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The bitch next door

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it was a lazy Saturday afternoon, I was lying in my bed , waiting eagerly, then i got the text. My heart jumped when i saw it was from Olivia. i read the text – “Come quickly bitch. And don’t forget to bring the heels”. Olivia is my neighbour, a 29 year old married lady. Since I 1st saw her, its been my fantasy to fuck her. And i found out it wont be that hard when she came to our house, to meet with us with her husband Matt. my cock got erect when i saw her in that white short skirt. Can’t blame my cock, after all it’s a cock of a 16 year old boy pumping with hormone. I saw her glancing over my erection with a naughty smile, when our eye met, she winked. I lowered my eye at once, my face was all red, but that moment I knew my fantasy can come true. And it came true, but not the way I expected.
I jumped out of the bed, put on a t-shirt, although I knew it does not matter what I wear. My parents are at their works, I know they are not coming home before 6. I hurried, locked the door and rang the bell of her house. She opened the door, my heart started pumping when I saw her in her white teddy. Olivia noticed my gaze , told me to come in. After closing the door, she slapped my ass hard and giggled. “Go to the bedroom bitch, I have kept something for you there, get ready quickly”.

“Look at yourself,” Olivia quietly ordered in my ear. She stood behind me. Her hands caressed from the tops of my shoulders, down the lengths of my arms, and up again. Then her fingertips flowed lightly down my back. Chills covered my body at her touch and at my excitement. I felt my cock twitch as I looked.
I was standing in front of a full-length mirror and I saw my fantasy coming to life. I knew Her hands moved from my back to my hips. She followed my hips to my front. Slowly and seductively, she slipped the tips of her fingers into the waistband of the fishnet pantyhose that wrapped tightly around my lower body. She shoved her hand lower to penetrate the black thong panties I was wearing as she wrapped her hand around my hardening cock.

“I really like the way your heels make your legs look sexy,” she teased into my ear as she rubbed me. My mind immediately flashed back to the day before when I had received a text to go to a women’s shoe store to make a purchase. Get some heels and you better try them on at the store. Then she moaned while she rubbed. “Aren’t you glad I had you buy them?”
“Yes,” I answered.
She popped me loudly on my right ass cheek. “Yes, what?”
“Yes, Mistress,” I corrected myself.
“Very good, slut,” she encouraged with another slap on my backside.
She pressed her tits into my back. The lace of her teddy grazed me with the same softness as her fingertips had before. Then, the softness of her touch and tenderness of her demeanor shifted away. I felt the hard rubber of her strap on rest between my ass cheeks.
“I’m going to fuck you like a bitch today, make you beg for more, you little slut,” she purred into my ear. Then she grabbed my shoulders and turned me sideways. She stepped around to face me. “Now get on your knees.”
I dropped to my knees and looked up at her. She reached down, grabbed a handful of my hair, and said, “Open your mouth.” I complied with the order and parted my lips as the tip of her rubber cock pushed into my face. She did not allow my head to move. She held me in place as she pushed her hips forward. Her black dildo shoved deep into my mouth and came to rest in the back of my throat. I gagged a little before she let off. She withdrew only a little before she moved forward again. Then she slowly began pumping her hips into my face. My mouth stretched and I felt spit building around the rubber phallus that filled my mouth.
Olivia continued to fuck my face for a moment. Suddenly, she pulled away. “Turn around and get on all fours.”
I did not hesitate to get into position. I got on my hands and knees. My forehead hit the floor and I looked down the length of my body to see my cock bulging at the restraint of my panties. A loud slap filled the room just before a sharp sting set into my buttocks. The fishnets provided no protection against the malicious whacks against my skin. I could feel my ass turning red. Then she spanked me again, only harder and on the opposite side. The sizzle sent chills up my spine and back again before she softly rubbed at my skin to sooth the ache.
I felt my entire body shiver for only a second before she placed both of her hands flat against my ass. Suddenly, she balled her fists in to the netting of my stockings and ripped them open. I moaned at the thought of being taken with such fervor, but she was not ready to fuck me. Instead, she rubbed a little more; first over my ass, then underneath to my cock. Finally, she hooked her thumb into the back of my thong and pulled it aside.
“Open up for me,” she said with another slap on my ass.
I spread my knees further apart until I could not go down any more. My inner thighs burned at the sensation of my muscles being stretched so far apart. Then I heard a bottle of lube pop open and I felt a cold rush of oozing liquid cover my hole.
Olivia let the lube drip on me for a second before pushing a finger into my ass. She pulled back just as quickly as the lube continued to drizzle. Then she used the flat part of her thumb to push more lube into my hole. I could feel the slick liquid building inside of my ass.
“Do you know what I’m doing right now? I’m filling your ass with my cum.”‘
I had never been curious about the notion of having my ass filled with cum, but her dirty mind made me feel dirty and it turned me on even more.
Without further discussion, I felt two of her fingertips make way to the center of my ass. She pushed them into me, but this time she did not pull them out. My asshole quivered at her abrupt invasion.
“My soaking little slut… You want to get fucked don’t you?” she taunted my vulnerability.
“You better relax bitch… or this is going to hurt,” she said as she began to push a third finger into me. I took a deep breath and did my best to open up for her as her third finger moved in. I felt myself stretching as I shivered for a second. She stopped pushing inward once her knuckles met my ass. The she waited for my muscles to relax before she pulled back ever so slightly.
“Breathe,” she ordered softly as the tip of her forth finger slowly pushed in my hole.
I moaned loudly as she pushed her fingers into me as far as they would go. She pulled back and pushed in several times over before I relaxed enough for her to start fucking me with her fingers. Then I felt another rush of cold liquid drizzle into my ass just as the tip of her thumb flicked at my center.
She placed her hand flat in the middle of my back and pushed down to make me arch for her. Then she began to ease forward against the resistance of my ass. I was stretching wider than I had ever been before. It was agonizing and glorious as I felt her hand widen at her knuckles. I tried hard not to whimper as her knuckles breached m stretched hole.
Olivia let me adjust to the width of her hand inside me before she pushed deeper into me.
“And that’s my thumb,” she said with a hint of self-satisfaction as her hand slipped into me passed my rectum. My cock soaked my panties with pre-cum. My legs ached from stretching so wide. My ass felt so full at the presence of her hand inside me. Then she pushed a little deeper and I could feel her hand disappear to her wrist.
I screamed out in complete sexual despair. “Oh fuck, Mistress! I need to cum so bad!”
I reached down between my legs and began rubbing my cock through my panties. I was so close to the edge of orgasm that I was not able to stop myself from jacking off. Suddenly, Olivia pulled my hand away.
“Don’t you fucking dare, cunt.” She ordered through gritted teeth and pushed hard into me as a warning.
I returned my hand and my forehead to the floor as she continued to fist me.
“That’s a good little slut,” she praised, “loosen up for me so I can fuck your cunt.”
I felt more pre-cum drip from my cock as she cooed and taunted with her fist in my ass. I couldn’t resist any further.
“Please fuck me, Mistress,” I moaned.
“What do you want, slut?” She asked. I know that she heard me before, but she wanted me to beg.
“Please fuck me, Mistress,” I repeated.
“Tell me what you want,” she taunted further.
“I want you to fuck my ass with your cock, Mistress,” I begged.
She stopped moving her hand inside me and slowly withdrew. I could feel that my ass stayed dilated. I remained open for her as she placed her hands on my hips and guided the head of her strap on to my hole. She pushed forward and penetrated me with a single thrust. Her cock buried into me until the fronts of her hips rested against my ass. Then she pulled back until her rubber member withdrew from me just to push it in again. She was teasing me despite my drastic desire to cum.
“Please fuck my ass, Mistress,” I pleaded.
She answered my begging with a hard thrust forward. Nine inches of thick aggression filled my ass and nearly sent me to the floor. My arms buckled until I was laying face down with my ass in the air. Olivia’s cock penetrated me to the hilt and she began to fuck me hard. Her hips slapped loudly against my ass. Wet sounds of my lube-filled hole surrounding her rubber dick filled the room. Olivia pounded away at me until I couldn’t handle any more.
“Oh! Fuck! May I cum, Mistress?” I screamed into the floor as she continued to fuck me from behind.
“May I please cum for you, Mistress?” I begged again.
Her mercy came with a single word. “Yes.”
I reached down between my legs and shoved my hand into my panties. I grabbed my cock and began to jerk to Olivia’s rhythm as she pounded my ass. I could feel the muscles of my cock building to explode as I rubbed. Then I bellowed. Huge spurts of cum flowed from my dick and into the soft fabric of my panties. I pumped my fist while Olivia fucked my ass until the entire fronts of my panties were full of cum.
My orgasm subsided and Olivia slowly pulled her cock from my ass after giving me few more hard thrust. I fell forward with exhaustion and laid flat with my legs still spread wide. Olivia ran her hand over my ass, then down to my balls and underneath to my cock. I twitched and quivered to her post-orgasm touch.
“MMM, you’re soaked front and rear there, slut,” she moaned happily.
“Yes, Ma’am. Thank you, Mistress,” I said with a well-fucked smile. She put her finger in front of my lips, they were coated with my cum. i began to suck on them.
“Good boy..!” she purred in my ear.
Ah! I was her bitch. The bitch next door – i thought as i sucked on her finger.

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