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Mike 11 year old neighbor (Tammy) came over and it gets out of hand quickly.

35 year Mike was watching a game on his TV when he was interrupted by a knock at the door. He looked through the peephole and saw a young girl standing outside, her name was Tammy. She lived at the same apartment complex he did. He met her several weeks ago at the swimming pool. She was 11 years old , Hispanic,  long dark hair,about average height for her age, chubby from baby fat and an amazing ass. She had caught him sneaking peeks at her at the pool and she confronted him about it.  She thought it was funny and cute he was looking at her.  They got to know each other after that and she had been coming over to his place almost daily when her mom would go to work.  They didn’t have any TV game system computer or internet at her apartment so she would come over to Mike place to play games and connect with her friends.

Mike opened the door for her and she softly asked, “Mike can I use your Playstation? My friends are waiting for me to get on.”
“Yeah no worries Tammy,  you know I don’t mind. ” as he closed the door and sat back down in his oversized recliner.

Tammy setup the Playstation and laid on the floor. She was on her stomach with her legs up and crossed. David admired her perfect young body especially her plump ass.  Today she was wearing blue jean overalls with a black tank top and white flip flops. He knew it was wrong for him to be looking at her like that but he had been single for some time and he was sexualy frustrated.  He knew she was too young for him, it would be impossible for him to do anything with her and he didn’t want to go jail.

He watched her chat with her friends on the game as he checked social media on his phone. After three hours Tammy put the game controller down.
“Mike do you have anything to eat and drink?” As she pushed up from the floor in  doggy style position,  stretching her back and arms out.

Mike was  lost for words seeing her in that position and his thoughts were going crazy
Tammy once again caught him staring and she started to giggle.  “Hello Mike did you hear me?” She said with a smirk.

“Uh yea sorry I was just lost in my phone.  I have some leftover pizza and some lemonade.” He said stammering to speak from being caught staring at her.
He pulled the pizza box from the fridge and gave her a paper plate. He poured a glass of lemonade for her. They both stood in the kitchen in silence as they ate the cold pizza.
“Mike can I ask you something?” She asked breaking the awkward silence.

“Yea go ahead. Whats up?”

“Why haven’t you touched or kissed me? I see you looking at me all the time. I know you like what you see.” She said looking directly at him.

“Tammy you are so beautiful and perfect but you are just too young for me. * Mike was shocked what she asked him and felt like a pervert from staring at her.

“I know I know I am too young I don’t know what I am doing. I am just a kid. I hear it all the time!” She said with frustration and disappointment. “I know more than guys think and I know what I want.”

Mike was tongue tied and had no idea what to do or say. He put the pizza in the fridge, when he turned around Tammy came up to him and gave him a hug. This was the first time he was this close to her and the first time they hugged.  She stood about as high as the middle of chest and he  reached down to her and returned the hug. He could smell coconut from her hair and a fresh powder scent from her. The smells were intoxicating and her body against him waz too much.  They both hugged each for some time lost in the moment, he missed having a woman to hold on to.

He felt her reach into his sweat pants and she grabbed his cock with her cool hands. She pulled it out and was gently stroking him. He was in shock and surprised what she was doing.  He couldn’t move.

“Your cock is big and really hard! This is gonna be fun” she said as she bent down and put his cock in her warm mouth. His cock was 8 inches long and kinda thick.  She put half his cock in her mouth and sucked it good bobing up down.  Her hand was wrapped around his cock stroking him in rhythm with her mouth.  Mike was speechless,  excited and anxious.  He was enjoying the unexpected blow job and he didn’t attempt to stop her. He felt her tongue on his head and her lips wrapped tightly around his cock, she sucked him good, proving that she knew what she was doing. She suddenly stopped  grabbed his hand and pulled him to the living room.  She  took him to the recliner, made him sit down and  she pulled his sweat pants off.

She removed her overalls and let them fall to the floor.  She had no panties on and she left her tank top on. David was amazed her sexy and erotic body. Her body and tan skin were so smooth, plump and flawless.  She had a plump pussy mound with a nice patch of hair. Quickly she got on top of him, grabbing his aching cock and she guided it into her soaking tight pussy. Mike was too excited  to make her stop. She grunted as she struggled getting it in her, but she was determined not to stop despite any pain she was having.  She was going up and down slowly getting his cock deeper in her with every push. He felt his cock choked by her pussy, it was the tightest hw had ever felt. She had her head down,  her hair was covering her face but he could see her face grimace as his cock slid in her. Finally his cock went all the way in her. She gasped loudly and gripped both of his arms tightly. Mike was amazed his cock was all the way in her tiny preteen pusyy, he was shocked she was able to take it.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Its in really deep! You are so big!” She said taking in deep breaths and trembling. “Just fuck me Mike! Please fuck me!” She said as she laid down on his chest.
Mike grabbed her hips and started to thrust his cock fast and aggressively into her. Her pussy was so wet but never lost any of the tightness.  Instead her pussy was throbbing intensely. She was rocking her hips back forth grinding herself onto him, his cock was deep in her cervix and she squirted all over him. She squealed from the pleasure. She was breathing fast and moaning a lot. Mike could feel her cum all over him but he didn’t care .  He  held her tightly by her ass,  he had her wrap her arms around his neck and he stood up with her impaled on his cock. He leaned forward just enough to thrusts his cock deep and hard . She held on helpless as she got pounded and fucked. He fucked her relentlessly, he took her to the couch and laid her down without removing his cock from her. He put her legs up to her chest,  held her down by holding her wrists and fucked her with deep hard aggressive thrusts.  She raised her hips up to him and lightly bit into his arm. She was groaning  grunting and cussing as she felt his hot swollen cock thrust deep into her. She never had felt the pleasures he was giving her,  she was so overwhelmed and over stimulated.

Mike was amazed and impressed with this 11 year old girl, he looked down at her and saw her beautiful body all sweaty and flushed,  she was so fucking beautiful. She was so small compared to him but she was taking his whole cock like a champ. He couldn’t take it anymore he had to cum, he slammed his cock in her hard three times and pulled out quickly squirting cum all over her stomach.  He had noticed he shot a huge wad  up to her chest and filled up her small belly button.  It was the most intense ejaculation he ever had in his life . He pulled her off the couch and had her in the doggy style position on the floor.  He put his face between her legs and licked her pussy aggressively.

“Oh my God Mike its too much! What are you doing to me!” She said breathlessly and moaning.

Mike run his tongue all over her pussy and clit driving her crazy.  He mounted her doggy style quickly with one leg up and rammed his cock in her pounding her pussy.

“Mike no more please! Its too much! I can’t no more!” She begged him feeling exhausted and wore out.  Her pussy was throbbing intensely and she squirted once more as he pounded her cervix.  Her legs were shaking a lot and her body was trembling as she was fucked without mercy.

Mike admired the small firm young bubble butt as he held her hips firmly.  She was trying her best to get away but he was not done yet. He felt her tighten up and squrit once more.  He fucked her harder as she squirted and squealed.  Her pussy tightened up around his cock, he almost came in her but he pulled out quickly once more and blew another load on her back. He let her go and she fell over from exhaustion.  He sat back out of breath and so relieved.  He saw Tammy on her side, not moving and out of breath.  Her pink pussy was swollen and slightly gaping. Her hair was a mess, her small body was trembling and sweaty. She had his cum all over her.

“I never been fucked like that.  My body and pussy won’t stop shaking! ” She said out of breath and quivering.  “I can’t move or get up, my legs are too weak!”

Mike gave her the glass of lemonade and held her until she calmed down.  He gave her a hot bath with Epson salt and lavender.  Tammy was really quiet as she slowly got dressed and was walking very slowly.  Mike was really nervous that he pushed her too much and he was going to get in trouble.  As Tammy slowly walked to the front door, she quickly turned around and gave Mike a huge hug.

“I love you Mike.  Let’s do it again tomorrow .”  She whispered in his ear   softly giving him kisses.
Mike knew he created a monster.

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    Beautiful loved it, got me rather excited 💧💧💧💧💧💧💦💦

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    That was a great story

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    I love your stories!

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    My neighbor girl was 12 when this happened to me.. I was 25
    She cums over every Saturday to play with me
    She only lets me cum in her ass.

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    Good story thank you

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    He needs to put his cum inside her pusssy where it will do the most good

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    When I was younger, around 25-30 or so, and lived in an apartment complex some young girls ages from 9-10 to about 15 loved to visit for getting to play with my dog I had then or play TV-games and such, and some were so fucking cute and sexy and very sexually aware, knowing and was curious about sex. Some of them I got to play with… had so much fun with them.

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    I think 11 year olds were created for men to play with. Some of the most amazing fucks I have ever had were 11 year olds. When approaching puberty their bodies begin to swell and ripen. OMG they taste so fucking good.

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