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Finding po**n magazines of my neighbour

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This is a story of how I got fucked by my neighbour at the age of 13.

Hi I want to talk about my experience with my neighbour. I was around 13 years old when I had lost my virginity. I remember being a very horny child. I would always get aroused very easily and my underwear was constantly soaked. I didn’t know much about sex, I had only seen people have fake sex in movies, I never really knew a penis had to be inserted into a vagina to have sex. I would always touch myself down there but only where it felt good which was on my clit. I didn’t really explore much I don’t remember giving my vagina hole any attention at that time.
Puberty was kicking in, I had size B cup breasts at that time, I had a very slim petite figure long brown hair and green eyes. It was a summer day and I was out in my garden wearing some tights running shorts and a oversized crop top, and I noticed our new neighbour was in his garden shed. We had wooden gates that came up to to the waist in height. I decided to go over and say hello. I examine the man and he looked just like that actor Tom Selleck, obviously a younger version looked to be in his mid 40s. He was like 6ft in height and had a really big build.i I introduced myself as Jenny and he replied with hello I’m Mark. I tried making small talk with him asking him if he had any kids, any pets. Then out of nowhere he begins to yell at me and says “hey kid I have a lot of unpack and unless your willing to come help me you can talk all you want other wise I’d like to be left alone.”
I thought what a grumpy old man. But I was so curious as to why one single man needed one big ass house for himself, so I decided to help where I can get a better chance to snoop. I noticed that he didn’t really look at me when he spoke, which I thought was rude I was always told to make eye contact with someone when your having a conversation. But still I had to comment ” Mr mark you know it’s rude to not make eye contact with someone when they are talking to you”. He doesn’t say anything, I know now he was just avoiding looking at my body.
He tells me to go inside and help with some of his boxes that where inside. He told me ” do not look at anything inside the boxes if it’s written to go in the kitchen you just do as it’s written” I nod and replied “yes sir”. But I knew I was going to snoop. I wait till his out of the room and I begging to snoop. Some of the boxes were typical ones labeled kitchen, living room, clothes and such. There was one typical box that got my attention and it was labeled modeling/ magazines. I head for that box I was very curious what was inside. I grabbed the box and took it upstairs into his bedroom. I open the box and the first magazine was showing a picture of a half naked man and I realised that the man in the picture was Mr.Mark. my mouth dropped I started turning the page after page was pictures of him I seductive position FULLY NAKED. I couldn’t believe my eyes his penis was HUGE I couldn’t help but giggle. I was so lost turning page after page I didn’t even read what was being said on those pages. His muscular body and huge cock and balls was all I was looking at. His dick looked to be 10 inches and really thick in size. His balls looks so big and heavy like they had a load of cum inside waiting to burst out. I started to get horny and I started to touch my pussy. I was so lost in the magazine I totally forgot that I wasn’t in my own home. I also realise the room had gotten a lot darker and quiet. I turn my head and standing right behind me was Mr Mark! I didn’t even hear him come up the stairs. I was so scared he has a rage look on his face. I instantly stand up facing him. I didn’t even know how long he was standing behind me, did he see me touch myself.
“I’m sorry the box was already open I didn’t mean to look” my heart was pounding, I felt so small next to him. I couldn’t believe I got caught. He begins to move forward standing right Infront of me. I grabs the magazine out of my hand and throws it on the side table. I felt like my heart was going to escape through my mouth. He knew I was scared. I was expecting him to shout at me. But he didn’t, he just came closer to me I avoided making eye contact with him and his right hand just grabs my pussy and he starts rubbing it. He notices I wet, he brings his finger to his nose and takes a long sniff. I was I shock. His touch felt nice,I wanted his hands to stay longer.
“I see your enjoying yourself with my pictures, did you like what you saw there Jenny”, I couldn’t speak I just nodded my head. All this time I couldn’t shut up when he asked me and now, now I was mute. He grabs my chin and pulls my face up to face him “Jenny you need to look at people when they are talking to you….make sure you say yes sir to me if you understand”, he drops my chins and walks around behind me, and just pulls my shorts off me. I’m there in white pink laces underwear, shocked by what Mr Mark just didn’t. “I think someone needs to learn a lesson, don’t you think Miss Jenny, actions have consequences and I think your about to learn yours” he comes around and stands Infront of me and begins to touch my arms and go down to my hands and grabs my crops tops and just pulls it off me. I wasn’t wearing a bra so my chest was bare, my nipples were getting hard from the change of temperature or was I just horny I didn’t know. I was not almost fully naked Infront of Mr Mark. Just like his pictures now it was his turn to examine me.
All this time I’m avoiding making eye contact whilst he examines me. ” Miss Jenny I can see your very interested in who I am and what I do, do you want to know what I can do, what I am capable of and I promise after tonight you will wish you never knew me.” He smirks whilst he says this to me. I look him dead in the eyes and I began to get myself together and show him im not scared of anything. “Mr mark I’m not scared of anything, so if you think I’m a looser your wrong” I didn’t know what else to say, I was young what can I do, kids think they can fight at that age.
He storms towards me grabs me by my waist and slams me onto the wall, he uses one of his hands and grabs my hair and beging to patiently kiss me. I have never kissed a guy in my lifeeee. Mr mark wasn’t letting me breath his body was pushed up so tightly against mine, plus his tongue way just working it’s way through my mouth trying to gather any air left in there. After a long kiss he realises me and allows me to breath. He then grabs my underwear and starts ripping them off my body. He made it look so easy, he ripped the underwear so perfectly it all can off me in pieces.
I look down at what he did and I just stare at him with a little fear I didn’t know what he wanted to do. I was a virgin and by the looks of it he wasn’t planning on being easy on me.
He tells me to get into bed and don’t touch yourself untill I get back. I don’t know where he went but I saw him bring up a glass of water and drinks a pill. ” What was that for Mark…I mean Mr Mark” he turns and looks at me and says “Viagra I’m going to fuck you till the lights come on outside.
I was scared the first thing I was thinking was what if my parents come home early. What if he doesn’t release me and my parents find out what happened here. They would be so mad, I shouldn’t be talking to strangers.
I lay there I silence I didn’t know what else to do. I turn my head and I see that mark had started to get undressed. His chest was much hairier than in the picture, he still had the same muscular body and his cock, my god it was bigger in real life. He turned side ways and I kid you not it looked like a baby elephant nose. I felt myself getting wet. I couldn’t believe I was looking at a real penis. I start to open my legs slowly which caught Marks attention. He looks down and see my clean hairless pussy. He start making his way towards me, “Jenny have you had you period yet” I replied no. He tells me to lay back and open my legs as wide as I could which I did. He begins to touch my pussy causing me to jump a little. I see him out his fingers in his mouth. I was wondering how it tasted. He thank starts to lick and suck into my pussy. He was so rough his beard kept poking me sometimes. I kept sucking hard on my clit and would stretch my pussy open as wide as he couldn’t. I was loving every second of it. His mouth was covering every corner of my pussy. After 3 minutes he gets up and turns around with my head at the edge of the bed looking up at his cock. His cock kept twitching and precum kept coming out. He grabbed me by my neck and places two pillows underneath my head. His cock is now resting on my face. My eyes were wide and open. His cock was so big his penis’s ended in-between my breast, his two big balls just lay above my forehead.
My breathing became harder. He didn’t say anything to me at this point and I was scared to talk. He gets his two fingers and beggins to force my mouth open, which he succeeded. Once my mouth was open he shoved his 10 inch cock into my mouth. He holds it there as I began to fight him off me. Which I failed. Once he had shown who’s boss he started to grab my head and face fuck me slowly. I couldn’t do anything apart from cry. I felt his cock touch my tonsils even beyond that. I hadn’t eaten anything so thankfully I had nothing to bring out. My jaw was getting tired he continued this for a good 10 minutes. He was grabbing onto my breast and squeezing them hard. He pulls out his cock and I gasp for air, I think he had forgotten to let me breath sometimes. But finally it was over, he released me so he must be done… Right?

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    Why do you knuckle heads go on about your 10″ cocks ? It’s so unrealistic, so childish.

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    @Lina I’d love to

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    Damn!!! I really like your stories… Teen girl and old man with a long dick…

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      Best look ever

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      Horny girl I love you together

    • Horny girl ID:1d5pxz2a13rx

      @Lina ikr

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    You enjoyed your fun with your sexy, big-dicked neighbor, didn’t you? When are you going back to visit him and get his cock inside your young pussy again? Does he want you to bring other girls with you? Have a great time getting fucked, Jenny. Let’s chat.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

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    Mark’s a typical Alpha male, so no, he’s not done, you lucky girl!!

    • Lina ID:58g1hxym2

      Could take me next