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Dream Life Part 9

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Just a dad that loves his daughter, What could happed…

(Read part 1 – 8)

After I put Ella down Sophia took me into a room and said “Uncle I gave you Ella because she should be with her daddy and I told her that you will do thing with her soon”, She then went back to Joe and they left after a few hours.

After Joe and Sophia left I went to Ella’s room and saw her laying on her bed in only her bra and panties, I close the door behind me and Ella looks over and smiles, I walked over to the bed and Ella put her phone done and said “Are you gonna fuck me daddy?”, I put my hand on her thigh and kiss her before taking off her cloths and telling her to lay down, I slide her panties down her legs showing her bald sexy 10 year old pussy, Ella looks at me as I start to finger her pussy, she then said “Daddy stop playing I really want this”, with that I get up and take my pants off showing her my rock hard cock and get on top of Ella. We look into each others eyes as my cock enters her tight little pussy, “OH F-UCK D-DADDY YOUR SO BI-G” she screamed, I stop for a moment and look at Ella before kissing her and then I start thrusting in and out, I start to pick up speed and the room fills with Ella’s moans “OH FUCK DADDY”, with in seconds Ella cum’s all over my cock and as I feel her tighten around my cock I cum deep inside her, “Oh Da-ddy that was a-amazing”, I pulled out and kissed her again as she falls asleep.

I left Ella’s room and head to the living room where Ava is with Ashley, I then sit down and Ashley jumps onto my lap while Ava said “I think Ella had some fun Daddy”, I could feel Ashley was grinding on my dick and it was making me hard again, Ava looked over and said “Maybe Ashley would like it as well Daddy”, I looked at her and said “Well if she’s anything like her mother she will”, Ava smiled when I said that and sat next to me while Ashley was still grinding on my lap.

Before I go to bed I checked on Ella and Hazel and Ashley, when I get to Ashley’s room I see her laying naked on her bed not sleeping and she said “Daddy mommy said I should wait for you”, hearing that I walked in and closed the door Ashley then said “Mommy made sure I know what to do for you daddy”, and after saying that she got off the bed and started to slide my pants off reviling my already hard cock, with out hesitation she started sucking it and I said “Fuck Ashley your amazing”, She stopped looked at me and said “Mommy taught me how”, and she started sucking again, she stopped again and took my hand leading me to her bed before saying “Daddy use me like you did with Mommy”, With that I picked her up and put her on the bed and slowly pushed my cock into her soaking wet 10 year old pussy, as it enters her pussy she screamed “H-OLLY FUCK DA-DADDY IS SO BI-G”, I stop pushing it in and look at her as she start crying dew to the pain and she said “It ok daddy carry on” I then start to thrust in and out and Ashley stopped crying and started moaning she got louder with each thrust until she came causing me to to cum inside her.

After I pulled out I left Ashley’s room and went to my bed where Ava and Alice are sleeping.

(This is fiction)

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    Love fucking a 10 year old pussy with my 65 year old cock

  • Reply Desert Fox ID:pvkqyx042

    Mmmm, loved the story hope theres more to come.