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thursday night

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a 19 year old college girl has a very kinky date with two men

i’ve been meeting a man named chris. he’s 40 years old, married and has two daughters in middle school. he lives with his family outside the city but often stays overnight alone in the city at an apartment he owns. i went to this apartment late last thursday night. he didn’t want me there until midnight. i think he likes me better when it’s dark outside. i think i want the darkness too, sometimes too much.

when i walked into the apartment there was another man there. he was sitting on the sofa with a drink in his hand. chris introduced me and told me his name was marco. i think he was a friend, or at least he and chris seemed to know each other. maybe they’ve done things like this before. marco was about 35 years old with dark hair. he was a big man, meaning he stood about 6-3 and weighed at least 220 pounds. he was bigger than chris, who’s about six feet tall and weighs maybe 200 pounds. i mention all this because i’m barely five feet tall and a hundred pounds. i knew these two men were looking forward to doing things with me. i was a little nervous, aroused, scared too.

there was a coffee table in front of the sofa where marco was sitting. there was a bottle of grey goose vodka, a bucket of ice, bottles of poland spring water and other things on the table. the other things included a braided red and black leather whip, a matching leather flogger, a thin black rod, hemp rope, a black ball gag and a somewhat more complicated-looking device that i realized was a funnel gag. there was a low wooden bondage bench in plain view, a bench i had seen before. there was a bottle of lube.

before i did anything else, i drank the small glass of vodka chris gave me. it made me feel warm. then a very small snort of ketamine. then he told me to strip.

i wasn’t wearing much—a short, clingy black dress, black ankle socks and sneakers. nothing else. i leaned over and took my sneakers and socks off. i was already feeling the vodka and special k. i had eaten very little all day. i almost stumbled.

i pulled my dress up over my head and dropped it on the floor. i was completely naked, my nipples hard. i had goose pimples. i felt like i was leaving my body. i was nothing but long blonde hair, small tits and a shaved cunt. i imagined the two men raping me.

as marco sat watching, chris put the ball gag in my mouth and tightened the straps around my head. he told me to put my arms up over my head and keep them there. he told me to keep my eyes open.

chris picked up the braided leather whip and walked around me slowly. he pressed the whip up against me so i could feel it. then my arms dropped and i almost fell, my body contorting, crumpling, when he suddenly lashed me hard across my back.

he grabbed my hair and pulled me up straight. my eyes were tearing up and i was drooling, breathing hard through the ball gag. “arms up over your head,” that was all he said each time he pulled me up, before he lashed me again. he took his time, sipping vodka and water as he punished me. he did this ten or twelve times, every lash across my back, every one more painful. my body moved sharply each time he whipped me. i couldn’t help it. i was crying and it was difficult to breathe. i kept drooling from the gag.

marco watched, drinking vodka and water, rubbing the front of his pants. i knew his cock was hard now. he made sure it showed when he slouched down on the sofa, his tight jeans bulging.

chris undid the gag. he let me catch my breath and stop crying. he gave me sips of vodka and then some water and then another little snort of special k. not too much but enough to make me good.

he pulled me closer to marco and let him rub my cunt, finger me. then he put the ball gag back on and told me to put my arms back up.

i watched as chris picked up the long thin black rod. he walked around me and ran the rod over my arms and stomach, my breasts and ass. he slid the rod gently up inside my legs, touching it against my cunt. i was shaking and feeling the effects of the vodka and ketamine. they deadened the pain a bit.

chris hit me about thirty times with the rod. he hit my ass, my arms, my thighs, my stomach. he hit my breasts. i felt like i was drowning. every time he hit me i jerked. the ball gag made it hard to breathe. i was a crying, drooling mess after the fifteen or twenty minutes he took with me. he kept me standing until he finished, pulling me up when he had to, until he let me fall down on the floor. my body was naked and marked, striped, throbbing from the beating and pain. he removed the ball gag and let me lie on the floor awhile.

my eyes were puffy, swollen from crying. i was a little confused, shaking, when i looked up and chris and marco were standing over me. they pulled me up and chris pulled my arms behind my back and tied my wrists tightly together behind my back with hemp rope. then chris put the funnel gag in my mouth and tightened the straps. as he did this, i felt marco’s hands and fingers all over me, his lips against my ear whispering how much he loved seeing me whipped and crying, telling me “you’re going to be a pretty little urinal before we fuck you.”

the funnel gag was simply a black plastic funnel connected by a short plastic tube that ran down into to a mouthpiece that kept my mouth open. i had never worn a gag lock this before.

chris pushed me down on my knees. the funnel was level with my eyes. “let’s test it he said,” and he poured some vodka into the funnel. it ran straight into my mouth and i swallowed it. it burned my throat a little. “very nice,” he said. marco said, “let me try,” and, snorting, he leaned over me and hawked a thick loogie into the funnel. it slid down into my mouth like a load of cum. “i hope you liked that, little whore.” i swallowed it. i had no choice. i knew how the gag worked.

as i knelt naked on the floor, i still felt the pain from the whipping. i was hazy from everything—the vodka, the ketamine, the whip and the rod—as i watched the two men, still dressed, unzip their pants. they each pulled out a thick, hard eight-inch cock. marco’s cock was new to me and uncut.

chris came up closer, stood directly in front of me, put his hand on my head and looked down. he held his cock up to the funnel and started to piss. “keep looking at me and swallow it,” he said, and i did what he said—turning my swollen blue eyes upward to him as his warm piss filled my mouth, as i swallowed it. it seemed like he would never stop but he did, eventually, shaking his cock like i imagined he did at a urinal. “good girl,” he said, as he stepped back and admired me on my knees.

my arms, pulled back tightly behind me, were starting to hurt when marco stepped up in front of me and stroked the top of my head. “it’s my turn now,” he said, smiling at me. his thick fingers slid the foreskin back as he held his cock up to the funnel and began urinating. his piss was hotter and stronger, making me gag at first, but i kept swallowing as he flooded the funnel with a hose-like stream. kneeling and bound how i was, i almost lost my balance, but marco sensed this and held my head firmly so i stayed upright until he finished.

i had swallowed a lot of piss. i felt nauseous. i was shaking and i hurt everywhere—my arms and legs and all the places chris hit me with the whip and the rod.

chris came over and poured a little more vodka into the funnel before he pulled me up by my hair, removed the gag and untied my wrists. he said i was a mess and looked like shit. he told me to go to the bathroom and clean up, relax awhile before they finished up with me so i could go back to my dorm. it was about 1:30 in the morning by now and i had a little trouble standing and walking to the bathroom.

i sat on the toilet and peed. i sat there awhile slouched with my face in my hands before i stood up. i looked at myself in the mirror over the sink. my eyes were puffy, bloodshot from crying and everything else. there were swollen red stripes and welts all over me—my tits and arms and back and legs. my nipples were swollen. i hurt still. i washed my face and tried to rinse the taste out of my mouth with some mouthwash. i touched my fingers to my bruises and squeezed my tits together as i looked in the mirror. i was a little drunk and sometimes started shaking, i wasn’t sure why, as i stood alone in the bathroom. i still felt slightly untethered from the ketamine.

when i came back into the living room, chris and mario were naked, their cocks semi-hard. the low wooden bondage bench was in the middle of the room. chris gave me another small snort of ketamine and then squeezed my face between his hands and told me i was doing good. marco groped my tits and ass, slid his hands over my body. i felt the special k as chris pulled me to the bench and arranged me so i was on my stomach, my tits pressed against the hard wood.

chris carefully tied my wrists and arms and ankles and legs tightly to the bench with rope. he tied me so i couldn’t move but my face and mouth and ass and cunt were easily accessible. as he did this, i saw that his cock had grown to its full hard length. i saw marco, too, watching and stroking his swollen hard cock in anticipation. i knew what these two big men were going to do to me. i knew that just seeing me—small and young and blonde and naked and helplessly bound—was enough to make them hard. i knew they would take their satisfaction. i wanted that—to satisfy them. i wanted whatever they wanted to do to me. i was drunk and tired and hurt and happy and willing from the all the k. i didn’t care. i wanted these two men to snuff their candles out however they wanted. i wanted them to use me.

chris told mario to put his cock in my mouth and keep it there. mario came over and put his hand on my head and pushed his thick, hard eight-inch cock into my mouth. my lips were stretched. i gagged a little when he pushed deeper. then i jerked a little, my ropes taught so i really couldn’t move, when chris lashed my back hard with a leather flogger. mario held my head, his cock muffling my surprised, painful moan. i don’t know how long this continued—mario pumping his cock slowly back and forth in my drooling mouth as chris flogged me, taking his time between each mercilessly hard engagement of the leather to my flesh—but at some point i was barely conscious anymore. eventually chris stopped the flogging and mario stepped back and they left me awhile, bound and crying and catching my breath, my face wet with tears and drool. i don’t know how many times he hit me but my back was swollen and red.

chris poured a bottle of water on my face before he grabbed my hair and pushed his cock into my mouth. i felt mario sliding his hard cock up and down along my perineum, from my cunt to my asshole, up and down, before he gripped my ass and penetrated me with a hard, rough, hurting thrust into my vagina. i was bound tightly as the two men fucked me, pumping their cocks into my mouth and cunt, my body swollen, warm, throbbing. they kept this up, changing positions, eventually using lube before taking turns fucking my tight little ass.

the anal hurt me—their long, hard, thick cocks tore me a little. i saw the blood on my fingers afterwards. they made me taste the flavored lube that covered their cocks, moving from my ass to my mouth. after they had enough of me, each of them, chris and then marco, pushed deep into my ass and ejaculated, their semen sliding out of my asshole like drool when they finished. marco wiped some of the cum from my ass—cum from both of them—and pushed it into my mouth.

they left me tied to the bench after they finished. i didn’t know whether they were planning anything more. i was sobbing at first, but quieted down and was barely conscious when chris finally untied me and walked me to the bathroom. he helped me shower and put antiseptic on places were my skin was broken or welted. he helped me dress and let me stay until i felt okay. it was almost three in the morning when i left in an uber to go back to my dorm. i wasn’t sure how i was feeling by then other than in pain. i missed my classes that friday.

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  • Reply Len Thomas ID:vwxwkgzm

    Looks like your sexual adventures are getting more and more depraved and sadistic. I think soon you will be collared and become a slave. But we’ll see…