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Thank you, have a good night

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At 7:00 p.m. on December 3, a young engaged couple, Brett B. and Lisa C., were watching television in their apartment in Metairie. The front door was left slightly ajar, as the couple was expecting guests. Two African American men entered the apartment through the door. The first man to enter carried a gun. The men closed the door, drew the curtains, and disconnected the telephones. The gunman did most of the talking, angrily demanding to know where the money was. Lisa and Brett told the men they did not have any money, and offered them their stereo equipment, their television, and Brett’s shotgun. The men searched Lisa’s purse and found only three dollars. Not satisfied, the second man searched through the bedroom while the other robber pointed the gun at Brett’s head and continued to demand money from the couple.
The gunman, who was getting irritated, started tugging on Lisa’s shirt asking if the money was in there. When the young woman told him that she did not have any money, the first man, still armed with the gun, forced her to the sofa and ordered her to disrobe.
Petrified, Lisa removed everything except her bra.
In the meanwhile, Brett was ordered to lie on the kitchen floor, and the second man held the gun on him.
The first man then pulled down the front of his pants, pulled out his dick and shoved it towards Lisa’s mouth.
“Make it hard.”
Lisa then put the man’s penis into her mouth and began sucking it.
After few minutes, the man pulled out his erect cock and knelt on the floor in front of the couch.
“Please don’t kill me.”
“If you cooperate, I will not hurt you.”
Lisa then spread her legs and the man licked her pussy.
Then she slid down onto the sofa so the man could put his cock at the entrance of her cunt.
The man penetrated Lisa and began to thrust into her.
In the meantime, the secon man, who was now holding the gun, had it pointed at Brett who was lying on the floor pleading with them:
“Please don’t hurt my baby.”
In response to Brett’s pleas, the second man told him:
“If you did not shut up, I will blow your head off.”
Next the second man walked to the couch where his companion and Lisa were fucking.
“Is it anygood? Let me hit it.”
Still pointing his gun at Brett, the second man pulled out his cock in front of Lisa and moved towards her.
So she began to lick the second man’s balls and to suck his large cock, as she was fucked by the first man at the same time.
After a good 10 minutes, the first man’s thrusting became faster and deeper, until he finally cummed into Lisa’s cunt.
As the first man stood up, his companion passed the gun back to him and knelt down onto the floor.
He then made Lisa got on her knees on the floor and with her head on the sofa. The second man then began to fuck the young woman from behind. His thrusting were deep and Lisa began to moan.
Finally the second man released his cum into Lisa, too.
Next, Lisa was ordered to lie on the floor next to Brett.
The intruders took Brett’s Winchester shotgun and a cordless telephone and left the apartment. On his way out, defendant told Lisa and Brett:
“Thank you, have a good night.”
When they were certain the robbers were gone, Brett called the police. Lisa was taken to Lakeside Hospital, where Dr. David D. performed a rape examination. The doctor collected hair and sperm samples. He found no evidence of physical trauma.

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  • Reply Vive-la-baise ID:41fopxyd1

    Would have been better if they forced her to suck them hard and then fucked her boyfriend prison style filling his sorry ass with black cum for stupidly leaving the door open.

  • Reply Groupsguy ID:1d8f5f5a12oi

    ‘His thrustings were deep and Lisa began to moan…”
    Imagine her fiance’ heard her moan as the attacker pounded her, thrusting in and out of her good-girl pussy which so wanted to be fucked…

  • Reply David ID:fzq364xia

    Was she lucky did they make a baby together

  • Reply Lillian ID:5c8mii2e8

    You got worse and worse with every story… maybe more details in the future. I really loved your previous works