle of rapid movement and then gagging while he held his cock in the back of my throat continued. Twice more he had a small break taking his cock right out of my mouth.
“Oh yeah, this is good,” he told me while he rapidly pulled my head firmly in. I had no chance to reply.
I began to feel a growing throb from his cock as he rammed in over and over, then he slowed and pushed his cock very firmly into the back of my throat. I felt the quiver of his cock and then the sudden spurt of his cum down the back of my throat. He held my head tightly so I had no choice than to swallow. Several more spurts followed the first and I kept on having to swallow. I had never been a fan of swallowing cum, and I didn’t like being forced to do it now.
He eased his cock out and shifted position on my bed, then he grabbed me and pulled me flat onto my back, angling across the bed. His hand catching my panties and with a hard pull, my panties slid down my legs and then off.
Swiftly he landed on top of me, pushing my legs wide enough so he could lie between them. I felt his cock on my belly begin to harden again. Then with a quick flip of his hips, he pulled back, his cock dropped and then he thrust hard in impaling me.
I squeaked, the mouth guard was still in place, and it stopped me from screaming.
His cock hardened again inside me, as he began to ram it in very hard. He took hold of my wrists and pulled then up to above my head, making sure I was pinned down and helpless. Over and over he pounded hard against my body, his cock driving deeply into me. I began to cry again. I was now being raped, while my diaphragm was sitting in my bedside cabinet.
On and on he went, pushing in hard, then after a while, he slowed and began to move at a more normal pace. His cock was now very hard, moving in and out over and over. I began to feel numb in my belly, but his cock was starting to rub me sore, making me uncomfortable.
Several minutes later he began to speed up, and then I felt his cock start to throb. I realized he was about to cum, there was now nothing I could do to stop him. A moment later his cock throbbed and pulsed, sending a torrid stream of cum deep into my pussy.
He eased out of me, I hoped that since he had cum twice he would have had enough. But he grabbed me and made me sit up against my pillows. He then knelt over me and much to my horror, he took hold of my head and pulled in towards his belly. I realized too late what his intentions were. I still had the horrid mouth guard thing holding my mouth wide open. He pulled me close again, and his somewhat limp cock was pushed in through it the guard.
I gagged on the taste of his cock but he thrust in firmly and after a few more thrusts I felt his cock harden again.
“Ohh yeah baby,” he smirked.
He began the vigorous pulling of my head again, his cock thrust through the guard and into the back of my mouth. I hated having the guard in place while he was able to thrust his cock deep into my throat.
I cried again, tears running down my body, I felt the wetness of his cum begin to leak out of my pussy and smear over my lips. I was now feeling totally helpless.
The hard and rough, head pulling and sessions of gagging in between carried on for quite a long time. While the guard was in place, I could do nothing to prevent his rock hard cock from probing into my mouth.
Time slipped by, his cock was still running deep into my mouth, I began to go numb but I could not escape the sensations and awkwardness of his cock and the guard keeping my mouth full.
I then began to become aware that his cock began to slightly throb, I knew he was going to cum again, but it would still be a few more minutes. I endured for several more minutes his cock began to throb more and more, but his release still did not arrive.
It took a few more minutes of very hard action before he thrust his cock hard and deep into my throat, and I felt the surge of cum in the back of my throat. I had no choice but to swallow again.
After a couple of minutes he eased his cock right out and then he took hold of the guard and pulled it out of my mouth, It felt like a great relief.
He swung up off my bed and then he headed out of my room, leaving me alone.
I was just too exhausted to cry.

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  • Reply Chunkyslut ID:bpbjhxtoh

    I want to be raped like this in Oklahoma

    • Big daddy ID:cq0ue0d9c

      I’d like to talk to you. Add my to kik big_daddies60

  • Reply amogus ID:1b3ze6sa8r9

    it’s a good story and nothing is bad about, every girl should be treated like that

  • Reply Vivian ID:cc4itbbhm

    Oh, this was so awful I felt sick and my tummy churned while reading this, and the awful mouth guard thing, what the hell was that about?

    • PITI ID:2pdxsy1k0b

      Oh jeh und Trotzdem hast du Schlampe bis zum Schluss weiter gelesen und dir sicher vor gestellt wie der ketl es dir hart besorgt und dabei an deiner nassen fotze gespielt wie oft bis du beim Lesen gekommen

  • Reply Giacomo ID:87w19m99

    Following the comments. Wow. Now I’m as honest and transparent as anyone can possibly be and, yes, these types of stories are an amazing turn on because we too are damaged, but the comments are stunning. Hannah, you seem to respond very calmly to them. What’s your story beyond the obvious?

    • Hannah ID:6629eno6id

      Hi Giacomo, the comments are a mix of support to the very troll types who like this kind of thing. To be honest, I had no idea what the reaction would be when I decided to post.
      What’s my story, beyond the obvious, a mix of life things, I use to go to a summer nudist camp, had a few bfs who liked control, and I was kind of out there at times too, then out of the blue…

  • Reply Adoro ID:1coywlz1fik

    Really sorry for that. Thats really bad Situation for you. If you need to talk about it? Let me know please.

    • Hannah ID:6629eno6id

      The situation is not good for me, but I’m taking it day by day. I have a very good group of close friends and family who are here assisting me. While some days are hard, I get through them. Thanks for your offer, I’ll consider it if I need too.

  • Reply Timothy Copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Wow I am really sorry to hear that that happened to you but my god no you’re pregnant with a baby that is so fucking hot if you’re looking for someone to be with to support you and that baby I am totally interested text me or call me 1-209-324-7633 really hope to hear from you

    • Hannah ID:6629eno6id

      Thank you Timothy for your offer, just not sure its the right thing for me currently. Being impregnated by the rapist is still hard for me, I need clear time to deal with that.

  • Reply Jan Stein ID:1tw2s6rzj

    I do love a story where the man dominates and is in control. Would I like to be in her position. I’m not sure
    [email protected]

    • Hannah ID:6629eno6id

      Ive known a few guys who like control, but this was well beyond that, I doubt you would have like it

  • Reply Delany ID:6629eno6id

    Is this what he used?

    • Hannah ID:6629eno6id

      Yes, that looks very much like what he used to keep my mouth open.

  • Reply A Dickson ID:6629eno6id

    Very nice rape, good use of the guard, know where I can get one? Congatulations on getting pregnant.

    • Hannah ID:6629eno6id

      Ummm see the other comments