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Incest, Taboo and Perversion-Part-II

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In College Madhu observed a boy named Ravi always remains in sad mood and on enquiry it was found that Ravi has lost his mother at the age of 10 yrs. And his father has brought him up and he always remains mum and secluded from other friends whether male or female. The kind face of Ravi attracted madhu and madhu loved Ravi in her mind and stared becomes friendly with him. Ravi wanted to avoid madhu but theSon in Lawence and profound love of Madhu attracted Ravi. In addition to this the beauty of madhu with 34-24-24 figure is another cause for love of Ravi towards Madhu though Ravi is well build handsome of 5 ft 8 inch where as Madhu is only 5 ft 4 inch in height. But none knew about this love except Ravi, Madhu and Honey.
Now Honey in their college also found a sad girl and one day Honey was returning from college saw that girl is attempting a suicide and Honey saved the girl. The name of the girl is Bindi and she has brought up in her maternal uncle’s home as her parents has died in her childhood and her maternal Uncle torture her too much ,so honey took the decision to bring her in their home and she was included in the family of Honey and madhu but the secret of girl was not revealed until mid night.
What is the secret then?
When madhu and Honey started their sex lesbian game at night then it encouraged their new member Bindi to watch the sex show and slowly and slowly they took out voluptuous breast of sexy figure 36-26-36 of Bindi and started sucking two grape size nipples and Bindi is still laughing and she was in upturned position that is the buttock is only visible to Madhu and Honey , but what is that ? they both watched the buttock of Bindi is rising and falling and suddenly they rolled Bindi OMG: afoot long cock of Bindi that means Bindi is a perfect She-male and now the story of Bindi came to light.
Bindi at very early age understood she is not perfectly woman and the truth was first discovered by her Aunty at the age of 10 and at that time her cock was exceptionally long ,it was 7 inch and 5/2 inch thick and her Aunty did not get enough pleasure from her husband, Bindi’s uncle and so she needed Bindi to fuck her nicely and for last six years bindi has fucked her Aunt and the depth of her Aunt’s cunt grew upto take I foot long cock that is XXL dong and at that time Bindi made one mistake as she started fucking Aunt’s daughter and caught by both Aunt and Uncle so they chased her out .The height of Bindi is 5 ft. 6 inch and have tremendous stamina. In that night madhu and Honey both were fucked by bindi and they were sexually satisfied as the XXL dong reminds them of their dad only but there is no way to approach their mom, dad and grand-mom.But the cruelty of fate was not known to both Honey and Madhu as their grand-mom awoke from her sleep to watch the full sex show.
Next morning being Sunday all the members are in home. Grand-mom told Bindi you will call me as your mom and my daughter is your sister and friends are always friends, both Honey and Madhu is your friend. Suddenly dad makes a joke you are my sister in law so you are my half wife. All started laughing and Bindi replied my dear Brother in law, I am your servant and always carry out your order with no objection. All became very happy with the gesture of Bindi.
In the night around 10.30 Grand-mom told that she is feeling very uncanny, lonely to sleep alone, so if Bindi sleeps with her she will be very happy. Now Madhu and Honey told Bindi you take every chance to put your XXL dong inside your mom that is our grand-mom’s snatch- box. Just after sleeping Bindi saw grand mom has slept and now to make sure Bindi first open one button of her front open nighty which showed a portion of breast has revealed and now opened more one button and the full moon breast is revealed and Bindi could not resist her sex but to kiss both the nipples and the nipples became hard at the touch of bindi’s lip as my reader can understood that grand-mom is fully awoke which a 16 years girl could not understand.
Now slowly and slowly all the buttons of nighty was open and the sleepy grand-mom adjusted her body at the will of Bindi so that nighty can be removed to get her full nude. Now the sleepy grand-mom also separated her legs to give access of Bindi’s tongue to reach her vulva, cunt, clit and with simply 10 minutes sucking of grand-mom’s sex-pot water of sex started to flow from cunt and the carnal desire of Bindi also increased, she first placed her cock at the entrance of the cunt to salivate the dong and then put the dong inside grand-mom’s mouth and the sleepy grand-mom salivated the bulbous head of the humongous cock and separated her leg further for clean entry of Bindi’s cock and the full 1 foot XXL dong entered inside the snatch box of grandma and still she is sleeping and now Bindi started fucking vigorously with kneading and fondling of breast and sucking of nipples and suddenly grand-mom in sleepy tone told oh: my husband fuck me more and more and Bindi thought Grand-mom is thinking her as her husband and after discharging of sex fluid she slurp all the mingle sex fluid and cleaned the cunt with water and lastly put on the nighty on sleepy grand-mom of-course with the help of grand-mom in sleeping condition.
Next day grand-mom told she has a beautiful night as her late husband came to her dream and even fucked her. In that night Honey and Madhu’s dad got some urgent business meeting and he has to go out of station and he left. Grand-mom told her daughter to sleep with her and told today I will sleep with my two daughters. The sex swapping sisters are not fool, they smell something foul so they fitted web cam in their grand-mom’s bed room.
In the night Bindi found two cunts and now she wanted to taste the other sex meat and started her sex journey with madhu and Honey’s mom. Like previous night the fake sleep of mom converted to sudden pain with the entry of XXL dong of Bindi into mom’s cunt though the size of her giant cock is same as her husband but the familiar technique is separate from new technique except for sexpert cunt like grand-mom, and her mom made sound and as a result grand-mom got up from sleep and advised Bindi to fuck both of them and don’t tell to madhu or honey.
Next day madhu and Honey discovered the truth and called their moms and told them tonight both sisters will swap their place and it is the old game for them so in the night both madhu and honey wore their mom’s nighty and went to the bedroom of their grand-mom which Bindi could not understand and in the night when Bindi started fucking them thinking as mom and grand-mom both started laughing and all entered completely nude madhu-honey-mom, grand-mom all completely nude same boob size, same cleaned pussy, now they blindfolded Bindi and told you catch any one then touch boob,cunt and say who is she?
Then only you can fuck otherwise if it is wrong then for single wrong-single piercing will be done in your body and Bindi failed for two times and her both nipples were pierced and at last she caught grand-mom and by shoving her dick inside grand-mom told rightly as grand-mom and all became astonished but grand-mom became extremely happy and presented her with a cock ring and committed to keep her in this family and Bindi became extremely happy to hear this.
Later when dad returned home from tour programmed then all told him the truth and he became extremely happy to find a cock beside him to support the ladies by giving them good fucking and also the life of her mother in law changed for a better future.Now let us find it out by the future.

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