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Please Mister (Part 2)

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Please Mister (part 2) More tangles and deceits from our young and not so young spunk bunnies!!

Two months have now passed without any word from that old cunt and the girls are beginning to think he’s given up contacting them again and keeping or using their rape films and photographs to himself. Though this is both immature and wishful thinking on their part it was beginning to look that way? Jane rolling off Tara’s body wipes the redheads creamy spend from her face uttering. “Mmm I just love your cum Tara Kane, I could eat your pussy all day since you shaved that mangy red beard off.” Jane giggled. Continuing, “Your little clam squirts so good when you come you filthy bitch.”

Jane idly laying on her back looks up at the clear summer sky enjoying the feel of Tara Kane’s delft right hand cupping her vulva as a pair of stiff fingers slip into her moist 15year old quim. Subtly over the next few minutes, the dexterous red-haired beauty frigs her teen friend Jane to a thigh trembling finish. Both girls were now very much closer and a great deal more sexually active with each other than before their ordeal. The old man having awakened Jane to her girl on girl preference, especially after getting her ass ripped open by his cock! The little teen made the conscious decision after that of no male protuberance for her in any hole.

Tara however is happy to swing both ways so she’s fond of getting her mum’s vibe or her own fingers into her now bald perfectly formed cunt. The attack had not made Tara change her outlook on life. She is still a selfish stroppy madam to her mum, siblings and everyone else for that matter. She had caught her brother masturbating to a pair of her mum’s and her knickers but didn’t say anything as she enjoyed the show, watching as he pulled on his not so little pecker with the soiled gussets stuffed against his nose. She thought he had heard her moaning while she fingered her slack twat at his slightly ajar bedroom door.

“Time we headed back and pretend school was ace lover.” Jane says pulling up her pants while watching Tara stretch from her dreamy state and do likewise. The girls adjusted their uniforms then headed out the woods to the bus stop. “We should be back in town after 3pm that’ll get us home at the usual, our mum’s won’t suspect anything. Tara grins. “Soon be out of that fucking school for good. I will miss it though.” Jane sighs. “Well I can’t wait to get out of there and that boring shithole Danby that we live in. Its full of pervs and weirdo’s. Anyway. I’m off to the model agency soon so fuck it.” Tara boasts haughtily.

Jane looks sad, she knows this friendship though firm throughout their formative years was never meant to last beyond the next few weeks. Both girls were on the cusp of moving into adulthood and their current class status would be a major hurdle from then on. Though after being repeatedly raped they are better aware of the dangers adult life brings than most other young teens in their area. The girls hum and giggle as they board the bus Jane’s left hand slips up Tara’s short school skirt as they climb the steps giggling.

Friday July 4th at 2pm. Tara’s mum answers her front door smiles then signs for receipt of a jiffy bag? Addressed, Mrs. Danielle Kane. As she opens it her heart sinks. Screaming Danni drops the remaining photos onto the coffee table alongside her steaming coffee mug. Staring horrified, open mouthed her bottom lip trembles as she stares at her daughter and her cleaners girl Jane!! both naked, sweaty with fingers in each other’s private places.

Sobbing, she peruses the remaining three incriminating pictures. With none of them leaving any question as to who it is, what they are doing with each other, or how much the participants appear to be in collusion with these actions apparently happily consenting to all the explicit detail and sexual action presented in their content. The usually well capable Danni Kane reels at the nude shots of her daughter Tara and her domestic cleaner woman Karen Murphy’s youngest daughter Jane. Cavorting in perverted graphic action.

One shot depicts a male’s penis wedged in Tara’s pale pink anus as she’s looking over her shoulder smiling in ecstatic bliss, while ramming a Dildo into Jane’s sperm caked leaking cunt. Her shock rapidly turns to anger as she composes herself enough to read the accompanying wording typed out in bold capitals.

I know! It’s shocking, the disgrace Mrs. Kane. What with your hubby so close to being next party chairman and minister for whatever? What will the good folks think when this gets out? His daughter, having underage sex and making very graphic porn movies with her young school friend’s. Tut, Tut. These pics however are merely your food for thought Mrs. Kane?
The Sunday rags though can have a banquet with the material I have on your daughter. Though she is a fantastic fuck and very keen actress. Takes direction amazingly! Likes a drink and some strange substances too so it seems. Now, I know what you’re wondering? what do I want? Well… Apart from another session with your daughters fuckable holes.
I will be in touch very soon to answer all your worries and woes. I do hope you see sense and don’t involve the police in this little matter. I would so hate to see you lose all those trappings of luxury and wealth you so obviously adore. Would love to be a fly on the wall when my little star comes home from school later. Be in touch soon. Bye for now xxx.

Danni threw the letter and the pictures into the bag before stuffing them into her handbag. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. Stupid little cunt. I will kill her; we will be ruined. John will be finished, no one will want to know him or us. Oh my god how could she.” Mrs. Kane ran to the toilet then wretched her stomach hard as she was sick. Sick at her daughter’s actions and even more sick at the thought of being humiliated in the press, in front of her society friends, plus the political contacts her husband has worked tirelessly to maintain.

The door opens at 4:30pm, Tara as per drops all her stuff in a trail without a thought for who has to pick it up. Isn’t that what Karen gets paid for. She thinks haughtily. “Tara Kane.” Her mum screeches from the lounge. “Get your ass in here now madam.” Tara knew that screech and knew it meant big trouble. She has heard it before, a few years back after the police brought her home drunk from the park and cautioned her to behave.

Danni Kane looks demonic as she throws herself at her confused daughter, grabs her by the hair at the back of her head then drags her toward the dining table. Where to Tara’s pain-filled horror she sees the photo’s displayed in all her and Jane’s glory! Mum slaps Tara’s clothed buttocks hard while emphasising every slap with a word. “Why. Why. Why” She then throws her weeping daughter over the arm of the sofa, hikes up her already short school skirt, swiftly yanking down the musky wet thong she finds beneath.

Proceeding quickly to hand spank with relish the screaming teens pale arse cheeks while screaming into her face. “You fucking whore, (SLAP) you dirty little slut.(SLAP, SLAP.) Good was it? (SLAP SLAP SLAP.) Make lots of money did you? OMG not pregnant I hope! You dirty little cunt.”

“You have destroyed this family, your dad’s reputation is going to be in tatters and you will have him, me and your brother and sister out on the streets. You selfish, stupid…” SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP Tara is a writhing pain racked screaming wreck and Danni Kane breaks down into a sobbing mess.

Tara is left laying with her bare arse sticking up in the air over the settee’s arm, her crimson arse cheeks sting painfully as she’s rubbing her hands over them crying loudly while constantly repeating. “We were raped mum. We were raped.” A few minutes later both mother and daughter sit at the kitchen table.

Both females weep openly as Tara tells her mum everything that happened. Well her version of everything as she’s putting young Jane into her place as the main instigator of their present woes. The snob in Danielle Kane surfaces again. She haughtily takes her daughters side of affairs as per sniffing. “Huh. I knew no good would come from you running around with the hired helps brats.”

Tara smirks as she’s banished to her room wasting no time fleeing there her reddened bum cheeks now matching her hair. Meanwhile. Karen Murphy, who is a very hard working, divorced, single and a very attractive blonde for her age of 42. Is out shopping with her 15 year old daughter when her mobile phone constantly keeps ringing, even after she’s ignored it a few times.

“Oh dear I better answer her or she’ll pester me forever.” She sighs to the girl looking dreamily at the expensive clothing in the designer shop window. “Yes well… No I… Oh fine Danni. I will call round then. See you soon.” ~ “That was snooty Kane. Wants me to go round ASAP! Very urgent need to discuss something important.” Karen mocks Danni’s clipped tones. “Won’t be a fucking wage rise I bet.” She giggles to her youngest daughter. “C’mon princess lets go see what Cruella finds so important, then we have to pick your sister up at 6 pm.”

Karen sits in total awe of what she’s staring at in her hand and hearing in her ears. “Jane My Janey! Raped and now you say probably blackmailed! But you want me to keep it quiet? Are you fucking nuts Danni? We have to go to the police. These girls need help and so do you by the bloody sounds of it. This monster needs locking up.” Both girls are sobbing, avoiding eye contact with each other.

Scared, confused and seeking comfort from their mutual humiliation, as both mum’s peruse the degrading, incriminating scenes so graphically set out in front of them. “We can’t Karen! Don’t you understand? This will finish John’s career in politics, ruin us financially and you. Well you will be out of a job. Not to mention your home. Your virginal little Janey will be labelled a whore everywhere she goes. Though if the shoe fits.”

Karen lost it then turning to scream at Tara to tell the truth, that she knows her girl is the quiet one just so enamoured by the trappings of wealth available through the duplicitous bitchy daughter of her mum’s so called friend? Jane try’s telling her side of events but by that time her mumbled excuses are scorned by Danni while the lying Tara turns Judas on her friend at the most vulnerable time in her life. Reiterating her take on events by demeaning Jane’s as a pack of lies. Turning the red eyed blonde teen into a quivering mess.

“Let’s all calm down and think this through rationally.” ~ “Rationally? Listen to yourself Danni.” Karen screeches before continuing. “What the hell is rational about raping little girls, torture and blackmail? For pity’s sake see sense woman.” Danni told the two girls to stop arguing and go calm down yelling “Shut the hell up and go upstairs. Now.” The girls ran glad to escape the atmosphere in the Kane household at that moment in time. Both mum’s sit to discuss their options. Whatever they are?

The upshot was that Due to John and Danni’s past help during and after the divorce Karen would hold off from contacting the police. Also consenting that until the person who contacted Danni does so again. Jane would be kept off school as would Tara, the excuse being an early holiday for both families, plus as the summer break up was in two weeks it wouldn’t really stand out or arouse too much suspicion from the school itself.

Karen agreed, Tara and Jane should not see each other until all this had been dealt with. Danni really wanted to keep her daughter from further contact to lay the blame on Jane as she had a plan to deal with the blackmailer by using her money. That is how she and her friends deal with this kind of problem. Danni isn’t blind to the fact her bitchy daughter Tara probably was the main instigator in this set of circumstances. That much she does know but not a chance in hell that she’ll ever admit it. Meantime….

Karen and her daughters sit in silence at the dinner table that evening. Sarah her 19 year old asks her what’s wrong. “Oh just this one and that mouthy bitch Tara. Getting her into scrapes at school again.” She lies. Jane suddenly gets up running to her room, crying.

“Whats happened mum? She has been weird for weeks now? Crying and having nightmares. I heard her a few nights ago screaming and garbling over and over, something about it hurting too much?” Karen raised her eyebrows.”

“Is she getting bullied at school or told you she’s ill? I’m worried about her mum she’s normally so chatty at home and looks very depressed. Maybe she should see the GP.” “Listen darling. I can’t tell you what or why at this time but as soon as I can. I will.” Sarah looks at her mum quizzically shrugs her shoulders then says. “OK. Can’t be that serious then.” She gets up kisses Karen on the cheek then heads to her own room, leaving Karen pondering the uncertain future she and they are now facing?

Danni waved goodbye to her husband and their other two younger children Emma and Leo who were aged 13 and 11 respectively. She had just sat down with her coffee when the doorbell rang. Looking at the security camera screen in her large kitchen, Danni seen two males their faces obscured by their headgear. She spoke into the intercom. “If your selling, we are not buying. Please go away.”

The man replied. “Oh we’re selling alright Mrs. I believe we have something you’ll definitely want though.” Danni in her inimitable superior manner then said. “You people have nothing I could possibly want so go away.” The letterbox rattled and as Danni looked at her feet another revealing picture was staring up at her. It was Tara with old Tom. Her on her stomach, face down with her knuckles digging into the bed covers his slimy old penis lodged halfway up her obviously pain filled daughter’s rectum.

Overcoming her fears, she opened the door, though still with the chain on. The men who now looked older than she first thought, smiled and said in an eastern euro accent. “We have some business to discuss Mrs. Kane. Or shall I call you Danni?” She looked at him like he was a piece of trash, her face contorted as she huffed. “What could we possibly have to discus..” He cut her off abruptly saying. “Its about your recent package?” Her face sagged and she felt sick as she slipped the chain off and opened the door a little wider. Suddenly bumping her out of the way they brushed past her into the hallway.
Not waiting for her to invite them in. “Hmm nice place, must cost a bit to keep up though I bet?” “Who are you and what do you want.” She tried to sound unconcerned and stay in control. “Well if that’s your attitude. I will get straight to the point. We want anything we fancy! Now, shall we be informal, or you just call me sir, while me and my good friend here call you anything we feel like? How does cunt suit you?”

Danni enraged at the insult blustered and huffed. “How dare you. Get out of my home or I will…” He cut her off again, stating “Call the police? I don’t think you will or you would have done it by now. So let’s get down to business so to speak. Then we can all move on with things to everyone’s mutual satisfaction. Shall we begin.” Both men sat at the dining table the older looking of the two and the obvious spokesman told her very forcefully to “Sit on your ass, fuck up and listen.”

Danni Kane did as told though very reluctantly. Being more used to giving out demands, not answering to them. Certainly not from scum like these two. “Now then I assume by now you have seen your darling little girl in action. Very good she is” ~ “so accommodating.” the other one piped up. Danni slammed her fists on the worktop. “You filthy bastards! My husband will have your balls cut off he will fucking…” ~ “Yah yah yah. Shut up your mouthy cow just take a gander at these pics. Got some nice hot movies with these two sluts for afters too?”

Both guys smirked at each other as they slid more pictures across the island worktop at her. Danni Kane was worldly wise in sexual matters but seeing her gorgeous baby being fucked so brutally made her feel sick. As she fought to keep from doing so her mind was going wild. Trying to think how to end all this. “Wha, what do you want, how much?” she spluttered bile rising in her gullet. “That will be decided after we have our little talk here today.” They had her make them coffee as she did so they spoke in whispers while watching her move around.

Danni felt their eyes watching her every move as she was very aware her ass cheeks wiggled and her tits jiggled in her tight yoga pants and leotard. That’s why she wore them. she hurried, eager to conclude this business and get them out of her home. Sitting back down in her seat between the men they introduced themselves as Jim and Jake. Probably false but immaterial, Jim (The older one) continued talking explaining that.

“Tommy or Uncle Tommy as he preferred to be called. That’s the guy fucking your girls in the photo’s Mrs. Kane. Well he is, ehm was rather, my perverted old pal. Who recently, just after having such a good time with your Tara’s greedy holes went and popped his clogs. Dead as a dodo.” ~ “So me and friend Jake here helped to clear out his house. We were going to sell the video gear, camera’s and stuff but decided to make sure he hadn’t left anything in them or on them that would incriminate him and us of course.”

“So you can imagine our surprise when we found your little girl and her school chum Jane doing the old naughty with lucky old Tommy boy! Stuffed the both of them good style in every hole by looks of it!” Danni bit her bottom lip to quell it trembling, she listens while thoughts of the graphic images in the photographs flash into her head. He continued. “So a little boyfriend of ours who apparently went to the same school revealed who the girls were?”

“We discovered who Tara’s dad is and what he does. So we reckoned you nice folks would give us a few bob for our making the old man’s films and photo albums disappear for good.” Danni was shaking now she couldn’t think rationally and just blurted out a figure “£12000.” ~ “Each, I meant.” She quickly retorted. Both men got up and wandered round to stand beside her as she jumped off her stool suddenly aware how vulnerable she had allowed herself to become.

The two men were a lot taller than her 5ft3” height and her 150lb frame. She was no match for one of them never mind two. “That’s a very nice sum Danni. One we can work with but there are other payment types to consider along with hard cash.” ~ What do you mean?” She gasped, vaguely recollecting hearing his voice somewhere. “Just your daughter Mrs. Kane. For now!” They both laughed as she started to sob. Her petite frame shaking in fear as she realised but didn’t want to acknowledge the implied overtones of a non-monetary transaction.

“No way! You will not get near my daughter ever again you fucks. She is out of the country thanks to your bastard friend; I hope he rots in hell. You fuckers are nothing but scu…” She felt only the sting not the blow as her jaw was punched and she was ordered by Jim to strip. His words echoed in her foggy mind but failed to register “Strip for us Mrs. Kane. Now.” Jim’s voice had turned menacing and demanding. Implying violence if she didn’t comply. Danni pleaded. “Oh god no. Please no. I will pay you! Anything you want. Please don’t hurt me.” They laughed at her again saying “Strip bitch. Let’s see if like daughter like mum?”

Danni tried to slip past them but was too slow. “No don’t please. You evil bastards. Nooooo. Naaaah. HELP ME.” She wailed, her tone increasing to a defeated screech when both men grabbed her arms. The men started slapping her around telling her to “Shut the fuck up bitch.” Taking turns at her face cheeks, then her ass cheeks, which stung like hell through her thin yoga pants. Danni Kane knew she was in a world of trouble and continued to scream at the top of her lungs.

Not for long though. One hard swift punch to the gut doubled her in two on the floor. She realised it was time to think self-preservation to avoid retaliation. The petite female was looking a little disheveled her always perfect hair and makeup were a tad messed up. She rose slowly to her feet holding onto the worktop as she pulled herself upright with mascara streaked tears streaming from her eyes she started to peel down her Gray yoga pants revealing the white leotard bottom that had been digging into her pussy forming that nice plump V at the top of her slim thighs.

After stepping out of her slippers and tugging her pants off with her feet. She threw her hair back, composing herself a little while staring hatefully at both men she slowly pulled down each arm of her top to slide the leotard down over her round firm hard nippled tits ever downward exposing her slim hips she turned away as her bum slowly came into view. “Face the front Mrs. Kane. Be a good girl now or we will have to punish you?” Jim said. Danni turned full frontal while slowly but steadily revealing her well-trimmed pubic mons, puffy pale labia, Danni’s coral pink inner lips barely sticking through the outer.

The view of her now knickerless pussy to the two hungry pairs of eyes lusting at her from a few feet away had both men sprouting very pronounced erections. She heard the purr and rattle of zippers and belt buckles as the crying MILFs forced strip progressed, they grew harder by the second. “Guess where these are going Mrs. Kane?” Jake snarled. Danni was unable to stop looking at the two throbbing purple headed erections extremely well aware of where they would be going very shortly.

This just made her cry and heave even harder as she rolled the leotard over her smooth milky thighs gravity finished their journey down her smooth legs splaying the garment at her feet. It only took two small steps to fulfill her humiliating journey from classy sophisticate into a state of slutty fuckable nudity. Both Jim and Jake’s hands massaged their stiff tools a little pre cum very evident as it formed a string on the end of their cocks. Danni just stood passively, naked, head bowed and sobbing. Her shoulders heaving hard as she cried. Not able to believe she was actually about to be raped in her own kitchen on a school day morning!

Both thugs were now taunting her about the porno pictures of her daughter asking if she wanted to try some of the same poses. As Jim approached her she looked up, her reddened eyes pleading for them to stop. He ran his hand over her shoulder, down her back then along the ridge of her buttocks slipping a finger slowly down into the crack of her ass.

She flinched when his bobbing knob end hit her bum cheek his fingers tracing a path under her pudendum to seek out her damp fuckhole. Jake meantime was at her front end masticating her 34b tits with his hungry mouth. Her nipples already hardened before his tongue rubbed against them as he sucked greedily on her still firm flesh. The implicit violence evident when he roughly twisted them. Very aware but uncaring about the pain and hurt he was inflicting.

Both men seemed to be getting off on her cries of pain as their lust increased both mauled roughly on and in her body. A tirade of filthy insults and abuse aimed at humiliating her even further. Mrs. Kane just prayed for this ordeal to be over so she tried to wiggle and jiggle her body to accommodate their demands plus alleviate her suffering even more from their very experienced though pain extracting activity.

Danni winced then screamed, in total shock and humiliation as both men now fingered her sopping vagina at the same time. Stubby fingers scratched and thrust around on and in her cuntal lips, drilling forcefully into her vaginal opening one or both of them would flick against her clit sending little tingles around her abused hole. Danni’s very sensitive nipples aroused way beyond anything she had known them before, she moaned loudly in despair as her engorging clit indicated the thing she was dreading.

The idea she would come in front of her abusers. Danni knew how orgasmic she was and right now had never felt more so this made her feel so ashamed and she cried out. “Fffffuck Fuck fuck Ahhhh.” Drilling her now in both cunt and arsehole the men sped up the onslaught on the sweaty wailing female. Danielle Kane’s engorged cunt throbbed sending pulsing sensations all over her body, her eyes widened. Her mouth opened, silently now. Jim and Jake’s rapid ministrations brought her fanny’s lubrication’s exploding from her pussy the erupting milky white viscous spunk splattered over the men’s hands and gushed to the floor along with their owner.

Mrs. Kane had slumped to join the wet sticky mire, her orgasmic spasms causing her to writhe around in her own spend as she curled up crying loudly both hands covering her gaping sore fanny. The men stood above her and she knew this was it they were going to really do her now.“On your knee’s Mrs. Kane and look at me.” Jim ordered gruffly Danni rose trying not to slide around in the now cold slime she lay in. grabbing hold of a chair leg she pulled herself into a kneeling position in front of both men.

Their dripping hard on’s directly in her face. Suddenly both men wanked themselves rapidly and drenched Danni’s face in hot sticky semen. It stuck to her hair, her eyes stung, her mouth was drenched and full as they emptied their combined ball-sacks into her gaping mouth forcing her to swallow the remnants of come as she licked their tools clean. Jim pulled her head back by her hair face up toward him while advising the shaking petrified woman.

“Don’t fret Mrs. Kane this was just to let you know we mean what we say and mean what we intend to do.” Danni still on her knees sat with a spunk covered face stinging her eyes and dripping off her chin listening intently to every word. “Jake and me have a preference for females of a younger generation Danni. Girls like Tara and Jane or even little Emma!”

This fired the mothering instinct back up and she stared up at him then rose slowly to face both her attackers. “Don’t even go there you can’t possibly expect me to allow that to happen and not do something about it? I don’t care how many films and perverted shit you have on me and my girl. Go near my girls again and I will see you suffer more than they will.” Jim pulled her up roughly and threw her across the kitchen island worktop face down smacking her raised ass with rapid succession advising her to change her attitude.

“By all means Mrs. Kane you tell who you like about what the bad men did to you but remember how it looks and what you stand to lose.” She knew he was right she was never going to risk the privileged life they had made for themselves; her husband would never forgive her for ruining him. The large house, the cars, the use of their friends’ yacht and villa in Goa. All gone because she didn’t play along with these extortionist fucks.

Danni stood up from the cold granite island and tearfully rubbed her hot crimson hued bum cheeks pleading for them to stop abusing and hurting her. “Simple way to do that Danni girl? You agree to our demands until we are satisfied then we leave you all alone and all the evidence disappears with us. We are willing to admit its a leap of faith for you to believe that. But to ensure your continual silence and full cooperation that’s just something you will have to accept.”

Danni nodded in agreement and they said they would contact her again soon to inform her what when and where their next meeting will be. Danni stood proudly upright her nude pussy still dripping, ass reddened, tits bitten and bruised. “You done here then?” She hissed.

“Oh you’re a smart woman Mrs. Kane. We both know were not done here. Not by a long chalk?” ~ “You have a nice day now.” Jim sneered sarcastically as Jake and him walked toward the door.

Danni was left alone in silence staring at the mess on the floor from her rapes. The back door banged shut rousing her from her trance. Danni limped to the on suite upstairs crying miserably, her ravaged vagina and rectum stinging, throbbing, painfully sore from the cruel torture inflicted on her. Hoping no damage had been done she showered douching out her sore holes and after drying off applying cream to her ravaged breasts and anus.

Danni consoled herself that this nightmare might soon be over. However, Danielle Kane was also a realist admitting to herself that she her family and husband were headed down a very slippery slope and one wrong move could mean their end. Their life would be totally controlled now by the threat of discovery and ridicule due to her allowing them to be blackmailed.

She stared naked into the full-length mirror contemplating her future as an object of lust and abuse for those evil perverted bastards to use as such. Karen’s words were now ringing in her ears about not giving in and reporting the blackmailers to the police. The distraught mum broke down in hysterics again thinking aloud. “What if Karen goes to them anyway? I will have been ravished and beaten by those scum for absolutely nothing! If she opens that mouth of hers or tells anyone else? we’ll be fucking ruined anyway!” “Stupid bitches.” She screamed at her nude reflection. Not sure if she meant herself and Karen or the two little fools who attracted the attention of that fucking old paedo bastard in the first place.

Danielle Kane need not have worried because at that moment any thoughts of contacting the law were wiped away from Karen’s head by the screams emanating from her mobile phone as she sat horrified listening to a recording of her eldest daughter. Pleading with someone not to fuck her up the bum. “You still there Karen? Now Mrs. Kane is a very worried lady and seems to think you will have the police at her door about that little whore of a daughter of yours.” The menacing voice went on as the loud wails in the background continued. “Please don’t hurt her please not my baby. I will do anything but just leave her alone.” ~ “Hmm anything? That’s good Karen we can work with anything.”

The next voice was her eldest daughter Sarah. “Mmmum.” She weeped. “Please just do as they say I’m OK but please they mean it, just do as they ask.” A pause, then a curt goodbye signaled the end of communication but the start of a worrying time waiting for her daughters’ safe return home. Anxious Karen called Danni at home. “They did what to you. Oh god that means Sarah has been gang raped all because you didn’t want to go to the police to begin with.

They have raped you, Tara, Jane and now kidnapped and are doing god knows what to Sarah? We have to get out of this thing whatever it is. What do they fucking want?” Danni paused. “I don’t know yet but they will ruin or kill us if we don’t do as they say. I’m so sorry Karen for not going to the authorities when we should have, let’s wait and see what develops then I will do exactly as you want. John is calling home tomorrow. I will decide whether to tell him if we don’t hear anything by tomorrow night.” Danni hung up without even a goodbye.

Karen just collapsed weeping and was still on the floor when Sarah barged in. Her face reddened and tear stained her hair was matted and her clothing was torn. “Sarah darling oh my god what did they do to you? Why? Did you see who it was do you know them?” Sarah flung herself onto the settee and cried as she retold how she was chatted up by this old man at the bus stop after her shift at the shop.

The next thing she was bundled into a van and a hood put over her head then she was driven for a little while and taken into a house but she couldn’t say where or what the outside was like and then she was slapped and spanked. Her shirt was torn open and her skirt pulled up as they groped inside her panties fingering her holes back and front. threatening to rape and sodomise her if she didn’t comply.

That’s when they showed her the photos of Jane getting fucked along with Tara? Sarah looked at her mum saying. “Why didn’t you say mum? No wonder Jane’s been weird. Oh mum she must have been terrified. I was, I am!!” Karen hugged her tightly, kissing her while she went on asking Sarah questions, finally Sarah let on she had heard them saying they would be quids in when they exposed John Kane and his lot?

“Apparently they have been to see Danni as well. I heard them boasting about her attack.” Karen frowned saying “Yes they have honey and she didn’t fare half as well as you did by the story she told me. I can’t understand who? Or why they need to involve us? We have no political or financial gain for them? So what the fuck is their game.” ~ “You go shower I will be up to check you over in 5 minutes. I’m so glad Jane is at your aunt Jeans. I’m giving her a quick call while you get showered darling.

Sarah slowly stood up to head upstairs. Once stripped and in the shower she looked over her bruised body, the marks from her abuse at the hands of those monsters stood out against her creamy pale skin. Her 34c tits now reddened and bruised, her nipples rock stiff from sexual arousal still poked out proudly from her round firm young orbs. Her ass cheeks were welted though with handprints clearly visible on both cheeks. Sarah winced then, remembering him sniggering as she screamed her bum stinging as he spanked her reddened ass even harder.

Her pussy was trimmed into a thin strip of honey coloured pubes that highlighted her pale white outer labia, her inner labia barely visible when she bent over to fetch her soap. The amount of spunk that still dripped from her slackened inner hole evidence of her rape gang bang that afternoon. Sarah Mullins was no angel and certainly no victim.

“You about done in their honey I want to see what they did to you. You should have waited till I was here to help you wash babes.” ~ “Oh it’s alright mum I’m done, can you pass me my towel please.” Sarah slid the screen open standing full frontal for the first time in years in front of her wide-eyed mum. “Jeez girl you have grown up some,” Her mum thought to herself. Karen wasn’t averse in her college days to a little girl on girl now and then. She certainly would’ve gone for Sarah’s type and that thought along with forbidden others sent orgasmic shivers from her nipples to her clit as she coughed to avert those thoughts from developing into actions forbidden to her with her nubile 19year old.

“My god Sarah look at those bruises! Darling you have to tell me, did they rape you? Did they… Karen paused. “You know, were you ehm.. fuck honey, did they do you up your bum.” Sarah turned and bent over as Karen inhaled loudly on seeing the handprints on her crying daughters ass. “Oh baby.” She wept. “I could kill those fucking beasts.” ~ “No mum they never raped or sodomised me, well not with their cocks anyway.”

She lied not wanting to give her mum more worry. “They used fingers and vegetables, you know to.. well… you know mum? Oh mum.” ~ “I Know.” Karen replied softly while stroking her weeping daughters damp blonde hair. “I know, but you will get over it darling then you can get on with your life.” “No mum you don’t understand? I felt so horny, they kept me from cumming. I’m still so wet and aroused. Why am I getting hot at being raped? Am I sick, perverted, weird?

Sarah cried harder as she lay across her mum’s lap who was now sitting on Sarah’s bed. “Shh honey mum will make you better.” Karen lay Sarah on her back then climbed onto the bed to lay beside her, Karen stroked her hair and face then unconsciously she slowly traced her hand from Sarah’s face to her neck, down her upper arm then gently along to the fullness of her daughters bruised left tit.

She flicked at the engorged nipple as Sarah opened her mouth slightly allowing Karen’s tongue access. She French kissed her daughter seductively, arousing a soft moan from Sarah while her hand wandered down Sarah’s writhing teen body. Mummy’s fingers stopping on finding daughters engorged throbbing clit. Karen’s roving fingers traced a path into her 19 year old’s sodden fuck tube then progressed to a rapid fingering within Sarah’s sloppy cunt.

Mum’s thumb flicking over her squirming teens hardened clit, Sarah raised her bum in the air forcing her mother’s incestuous fingers deeper into her daughters velvet honeypot. Sarah was now moaning loudly, throwing her head from side to side, her matriarchal partners rapidly thrusting fingers sending her daughters tight teen fanny hole into spasms while Karen enjoyed her view of Sarah’s impending orgasm in the mirrored wardrobe doors.

Eagerly watching her little girls anus open and shut as she squirted her sweet fuck dew onto the fingers of her own mothers hand. Sarah was just coming down from her orgasm when she felt her mouth enveloped by a sweaty hairy damp muff. The labia dribbling salty droplets into her mouth at the same time Karen’s mouth attacked her daughters very sensitive clit again and within seconds the teenager’s thighs were trembling in another body shuddering orgasm. Mummy following suit at the deft fingers and tongue of her surprisingly experienced girl?

Both women lay together afterwards naked and sated for the time being, no explanations or apologies asked for or offered. Both awoke to a new meaning of mother/daughter relations. Also some quick instruction from mother on an alternative use for aerosol deodorant cans as she gently dildoe’d her daughter up the ass with one with Sarah encouraged to do likewise within mum’s open squelching pussy. Both females agreed to never tell anyone about this day, then Karen feeling remorseful told Sarah she was sorry got up swiftly and rushed to her own room sobbing. Sarah followed and consoled her mum gently, kissing her cheek and playing with her hair.

“Listen mum Its fine. I love you so much and I loved having you make love to me like that. Honest! I will never tell a soul or expect to repeat our lovemaking, unless you want me to.” Sarah added quickly. “Don’t cry mum.” Sarah wiped a tear from her mum’s cheek saying. “I know a way we can get out of this mess while getting you out from that snooty witch Danni’s clutches. Plus we get to keep this house for free!”

“I appreciate your only trying to console me doll but I have let you and me down by having fucking sex together, that’s illegal Sarah, we can get jail time for that? Ironic we get jailed and those bastards that raped my girls are free to do what they like? As for Danni Kane she will never give us this house or any other fucking thing. She has been good so far but when I spill to the police our days are numbered, along with hers.”

“No mum Listen! We don’t report any of it. So long as the Kane’s give us the house and anything else we want or its the end for them more than us.” ~“You mean blackmail, don’t you honey? I couldn’t do that, that’s what those horrible men are doing to them and us indirectly!” ~ “Don’t you see mum, she’s willing to suffer being abused and humiliated by them so she doesn’t have a chance, if we go to the police it’s the end of their fancy way and high life and she knows it. That whore probably enjoyed it for fucks sake.”

Sarah stop. That’s enough! We can’t do it. What if she goes to the police after all and we’ve tried to blackmail her, we will be as guilty as the others! Also homeless and jobless let’s not forget who we work for after all. Plus we have our Jane to consider? She is still a child and has her school and friends here.” “Some fucking friend that bitch Tara turned out to be! Soliciting a pedophile pensioner and getting my sister raped and abused. Then blames it on her? Cunts deserve all they get.”

“So do you mummy.” Sarah giggled before clamping her mouth over her mum’s right tit and firing her fingers up the squelching sweaty baby hole she popped out of 19years ago. Karen squealed, moaned, then whimpered. “Mmm. OK darling let’s do it.” Sarah unclasped her mouth saying “What this or the plan mother?” Karen rolled Sarah over onto her back, Sarah’s legs spread wide and with her daughters trimmed sweaty fanny now at her mercy Mummy stuck the aerosol can she was holding straight up Sarah’s gaping snatch replying. “Both honey, Both!” Mother and eldest daughter fucked each other to sleep aware the future was perhaps uncertain but a whole lot more interesting than when the day began.

Danni was terrified while sitting at the dinner table as Emily and Leo rattled on about school and trips out etc. Danni shook her head yes or no to signal agreement or otherwise with their chatter. “Mum.” Leo repeated as Danni looked through her haze, suddenly back in the room. “Oh sorry dear. I was lost in thought there?” the troubled mum said. “I’ve had a lot of things happening so quickly I can’t catch a breath.” She smiled and got on with the kids meal. After they had all caught up with each other the kids retired to their rooms. Danni went for a shower and was soaping herself when she felt a hand on her ass, she squealed, turning quickly to reprimand whoever it was, totally shocked to find Sarah bare ass naked?

Smirking she swiftly joined Danni in the stall while sliding her fingers under Danni’s crack and up into her soapy fanny. “Wha, Who? Sarah! What the fuck are you doing? How did you get in here?” Danni squirmed trying to escape Sarah’s trembling digit now fully ramped up the wet MILFs hot hole. “Mum has keys you know” The teen siren whispered into Danni’s ear. “I just borrowed them to wait on you coming home. She said you always shower after the kids are upstairs for the evening, so I just waited and waited and now….?”

Sarah stuck her tongue into the confused woman’s ear then rubbed her cheek against the MILFs wet face stating huskily. “I’m fucking horny as hell now, just listen to me while you scratch this itch in my cunt and I do the same for you. I’m going to tell you my deal for keeping you in the manner to which your accustomed and him (John) out of prison.” Danni wept unsure how to deal with this latest bizarre episode in her once orderly life.

Danni aware her clit and nipples were tingling then became aware the girls finger had been replaced? A thick rubber strap on was inching into her now eager cunt as it swallowed the length into her wet hot folds. Sarah suddenly thrust upward and inward hard, Danni mmph’d with each thrust in then whimpered like a baby on the rubber cocks withdrawal.

This went on for only about a minute before the older woman’s pussy went into spasm, still in orgasm she lent arms outstretched against the glass cubicle with hot water sloshing around the thick rubber cock she stood impaled upon. Sarah again whispered into her ear lets you and me talk now Mrs. Kane!

John Kane sat in his office in London. He had been checking his e-mails and decided as he was alone to view the private collection of porn he had accumulated over the years. He typed in the code and the screen saver came up with a naked teen boy and younger girl. The young boy had his dick up the little girls vagina but he himself had a large thick knob buried up his arsehole. Both by their expressions were clearly not enjoying the experience. John Kane’s dick grew ever harder as the memory of the scene flashed into his head. He ran over some files then clicked one of the titles.

Danni lay on her bed both her body and pussy were dripping wet, legs splayed open, still totally shocked. Sarah was drying herself off then started to get dressed while telling the tongue tied Danni Kane of her plan. To stop her mum from going to the police and press over the abuse pictures and films. Sarah knew she had the woman’s full attention as Danni sat up her wet legs now pulled up to her ass cheeks, her still gaping, sloppy pussy and damp pubic mound on show in all their glory while she frantically explained.

She couldn’t tell her husband! It was him who held the power to consent to their demand for the house and financial gains? Sarah told her. “You have two days to come up good Danni, or the deal is off! You will all go down? Including your new foreign friends? I’m betting they won’t be too pleased with you.” Sarah paused. “Or your family.” Danni looked at her quizzically, Sarah guessing why told her. “Oh, mum told me. What they did to you? The kids might not enjoy the same type of treatment! If you see what I mean?”

Mrs. Kane shivered not with the cold but fear, she was now not only over a barrel, she had just fell into it and looked to be drowning in its contents very soon. “Why me?” She thought trying hard to think how to give in to everybody’s demands yet still come out clean. There wasn’t any easy answers… Sarah returned home giving her mother the latest news on their blackmail plot. Karen frowned and said “I feel just as bad as those bastards who raped my girls and did the same to Danni.” ~ “Oh mum You know this is our way out from them from her and a fresh start for us especially Jane she isn’t coping well with what happened. “I know but all the same!!!” Karen whined.

“Oh forget Danni and her fucked up family life mum, we have to think of just us now and get this thing done soon.” Sarah kissed and said goodnight to her mum then went to bed. Karen sat in the dim lamplight, pondering their future and remembering their past. John Kane was doing likewise. Having just watched the kiddy porn clips on his laptop with his 8” dick in hand. He wondered if the girl and boy remembered anything about those years?

It seemed a lifetime ago though it was only 8years past since it stopped. He remembered the night it all came out! How the 11year old girl blamed her dad who was part of a child sex ring for all their rapes and assaults. The 15year old boy disappeared? Supposedly a runaway, or so it was reported. The girl’s dad hung himself and her family lost everything. That’s when he and his wife offered them the house at a very small rent and gave the woman a job paying way over the usual rate for her position.

This was seen as a very charitable gesture by the public and John Kane’s circle, furthering his well-known reputation as a good upstanding politician and businessman. Nothing about Mr. Kane was ever good and his cock was the only thing about him that ever stood up. Especially reminiscing about past sexual dalliances.

The plane landed at Heathrow an hour late. Tara hoped her dad was not stuck in a meeting as per, as he had said he would pick her up and she could stay with him at his London home until he returned to their family home at the weekend. This suited the spoiled mouthy bitch, she was going to enjoy racking up daddy’s credit cards in London for two days and nights! Karen woke having heard voices and then realised Sarah was talking to someone on the phone?

“Fuck me girl its 2am” Karen thought, turning over and drifting back to sleep. “Yes, just you do your part and it will all be fine.” Sarah paused, then laughed saying. “I have waited a long time too, it’s good to be working together again! Especially as its payback time. Goodnight Tom.” Sarah smiled, turned off her bedside lamp and drifted to sleep.

Danni Kane tossed and turned, then got up to make a hot drink. Sleep just wouldn’t come though that’s more than could be said for her pussy. She was sopping wet plus still very aroused after her stint on Sarah’s strap on! She looked in on her two other kid’s then cried softly, wondering how she could get out of the mess she was in and keep them away from those pedo fuckers? Who she knew would be back for an answer to their demands very soon. Danni had to make damned sure her children were not party to those demands.

Tara met her dad as planned and they returned to his place in London. Parliamentary privilege was a great thing, it was giving John Kane MP a nice town-house location in the heart of the city. Tara had settled in her room and was just about to shower when her dad knocked then swiftly entered her room. “Dad! I’m naked for fuck sake!! I’m not a little girl anymore.” She smiled ruefully. “So I see love.” Her dad replied, his hungry eyes roving over her nude 15year old form before she could cover it with her towel.

“I have to go out early tomorrow so I have left all you should need and a spare key. So have fun, and try to leave some credit on my card please.” He joked, while his hand sleazily crept onto her pert ass as he pecked her a goodnight kiss. Tara shivered as a recent memory of old Tom briefly flashed into her mind? She headed to her shower the thought replaced by new ones. Of bright lights and big spends. “It’s time guys. I want that bastard to know how it feels to be used and then abandoned. We get the Kane residence ready tomorrow, then it’s time to watch John Kane suffer like he has made me and others suffer for years.”
Mr. Kane was in his bed, cock in hand, wanking. Visions of the shaved pale cunt on his own daughter next door fueling his orgasm onto the musky smelling gusset of her black lacy thong which he had retrieved from the laundry basket. “Old habits die hard.” He mused before switching his lamp off. Danni Kane had just spoken to Tara who said she’d had a good day shopping, she chatted excitedly about her model training and time away to her mum and others. Tara said she was so looking forward to the weekend with the whole family all together again. Danni was relieved to hear her in good spirits again after her ordeal.

Little did either know this weekend would see them all together alright, just not in the normal way they were accustomed to. “Hi baby.” Karen said as Jane appeared off the bus at the station. “Did you have a great time with Aunty Jean then?” ~ “Yes mum I feel so much more relaxed and confident again. Aunt Jean really made me realise that what happened can’t stop me enjoying the rest of my life. She really opened me up to my thoughts and my feelings, with regard to lots of stuff?”

Karen wondered if lots of stuff might have included Jeans lesbian tendencies. Karen didn’t prolong that thought, not with what she and Jane’s big sister had been doing recently. They returned home with Jane chattering like her old self and Karen feeling relieved and optimistic about their future for the first time in years.

Danni Kane was tidying up her kids breakfast mess when the back door suddenly opened and the two men plus one younger guy rushed into her home. Danni was speechless recognising the men instantly and very afraid of their intentions. “Sit down Danni.” The young stranger barked as the other two foreign men she had met last time stood smirking at her. “My name is Tom. Your husband and I were… attached so to speak”

Danni whimpered. “To what?” ~ “Each other.” The young man smiled wickedly as his companions laughed at the remark. “I think it’s time to let you in on what it is we are requiring you to do and answer all those troubling little thoughts you’ve been having as to why you and your family have been subjected to recent troubles. For want of a better description.” he reached over and stroked her hair from her face.

“Hmmm they were right you are very pretty.” Danni looked straight at him, a look of fear on her face. “Don’t fret Mrs. Kane do as we ask, do it well and all will be over, I promise you. You and your children will never see or hear from us again. As he continued telling Danni his demands the other two were coming and going and fixing equipment into all the rooms in the house, covering the whole place, including the attic and basement with cameras.

Danni sat shocked when Tom had finished his story. She couldn’t believe her husband capable of the things Tom alleged he had committed all those years back. Her own kids were still young and he had never touched them she said. “All part of the deal the ring made. Never touch your own! Only certain people couldn’t stick to their own rules and that’s why I’m sitting here Danni.”

She was told to stand and strip. Danni knew not to refuse not after last time! Soon her clothing and underwear were in a heap at her feet. Tom wandered round and started touching her up. His fingers traced a line from her tits to her cunt as he wiggled his finger into her semi dry vagina. Tom continued talking while frigging Danni’s moistening hole. “As I was saying. The reason I’m here is because the old man who took those photos of your daughter and her little blonde friend, was my uncle. He was also the leading member of the pedo ring abusing me and others on a regular basis along with your husband and your cleaners dead husband.

Other prominent men and women were also involved.” Danni squirmed and moaned as Tom tickled her protruding nub sending carnal shocks all over her body, her nipples were rock hard, her breathing laboured and her mind racing to make sense of these new revelations about her husband’s past deeds. Tom went on “I was taken in by the gang some of whom you have now met.”

They saved me from the hell I was suffering, teaching me new ways to use my unwillingly acquired sexual skills to achieve mutual gain for them and me. In short. We are sex and porn traffickers Danni and that’s where my old perv uncle came in handy. Your daughter fell into his web so fortuitously for us at the time providing suitable fodder the films and photo’s! enabling us to achieve our goal. Namely your husband will be our eyes and ears in the corridors of power.

A little word in the right place can do wonders when you’re in our business and his. Should anyone try to contact the police you with your family will disappear. Do you understand me Mrs. Kane?” Danni Kane nodded a yes and ground her pubic bone onto his fingers hungrily seeking satisfaction. Her wants were dashed however as he withdrew his soaked digit from her now very wet pussy, her pubic hair was glistening, and the smell of wet pussy was very apparent to all who were in range of it. Danni slumped back into her chair her breathing ragged and her tear stained face flushed red.

“Now in order for us to see how this will look on film? I need you to model for us Mrs. Kane. You were good on the last visit so let’s see how well you perform on this one.” Danni sobbed, fearing a gang rape was imminent but was surprised when he said. “I need you to wear this.” He handed her a very tiny capsule and told her to pop it in her ear. “Walk to the lounge and do as I tell you when you hear my instruction.” She did so and Tom walked out to their parked van.

Seconds later Danni heard Tom’s voice instruct her. “Walk out your front door to the roadside, stand there until I say you can go back in to the house.” Danni was horrified. No way she was going outside naked. In broad daylight, into her neighbours view. “You have 10 seconds to do it Mrs. Kane, or their will be consequences you won’t like?” Danni just stood at the lounge window staring through a haze of tears when she heard her phone ring.

“Answer it.” Tom demanded sternly. “Danni picked up her phone and pressed accept call. A blood curdling screech was heard, followed by a heavy slurping sound. “That’s your little boy giving me head Danni. Care to come say hello.” She screamed. Pleading with him to stop, not with her 11 year old son. “OK then do as I instructed you to bitch.” Tom’s tone now got very menacing. Danni dropped the phone as she rushed out the door.

“Good mummy.” Tom sniggered into her ear as she stood at the curbside naked, sweating, her tits heaving as she sobbed and caught her breath. The van door opened and there was a boy on his knees crying, snot and saliva evident on his mouth and face. Only it wasn’t her son it was someone else’s. At that point Danni Kane didn’t give a flying fuck who’s he was he wasn’t hers.

The van door closed, and Tom told Danni to finger fuck herself till he told her to stop. She closed her eyes, thrust two fingers into her already squelchy cunt then fucked herself as anger and frustration were about to overcome her. Just then a car drove past, slowing down to have a good look at the crazy naked woman fingering herself on the side of the road. It was lucky for Mrs. Kane they were strangers.

She was told to stop and return to the lounge. Danni sprinted back inside and threw herself onto the settee sobbing heavily in humiliation and fear. Though relieved it wasn’t her son out in that van. She knew for certain this was going to have to be done and the sooner it was over the better for all of them. After some final checks on all the equipment’s working order and a quick feel at Danni’s holes the men disappeared as though they had never been there.

Danni was given her first task later that afternoon. “Oh my god no!” She exclaimed.

30 minutes later her daughter and her son arrived home from school. “Hi mum.” ~ “In here kid’s.” Danni called back from the lounge. “Sit down both of you, I have been talking to your dad about changing our holiday plans this year and… well.” She paused, touching her ear. “Well we think it would be fun for you kids to go naturist! Like dad and I did a few times when we were younger.” She lied, hating herself for this.

The look of horror on young Emma’s face and bewilderment on her sons said it all. “MUM. Nooo. I’m not going around naked in front of you and dad and … him.” She said pointing to her brother. Young Leo just laughed and said. “Yeeeh sounds like fun to me.” As he envisaged getting to see his mum and sisters naked. Plus all the other females there. “Oh Emma darling don’t be such a prude you used run around naked all the time.” “Mum that was when I was 4years old and in our back garden.! I’m nearly 14 now and it’s going to be in front of god knows who. No mum I don’t want to. Please let’s do our usual!”

“Oh Emma hush up its going to be fun. We can get sun tanned all over and meet other likeminded families. It’s very popular in some resorts you know.” Danni enthused. “Right kids so to get us used to seeing other people naked. Dad and I decided as from today, we will all be naked around the house. Unless someone else is here visiting or whatever? O.K.?” Young Emma ran to her room crying, the boy just stood, staring at his mum in wonder at this new sudden drama.

Danni was told to get the kids to comply or else. She knew they were in danger and she told Leo to stay in his room and she would see him after she spoke to Emma. The young girl was sprawled on her bed knees up slightly spread while idly staring at the ceiling, her school skirt had hitched up past her thighs and her pale blue cotton panties were stuck in the crease of her ass giving a good view of her buttocks and tight little slit.

Danni’s eyes fell on her daughter’s crotch for a split second before the girl sat up removing her incestuous mind back to the present predicament she had to deal with. “Emma darling, I have to tell you mummy and daddy are in real trouble and we need you and your brother and sister to help get us out if it.” Danni paused searching for a way to tell her 13 year old daughter she was about to be used for whatever nefarious plans this gang had for them and decided to tell her the truth.

“Emma. You know Tara was acting strange before she went to France?” She paused, “Well she and Jane you know, Karen’s Jane. Well they were attacked, and some really bad men did some horrid things to them. They have sent photo’s which I will show you and your brother later and are blackmailing dad and me into doing things we really really don’t want to.” ~ “What things mummy? Is nudist holidays the really bad thing then?”

She asked while thinking that wasn’t really a bad thing though she still wasn’t for doing it.

“Yes darling” Danni lied, sobbing. “That’s a part of the really bad things. I will explain all to you soon babe but first you have to realise that it’s not me and dad that’s doing the bad things its other people who will hurt and use us until they have what they want. Do you understand Emma?” Yes mummy I think so. You mean they want to fuck me and use me for sex.”

Danni was open mouthed in shock at her prim little Emma talking this way. “Oh mum I know all about sex and the bad things as you put it. We girls do talk at school you know.” ~ “OK darling but I am going to need you to be very brave when I tell you and your brother about what you will be doing.” ~ “I know mummy and we will do all you ask to help you and dad get away from those bad people.“ Danni hugged her child and swore inwardly to get her revenge on those responsible for this ordeal.

There is a part three I’m working on but will only post if wanted.

Thank you for reading this story.

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