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Kidnapped and Bound

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This is a story about a 13-year old boy called Alan, who is kidnapped and tied up by two men. Part 1.

Slowly opening his eyes, Alan finally woke up after a long night’s sleep.

He found himself in a dark, cold room, with the only sign of light being a dim lightbulb at a corner of the room. Confused and scared, Alan tried moving, but something restricted him from doing so. He was sitting upright on a cold, wooden chair, his arms bound tightly with rope. He was completely naked, except for the light blue jeans he was wearing, and showed his white, muscular body to be covered with sweat. Being a 13 year-old boy, Alan was quite appreciated for his well-built physique and attractiveness.

His legs were tied to either of the legs of the chair, and lenghts of rope tightly bound his arms to his chest and torso, taking away all freedom and ability to move even the slightest inch. He was gagged with duct tape, and the light bulb illuminated his remarkably bright blue eyes.

Alan started trying to scream for help, but the duct tape was too strong and all that came out were hot muffles of “Hmmmhmhmm”. He practically started hyperventilating. Alan tried moving but he had been so tightly and expertly tied that he couldn’t even move a centimetre.

Bound and helpless, Alan tried wriggling from the tight ropes that held his body in place. He could not understand the situation. He was naked, tightly bound to a chair with no freedom of movement in a dimly lit room.

Suddenly, the door to the room opened. Alan stopped trying to escape his bonds and shrunk back. Two big, burly men stepped inside, and light came flooding into the room from outside, completely illuminating the room. Alan was now able to see most of the things… He wished he hadn’t, for all of them were creepy. There were chains hanging down from the walls, handcuffs, rope and several weird-looking metal instruments in a corner of the room.

“Well, well, well… look who we have here”, one of them said.

It suddenly occurred to Alan how vulnerable he was in this position. He had been bound extremely tight, naked, with no hope of escape. Every part of his body was bound to the chair. Anyone could do anything to him if they wanted against his will. He shivered at the thought and started whimpering.

“Oh, don’t worry, you handsome lad”, the man sneered. “We’re going to have LOTS of fun now that we’ve got you.”

“Can’t even believe my luck to lay my hands on such a guy”, the other man said. “You look so fucking hot bound to that chair. I had been stalking you for the past one week, you can’t even imagine the number of times I dreamt about seducing you, you’re literally so fucking cute. You’re quite a handsome young man.” He continued, “He gave us such a hard time kidnapping him, didn’t he? Kept fighting and kicking all over the place.”

The man grinned. “Can’t wait to get started, dude. I can’t even describe how good-looking you are. And look at how sexy your body is”, he said, advancing upon the petrified 13-year old.

Alan strugged furiously at the ropes that bound him, squirming and wriggling, but it was no use. His yells were drowned out by the thick layer of duct tape that glued his mouth shut.

The man stroked his hand against Alan’s smooth, muscular chest and arms. Alan was absolutely petrified. He didn’t have even the slightest idea why and where he had been kidnapped, but the only thing he did know was that he was about to be raped in the most unimaginable way possible. He stopped struggling against his bonds, knowing that it would be useless as there was no way to escape.

The men stepped back and admired their captured treasure. “Well, we better get going now”, said one of the men. “We still have to complete tonight’s work.”

“Yeah, and we’re going to come back soon”, said the other. “So, be a good lad, won’t you? And if you try to escape, we’re going to punish you in ways you wouldn’t have imagined… you still don’t know how cruel we can be.”

With a last lustful glance at the boy, the two of them switched of the light and stepped out of the room, leaving Alan bound naked in complete darkness. He then began to cry inconsolably. He did not know what the future would hold for him, and this was only the beginning.

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