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i didnt understand what i saw now i do; part 4

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my brothers in the den

my name is lana(6) and my friend carrie(6) my brothers john(11) and kevin(10)

i dont know what i saw in the den but now i do this is the story how my brother drugged and raped my friend carrie

i had sleepovers when i was 5 just three or four of my friends at first

my brothers bugged us and scared us at that time but nothing weird but it changed when they turn 10
it was a friday summer so my friend come early that day john and kevin didnt come around or bugged my friends

it changed that afternoon when we were outside in a little swimming pool, we had our two-piece swimsuits on i remember kevin coming outside and watched us but i didnt think much of it a minute later he went inside and came back with john

they watched us in the pool asking some of my friends to come out and then jump back in others stand and spin or splash around thats when they noticed carrie because they asked her to do all of that and more they just watched her never taking their eyes off of her.

later john asked us if we wanted some drinks we said yes kevin then said will need help i was going to but john said no and asked carrie to help so the three of them went inside a long time past so i went to help but they weren’t in the kitchen.

i looked for them but when i reached kevins room i heard them in there the door was closed so i opened the door kevin was laughing softly i poked my head in i couldnt see john or carrie but i saw kevin he was holding something pink i realize now it was carries swimsuit.

as i was leaving i herd carrrie say why are you doing this then johns voise said your wet and the house is warm if you dont dry off youll get sick and won’t be able to come and play anymore so i went back outside and a little later john kevin and carrie came outside with the drinks

later we went inside and stayed in my room to play and john and kevin were together in one room it wasnt in till we were going to sleep that kevin and john came out of the room they asked if we were going to bed, we said yes, and they said hold we got something for you

thay came back with some milk they handed them to us but when carrie tried to pick a glass up john said wait not that one this one he said and handed it to Carrie Thay watched her drink it and when she did, they looked at each other they left, and we got into aware sleeping bags

i dont know what time it was but i woke up when i left movement around me i saw john and kevin pick up carrie and take her away i thought she had a nightmare, and her parent came for her so i didnt say anything i closed my eyes but a little later i got up to get a glass of water

i saw the light of the den were on, my brothers always leave them on so i went to the den i heard noises and giggling as i got close i made them out it was kevin laughing and john making those Strang noises when i crack the den door opened the noise were clear i heard (aha aha aha and john say God it feels so good)

when my eyes adjusted kevin was shirtless siting on the couch i looked for john but couldnt that when i saw his legs they went up to his thighs almost to his, but the couch was in the way so i looked really close he had four legs i didnt know it was carries legs

i kept looking at johns legs i didnt understand how he could have more than two legs i watched for a minute then i heard kevin say come on john its my turn john then said im getting close hold on i didnt know what that meant so i was leaving when john said im cumming im cumming and then he made a loud noise it was like (AAAAAAAAAAAAA ha ha ha ha that was awesome)

i watched john stand up he said go on kevin it your turn when john came around the couch he was naked i then saw that kevin was in his underwear he then took them off i saw his but, john got his boxers put them on i didnt see what kevin did but now he had four legs i didnt get what was happening i watch a little longer then i left

back in my room i just went to sleep not knowing what i saw the next morning though carrie was back in her sleeping bag i asked her were john and kevin took her but she didnt know what i was talking about i do remember that carries waist and upper legs were sore

years later when i remembered that night i realized why i was seeing four legs they were carries and john and Kevin were on top of her now i know what john and kevin did to carrie

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