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I lost My Virginity In Winter, Chapter 1

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December 1953, Prov. of Quebec. Dom is an 8th grade student who meets Patricia, an 11th grade student at same school. They discover love together!

This is a work of fiction. You must be 18 or over to read this story. This story is provided for entertainment purposes only. The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.


Being born in April 1940 means that you’re going to turn fourteen in April 1954. Before I had time to do so, my hormone-confused body hit an amazing growth spurt that took me from a 5’4 12 year-old kid to a six-feet-tall teenager with a suddenly low-pitched voice by Christmas Eve 1953.

My elder sister, Suzan, was already sixteen by that time, and a friend of hers was spending a couple of days with us for Christmas, in our Rosemere home, which was basically in the middle of the woods, near a golf club and some 12 miles north of Montreal.

Her name was Patricia.

She was in the same school grade as my sister, but she was born a bit earlier. Her seventeenth birthday would be on January 5th, and she was welcome to be with us on that occasion as well. My parents were even considering housing her for a few months, until her mother was out of hospital and well enough to tend to her home, and hopefully her father would soon be back from Korea, now that this appalling war was over; her father was an Army Major from the 22nd Regiment, one of the most decorated units in the Canadian Forces.

Patricia arrived in our home the evening of December 22nd. I had sometimes seen her in our private prep school, out in the distance, when she was with my sister and among other 11th grade students. I was in 8th grade; to her I was just a boy.

Seeing her from up close brought something different. I stood beside my parents in the hallway as we greeted her. I civilly helped her out of her long winter coat. As I did so, our eyes met. She had such soft emeralds, filled with girly lights! I felt something I had never felt before! A wild rush of unknown fire was quietly coursing through my veins!

Then, she looked away and shook hands with my parents; my mother was keenly watching my father as he gently kissed Patricia’s white-gloved hand. I had never seen my mother watching him so keenly!

Patricia was a petite girl, standing about five feet two, with wonderful chestnut hair that she wore with bangs, to about six inches below her shoulders; she had a jade-green hair band that highlighted the magic of her eyes. She was so beautiful with her fair skin and incredibly delicate features! She was always ready to smile! Very shy and didn’t say much. Very polite too.

We sat and chatted in the special living room, the one we only used when we had guests; the one with no radio set (we didn’t own a television set). Sometimes, my parents were alone in that living room and we were absolutely not allowed in! We would hear them making strange, sometimes loud sounds when they were having their alone-time together.

Thus, being in that living room and sitting in a cushioned leather chair with majestic armrests of oak, a glass of 7-Up in my hand, was an immense privilege. I couldn’t take my eyes off Patricia as she smiled and talked with my mother, who was quite a bit taller than her and dressed the same way she always had for the last fifteen years, looking like a typical Canadian housewife from 1940.

Patricia wore typical teenage clothes—a white-collared checkered dress with deep-blue squares of two different tones forming a squares pattern over a white field. She had a thin leather belt that snugly highlighted the litheness of her teenage waist and the contours of her small breasts were plain to see for any male gaze. Her dress went down to just under her knees; she wore black stockings underneath. She had got out of her winter boots and had not put on her lent slippers yet. Her white day gloves made her look very much lady-like; a teenage lady!

I watched the shapes of her cute little feet. I sat on the same side of the coffee table as her, while my dad was sitting the other side; I could tell he was subtly trying to look past the large flower vase and down on Patricia’s stockinged legs as we all chatted along, with my mother becoming friends with our lovely guest while keenly watching her husband.

Our dog, a two-year old male West-Highland terrier, put his two forepaws on Patricia’s knees, begging her to take him on her lap, which she did. And she went on smiling and talking about her life at school and her father still serving overseas in South Korea for peacekeeping duties.

From time to time, she looked my way and our eyes met. I grew nervous like I never had in my life! I kept my hands gently folded on top of my lap to hide the raging erection that the sight of her stockinged feet was producing.

I confusedly realized I was falling in love with Patricia.

I realized I was falling in love with Patricia.

I didn’t get time to stay with her in the living room; my sister took her to her room and both girls studied together for their upcoming exams. I followed suit and went to study in my own room, trying hard—and failing miserably—to focus on my French sentences and verbs and stop thinking of Patricia and her breast shapes with the lovely contours of her lower legs I had seen through her black stockings. And her feet! Oh Good Lord, would I love to touch and kiss these lovely-girly feet of hers!

It was Tuesday evening. In front of my studying desk was a Coca-Cola November/December calendar, with a central drawing featuring a young, attractive woman holding a bottle of Coca-Cola and wearing a khaki uniform with a matching cap that highlighted her soft green eyes; she was smiling and seemed to be looking at me in an inviting way.

“Not tonight, Becky!” I thought, using the nickname I had given her, before returning to my not-so-interesting textbook. Tonight, I would go to bed early, but I wasn’t going to masturbate and thinking that Becky was kneeling down in front of me and pleasuring my dick until I shot my icing all over her face! Tonight I was going to masturbate and think I was fucking Patricia on that coffee table in the fancy living room!

To help me focus on my work at hand, I put some records on the player I had saved the whole summer for, working as a caddie at the nearby Rosemere Golf Club. It was a small “travelling” player I could use for 78 and 45 rpm records; I had refrained from buying the most expensive models so I could also buy myself a couple more records and also the brand new pair of saddle shoes I had been dreaming of for months!

Choosing the records had been tough; when you can only choose five and you find twenty-five good options, it leads to heart-breaking decisions, much like… It suddenly occurred to me that if I met and dated a blonde girl, then I wouldn’t be with a dark brunette like Betty Clooney! Choosing one excluded the other. I was beginning to understand that girl problems could get complicated.

Betty Clooney was my dream singer! I loved her black hair, which she wore with bangs and kept short, barely touching her shoulders, like a helmet of raven silk encasing her pretty face featuring dreamy eyes, a nose and cheeks I felt like kissing and a slightly wide mouth that seemed ideally suited for pleasuring a man! And she must have lovely feet; so pretty a girl could only have amazingly sexy feet and legs!

I saw her once on a poster and noticed she likely was a bit short, probably about five feet two, dressed in a glamorous dress that showcased the shapes of her perky breasts and wearing a belt that highlighted her slim waist and her child-bearing hips… Then I suddenly realized… Patricia happened to have a very similar figure, except she had much lighter chestnut-brown hair.

I took a little break from my dull studies and went through the five records I owned… “A Guy Is A Guy” by Betty Clooney, “Shanghai” by Doris Day, “It’s A Blue World” by the Four Freshmen, “Lady Of Spain” by Eddie Fisher and “Do Not Forsake Me, Oh, My Darling” by Tex Ritter, a western ballad I loved, for it always summoned the same vivid images back in my mind—the first two minutes of the movie “High Noon” with Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly, which was the best western movie I had ever seen; so different and unique from all the others!

I laid myself down on my bed and listened to Lady Of Spain. (https://youtu.be/eHUR4Q-5rew)

Then I played the western ballad (https://youtu.be/hsDyrZVqipA), but not before I had strapped on my toy gun belt so I could practice my fast-draw technique, a childish habit I still had… I knew I really should stop doing this; I was turning fourteen in only four months! I promised to myself this was the last time!

So there I was, in front of my mirror, practicing my fast-draw and trying to out-draw my own reflection! While I did this, the western ballad filled the room with its gentle rhythm and the singer’s manly voice, and I kept smoothly clearing leather, relaxing my hand and making my gesture as swift and natural as humanly possible.

I suddenly heard a female voice chuckling from beyond my door, which was ajar. Two seconds later, Patricia had looked behind her to make sure she was alone and stepped inside my room while closing—and locking?!—the door behind her.

“Playing cowboy, Dom?” she asked in a jesting tone, smiling wide with her eyes bright and playful.

I blurted out some sounds, my face turning crimson. I was so embarrassed!

“Aren’t you a bit too old to keep playing these childish games?”

I felt double-time embarrassed! I was unable to speak.

“You’re six feet tall! You’re a young man already!” she said as she walked straight at me and brushed her shoulder against my right arm, comparing her petite size against my manly height. She stood so close!! Her hair! Her scent! What’s this?!

“It… You…” I blurted out while I felt her small stockinged foot touching my own socked foot.

“I what? Come on, Dom; you can speak! I’m not going to devour you! Speak out!” she said, while she compared the size of her foot with mine, which was twice as big as hers.

Her small foot seemed to be glued to mine as she made absolutely no effort to keep any distance; she seemed in fact to be intentionally touching me… This contact had a most embarrassing effect on me; my boyish dick started to swell and it was quickly forming a tent at the front of my pants!

Her gaze went right down there as I was crossing my hands in front of my crotch.

“I… Can I see it?” she said. I noticed that her face was now crimson; she was perhaps every bit as shy and nervous as myself. I suddenly remembered the lyrics of the western ballad… “If I’m un’ man I must be brave! And I must face that deadly killer…”

Yes, I needed to be brave now, for now was the time to make my play!

I simply turned toward my lovely guest—I towered above her 5’2 frame—and I did exactly what I had seen some actors do in movies; before she realized what was happening, I took Patricia in my arms and I kissed her! I had the weird sensation of weighing just as much as thin air as I felt her soft lips against mine! If she gets angry and slaps me, so be it!

She did nothing of the kind. I felt the surprise in her, then she put her arms around me, and kissed me back! I felt something delicate darting from inside her mouth and licking my own lips; I realized it was her tongue. I very tenderly stroked her hair as I kept kissing her. It was strange, weird, awkward, yet it felt divinely magic!

“Where’s Trishia? Mom! Have you seen Patricia?”

This was my sister’s voice coming from the regular living room! Not very far from my room… Oh, Dammit! Patricia also sensed the danger. She quickly disengaged herself from my holding arms and went to unlock my door, which she left ajar.

My sister found us as I was putting a record on my player while Patricia was sitting on my bed and pretending to find something interesting in one of my comic books.

“Hey Suzan!” she said casually. “We were going through your brother’s records. You know I like the Four Freshmen!” As she spoke, the suave four-voice harmony of the song “It’s A Blue World” filled my bedroom (https://youtu.be/Xhf8-Pd9gsU).

Then my sister suddenly burst out in laughter!

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh… Little brother, you should quit wearing that toy gun belt if you want to impress the ladies! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Let’s go Trishia, I want my revenge at Stadium Checkers! (https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/-PwAAOSwPxpi3Fp4/s-l500.jpg) Then we need to finish studying for the history exam. Come Trishia! And you, little boy, put your pop-gun away! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

As soon as they had left, I stomped my right foot in anger in a little tamper-tantrum that made me look even more childish!

And yet, Patricia had turned toward me and quickly blew a kiss for me as she left following my sister. But oh, that pesky sister! How annoying she could be!

I listened to my Four Freshmen’s record again, then I listened to A Guy Is A Guy and Shanghai. (https://youtu.be/Q7whpT07T9s / https://youtu.be/OGom-re7DnU)

When Betty Clooney and Doris Day sang about kissing, I realized with a start that the words no longer sounded as foreign as before to me, now that I knew what it was like to kiss a girl!

I lay down on my bed and listened to Shanghai seven times in a row, then I replayed Betty Clooney for good measure.

In my mind, I kept running and rerunning the sequence where I had kissed Patricia and held her tight in my arms; I had felt two soft mounds against my upper abdomen—her breasts! I had rested my hand on the small of her back, mere inches above her butt?! As Betty Clooney sang about a good-night kiss and the guy’s lips getting in the way, I knew for a fact that my childhood was over.

I followed my sister’s advice and put my toy gun away, this time for good. I would clean it with the gun belt and wrap it as a Christmas gift for Jeremy, my nine-year old cousin; he’d make a better use of it!

“I’m a young man now! I must be brave! And I want to kiss her again!” I told myself mentally, lost in my thoughts. Oh, sweet lovely Patricia! What a fine girl!

She didn’t have raven hair like Betty Clooney, but her light-brown hair were so delicious to look at and touch—and her scent! So girly! So feminine! And her feet! I then realized that perhaps she also liked kissing me—didn’t she blow me a kiss as she left—and so she was very likely to want to kiss me again, and then I would see her feet! Oh, God! Patricia, barefoot… Patricia, topless! Patricia, in the nude! Would this joy really be mine to have? I had a hard time believing it!

I suddenly perceived my mother’s footsteps in the passageway… and I realized I had another powerful erection forming a tent at the front of my tweed pants. Did she see me through the ajar door? I hoped not! But I needed to get on with my studying, although I knew it was a lost cause; there was no way I would be able to concentrate…

I put on my pajamas and went to bed a bit late, for I was restless. I couldn’t sleep! I kept tossing and turning in my bed, thinking of Patricia. At one point, I opened my small bedside lamp and looked at the alarm clock.

The hands of my Ankra bedroom clock (made in West Germany) said it was fourteen past one. All was silent in the house, except for the usual temperature-change sounds in the wood and piping within the walls; perhaps a ghost?

Since I couldn’t sleep, why not… Yeah, why not have some fun? I silently got up and went into the “secret compartment” of my school desk. I took my top-secret drawings!

I had some skills in figure drawing and I had treated myself with a couple of nudes of Betty Clooney; I drew her entire figure using the photograph on her record. It only showed her face down to her shoulders, but I remembered what I had seen on that not-for-sale poster and I had drawn two pictures with a lead pencil, then a black-ink pen using many very delicate lines and dots.

The first picture showed her resting on the floor with her torso straight up and her curvy hips resting on her folded legs; she was Eve-naked and her perky breasts were shown in a three-quarter profile—the girly contours pushed out of her chest and neatly protruding, with subtly contrasting nipples and areolas.

The feminine curves of her alluring figure gave the overall impression of a gorgeous young woman, naked and ready to take my dick inside her! The crease of her hip was hiding the raven blackness of her cunt hair, and I liked it that way; it was perhaps more powerful if I imagined that wonderful triangular carpet of girly hair! So black! Just like the hair she kept short with bangs. “Bang me, I have bangs!” she seemed to say as she looked at me and smiled from the picture.

The second picture was my favorite! She was kneeling, almost on all fours, yet her hips were still resting on her folded legs, and the lovely soles of her small feet were clearly visible below the gorgeous contours of her female-wide butt as she rested her front weight on her arms, leaning to the front and looking behind her, smiling at me, so inviting with a hint of her left breast showing under her armpit! Her butt-cheeks and her feet were the central features in this picture, which never failed to make me hard!

I placed a towel at the foot of my door, to hide the light from my lamp, and I went back to bed with my Betty’s nudes. I soon had a raging erection going and was getting hard at it, picturing myself in the act of mounting Betty Clooney from behind!

Then, there was an alarming sliding noise from the door! Who could that be?! None of my parents ever barged in my bedroom without knocking first, and my sister of course never came to see me during the night!

The door made an alarmingly loud sound as it pushed the towel against the floor and got half stuck as someone opened it about a foot ajar, then the head of a brown-haired girl materialized and looked my way, then looked cautiously behind her as she very carefully entered the room and closed the door behind her.

“Patricia?! But…”

“Shhhh…” she said, putting her index on her dainty mouth as she locked the door before walking near me and sitting on my bed, wearing only her pajamas. I realized that she was probably naked, or perhaps only wore panties, under it! This realization made my dick big and hard! It was gloriously erect and plainly visible as it was sticking out of my pajama pants like a seven-inch long flagpole of flesh!

I realized this too late! Her jaw dropped and her eyes widened to round lights of girly surprise as she saw it!

Before I knew what was happening, she reached for it and grabbed it! Oh my God! She was holding it! I started breathing very hard!

“Do you know that this is the first time I do this with a boy?” Patricia whispered as her mouth and eyes remained wide-open as she seemingly marvelled at discovering and touching my manhood!

“Oh-oh… What do you know! Our young champion was rehearsing his act!”

Through my confusion, I wasn’t sure I understood was she was talking about; then I realized that my Betty Clooney nudes were only half-hidden! She grabbed the drawings and chuckled while my face turned crimson!

“It’s all right, Dom! I know that most of you guys do this! I won’t tell anyone; you can trust your little Patricia!” she promised while giving me an impish look. I then took advantage of her vantage point—she was sitting on the bed and towering above me as I lay on my pillow, so I had an amazing angle to admire the contours of her breasts through her beige pajamas.

“Enjoying the view, Mister?” she asked, smiling and using a jesting tone.

Then, she looked attentively at my rendering of Betty’s naked beauty. “Wow! Did you draw this? You have talent, Dom! Perhaps you should try with me as your model! I’d like this very much!” Patricia said with the most seductive and inviting smile I ever saw on a girl!

Did I hear that right? Patricia would strip herself naked and pose for me?! I must have looked stupidly flabbergasted, as she said…

“Why do you act so surprised, Dom? You’re a tall and handsome fellow! You are bound to attract a young lady! And (taking a half-playful, half-laudatory tone) you really have something for a manhood! Do you know if your sister is a heavy sleeper?”

“Oh yeah… Nothing can wake her up until about four in the morning, at which time she usually uses the bathroom… Why?”

She chuckled and didn’t answer. She looked at my alarm clock…

“It’s twenty-five past one… We got ourselves a full two hours together, lover!”

And as she said this, she stooped down and kissed me, and she went all the way, mingling her tongue with mind while softly purring! I suddenly felt her hand holding my erect dick! I then realized that she was going to let me undress her! Oh, Good Lord! I must be brave!

“I think you need to put back that towel at the foot of the door; it will be safer.” She said between kisses. “Then I’ll take off my pajamas and we’ll see if I can rival that girl on your drawings! I think I’m a bit jealous!”

I got up from my bed, hastily put my raging erection back into my pajama pants, and quickly put the towel back where it blocked the doorstep and kept the lamplight from bleeding out in the passageway. Then I turned back to Patricia.

My jaw dropped! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

I turned around just in time to see Patricia with both arms raised above her lovely chestnut hair as she finished casually taking off her pajama shirt over her head! Her average-sized breasts were offered in plain sight, pushed out of her chest and driving me crazy as I saw their contours from a three-quarter profile! My erection ragingly pushed the front of my pajama as I took note of her pale, gold-tinged complexion bathed in the tawny lamplight, with her light-brown nipples standing like buds on areolas that offered a neat contrast with the surrounding whiteness of her breasts! Now, that’s a girl!

That’s when I learned how powerfully amazing a girl’s breasts were in three-dimensional real life, with moving shadows underneath her neat melons of flesh that moved along with her girly giggling! My drawings looked pretty lame in comparison!

“Well, Dom? How do you like my boobs? Should I leave you alone with your drawings so you can continue your little boy’s game? Or should I stay and show you how my butt and legs compare to that raven-haired girl on those sheets of paper?” Patricia inquired in a jesting tone, keeping her voice down to a whisper.

“C… Can I touch them?”

“Oh you silly! What do you think I took off my top for?”
“Come and be my guest!” she added as I walked to her and reached for her left boob with my right hand.

It felt like touching living silk! I had no idea human skin could be so soft! I now had both hands on Patricia’s teenage mounds; my boyish hands were running over their contours, delineating their amazing charms! Then I cupped and felt them! Her firmness softly yielded under my touch. This was heaven!

“Well… What do you think, young man?” she said with a smile; I then realized her cheeks were blushing and she was fidgeting with her hair.

“I… Think… Patricia…”
“Shhhh… Keep your voice down!”

“I think you’re beautiful! Patricia, I…”

“Please, come down on me and suck them! I’d love this!”

This was exactly what I wanted to do, but I had felt too shy to do or ask for this. I immediately went down on my knees, where my face was directly against her wonderful pair of milky mounds, and I found myself lost in this paradise of girly softness! Her scent was positively inebriating, and from so close, her perky breasts looked rather large. They rode high on her chest and I felt utterly fascinated by the way their base towered in gentle curves above her higher abdomen.

I started by kissing her right in the middle of her cleavage, lost in that valley of silky smoothness. I felt her fingers nervously running through my hair as I gently took the breast I saw at my right and began licking and kissing her nipple! It tasted like fresh girl salt with an undertone of soap; she had washed them before going to bed.

I heard her gently purring… “Hhhmmm… Yes… This feels so good… Oh, Dom… Please, continue… Gentle… Gentle… Hhhmmm, oh yes…”

I felt her nipple against my tongue while the tip of my nose was touching her spotless flesh; so white and so soft! I felt my erection raging down there as I became intensely turned on. I loved sucking Patricia’s breasts. I went gently and used her purring as a cue to guide my novice ministrations. She was clearly enjoying this. Her fingers never stopped running through my hair.

I sucked the other one too. I noticed that Patricia’s right breast was slightly smaller and she had two tiny birth marks just north west from her areola.

“I love the color of your nipples, Patricia…” I suddenly whispered…

“You do? I always feel my breasts are too small and look terrible…”

“I’d keep sucking looking at them until morning!” I said, avidly sucking her right nipple and immensely enjoying the experience as I cupped and kneaded her other breast with my right hand; yes, that one was slightly fuller!

She began moaning as well as purring, trying to keep the noise down, but still ending up a bit louder anyway… I felt proud to be pleasuring a sixteen-year-old girl! She was so sweet! Now, I was a man!

I kept sucking her breasts for a long time; her milk balconies swelled a bit as I kept sucking and caressing them! At one point, she frantically ran her hands through my hair and moaned in a salvo of high-pitched whimpers that sounded so… bizarre!

“Aaahh, aaah, aaah aaah aaah, aah… aaah AAahhhh yes! Yes! Ohhmmm… DDoommm… I’m… I’m very very sensitive in my nipples! Oh, please, continue! Yes! Yes! I’m loving thissss…”

At that point, I remembered her talking about showing me her butt, and I felt indeed impatient to discover that part of her anatomy. I also wanted to run my hands along her legs and kiss her feet!

With a commanding grip that had her moaning in excitement, I held her and motioned her down onto the bed, where I laid herself down and proceeded to remove her pajama pants. She wore white panties, which she quickly removed while I ran my hands all along her legs, down to her ankles and feet, but she was impatient for something else!

“Dom, I’m going to start my period tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, so this isn’t the right time to knock inside me, but I’d love to receive you in my back door!”

“Back door… What do you mean?”

“You’ll see!” She said as she positioned herself on all fours, making my boy’s bed the pedestal of her naked figure with her butt as the main attraction! I ran my hands all over the contours of her alluring butt curves! She was so beautiful! Her butt looked wide and curvy against her slim waist, yet it was actually teenage-slender and perky!

I kissed her butt-cheek and found out that her skin was just as soft as her breasts down there, if not more! My raging erection felt like it was about to burst!

“Now Dom, listen carefully! You will enter inside me just for two or three strokes, not one more, then you get out and you take my other hole above the first! You’re going to mount your teacher and take her ass!”

Obedient to my teacher, I knelt behind Patricia and immediately felt her small hand taking hold of my throbbing dick! She guided me to her entrance! I wanted to put my hand under and feel the hair of her cunt, as I was curious to know what it felt like to touch the cunt bush of a girl! But her forearm was in the way. Then, I felt something incredibly tight and wet massaging my dick throughout its full length, all at once!

I realized, in astonished confusion, that I was now inside Patricia’s vagina!

“Just two or three stroksss… OOoohhhh, ooohhh it’s sssssoooo GOOD!!! Oh Dom!!!”

“Now pull out! Pull out!!!” she said with urgency in her tone, with a panting voice, after I had blissfully thrust and rammed my cock inside her four or five times. Her inner walls were tightly massaging my young manhood! There are no words to describe how ungodly amazing this felt!

Reluctantly, I pulled out of her. My dick was now glistening with some plentiful juices.

She took hold of it again and guided me to a small pink entrance above her vagina… Her anus! It looked like a lonely rosy dot in the middle of a canyon between two hills of cream-white flesh.

There was stiff resistance, but I was now brutally horny! I strained and pushed forward, and I suddenly and forcefully entered Patricia’s butthole!

She let out a small yelp and began emitting low whimpers as I instinctively found a natural copulating rhythm. My dick was choking under an incredible massaging pressure, yet it was expanding inside her and it became the hardest I had ever experienced!

“Hhmm… Go gently! Very gently… And Ooohhmmm… Ooohh, Ooohhh… Ooohhh… Yes… Like this… Oh Dom! Mount me… Mount me… Oooohhh… Ooooohhh… Oooohhhhh…”

She was having a hard time to keep the noise down!

Holding her alluring butt, I mounted Patricia, hearing my bed gently creaking under its never-seen-before utilization. I kept gently pounding her, listening to her constant whimpers, and feeling the magic firmness of her butt and hips under my hands as I lost myself in the joy of fucking Patricia! I was now fucking a sixteen-year-old girl! I was brave! And I…


It had come so suddenly! Some overpowering sense of bliss had ran from my navel down south and had caused my dick to explode inside Patricia! I blissfully growled and exhaled as what felt like gallons of hot sperm were urgently spewed out of my cock!!!

I had just ejaculated.

Inside Patricia’s butt!

After shooting my load deep inside her wonderful butt, I collapsed and remained lying down on my bed, panting as hard as if I had just ran two miles; she joined me, pressing her cute little body against mine. She looked at me, smiling with bright eyes that said “you’re mine!”

This wasn’t was I had expected my first time to be like; I had thought I would be ramming my wiener inside her vagina. I hadn’t even thought about anal sex, but Good Lord! It was amazingly great!

“You’re right, Pat, I told my belle, it’s better I don’t get you pregnant.”

“My parents do this all the time; I’ve watched them through the key hole; my father knows I’m watching him and he loves this.”


“Oh, calm down! Every family has its little secrets! But my father never touched me in a shameful way, even though I’m pretty sure he would love to, but I never tease him.”

As she spoke, she turned herself around so her butt was snuggly pressed against my lap and the rest of her petite frame was spooned against me. The naked girl was facing my alarm clock.

“It’s just a bit past two o’clock!” she said. “I need to put my pajamas back on and use the bathroom. You better turn off the lamp while I go.”

I too needed a bathroom break. I waited until she was back, then I very cautiously made the round trip to the porcelain room. Like she had strongly suggested, I washed my dick with soap and water. As I silently walked back in the passageway, I ascertained that all was quiet in the house; I only heard some whimpering sounds coming from my parents’ bedroom and I knew for a fact—now more than anytime before—that my pop was having sex with my mom; and why shouldn’t he? My mother was 38 years old and still looked pretty much the same as she did a decade ago, when everything was rationed and she was scared to death that my dad would be conscripted and sent oversea to fight the Nazis.

As to my sister, not a sound came from her bedroom, which was separated from mine by the bathroom.

When I was back and the towel was again shutting the threshold to block the lamplight, Patricia was sitting on my bed, legs folded under her hips and looking at me while licking her lips. She had her pajamas back on, and the shapes of her teenage breasts were teasing me! Even though she was no longer in the nude, seeing her barefoot in her pajamas was enough to stir new life in my teenage-young prick!

She watched with eager eyes my dick swelling and coming up to attention while forming a seven-inch flagpole distending the front of my pajama.

“Now, young man, you’re my prisoner! Lay down on the bed and let me take off your pajamas! I want to see what lad I got myself! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Her crystalline laughter resonated through my mind in high-pitched, girly notes.

“Shhhhhh! Keep the noise down” I whispered as I laid myself down on my bed as she had instructed.

As soon as I was lying down on my back, she straddled me, stooped down and kissed me in a forceful, passionate way! She was amazing!

“I take possession of this young man’s mouth!” she whispered in that same crystalline tone, her eyes shining with contentment.

She then started to unbutton my pajama shirt, going down and kissing my chest as she did so, then further down on my abdomen; I felt her dainty hands running smoothly all over my torso. I felt the tender mounds of her breasts pressed against my lap. The scent from her chestnut hair was intoxicating me! I instinctively put my hands on her head and started tenderly stroking her hair as she went further down and started pulling my pajama pants down.

I felt my raging erection bumping against her face as she let out the thing!

“Hmmm… I see that you washed it as instructed. Good boy! Now Patricia, your teacher, is going to reward her obedient student!”

As she spoke, she took hold of my raging-hard dick and engulfed my cock in her tight little mouth! I looked down, but the mass of her hair blocked my view; I felt the seal of her mouth vigorously massaging the full length of my dick as her head started bobbing up and down. She was giving me fellatio! Patricia! Sucking my dick! I couldn’t believe it! I was being mouth-worked by a sixteen-year-old girl!

“Oh, God!” I blurted as I felt her loving tongue darting on my sensitive wiener and running its full length…
“Quiet! Don’t make a sound!” she admonished me, before resuming the fellatio.

She kept at it, her wet mouth systematically taking my manhood through uncharted waters of male bliss as I managed to keep my grunting nearly inaudible by opening my mouth wide. Her hand kept a constant, pulsating pressure as she slightly corkscrewed it in a very pleasurable twisting motion. It felt like she had some experience in doing this after all.

My dick was now powerfully throbbing and pulsating as she was presently running her sealed mouth up and down my boy’s shaft while I kept gently stroking her bobbing head of chestnut hair. I was panting hard and on the verge of climaxing.

She stopped.

“Oh, Dom, I would love to have you inside my butt again, but I’m sore a bit and I don’t think this would be a good idea, and taking you inside my vanilla hole right now would be tempting fate, so I’m going to make you cum with my mouth. Would you like to change positions or something special? Would you like to come on my breasts? You seem to like them, although they have nothing special…”

“Yes, yes! I love your breasts! And stop talking like that! Your milky mounds are the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen! All the girls I dream about have tits like yours! Just look at my drawings! That raven-haired Betty looks so much like you, except for the color of your hair!”

“Do you like my hair? You prefer darker hair, don’t you?” she said with a tinge of jealousy in her voice. I was astonished. Girl trouble! Already?

“I… I could spend hours just stroking your hair, baby!”

As soon as she heard the word “baby”, her eyes became frantic with excitement! It was as if I had pulled a magic switch or something!

“Please, Dom, call me baby again!”

“Uh… Yes babe!”

“Not babe… Baby! Please! Call me baby!”

“Baby, you have the most beautiful pair of titties I’ve ever seen! I want to splash my cum all over them!”

“Oh, yes! Call me baby again!”

“Again, and say my age too!”

“Baby, you’re a sweet sixteen, baby!”
“Ooohhhhh… I love this so much! Again!”

“Baby, you’re a sweet sixteen, and your my sweet-sweet girl, baby!”
“Ooohhmmmm… I’ll do whatever you want! Anything! Oh, Sir! You can have my butt again if you want to!”

“Oh, that’s fine, your mouth will do fine!” I said while getting up from the bed. “Please, baby, kneel down and finish what you started!” I commanded as I stood beside the steel-framed bed. “Oh wait!” I added, causing her to freeze while she was getting up from the bed in order to kneel down.

I took her petite shoulders and gently pushed her down onto the bed, where her lovely head of chestnut hair came to rest on my pillow. She looked at me with her green-lighted eyes, wondering what I had in mind, and delight illuminated her features as she felt my hands undoing the buttons of her pajama shirt.

Very eagerly, I unbuttoned and opened her pajama like a sacred book to discover the hidden mysteries of female beauty; mysteries that had been off-limits to me until a hour ago. Patricia’s light-brown nipples were now looking at me on top of her flattened mounds of girly splendor as she lay still, panting in excitement.

I followed my impulse and cupped Patricia’s breasts. I felt her nipples burgeoning as little tabs under my palms while the bulk of her boobs were softly yielding under my touch as she let out a long, whispered moan…

“Oh, Dom… You’ve already done this, haven’t you?”
“Lucky beginner, baby!” I said, hit by a sudden gust of inspiration.

“Oh yes… He calls me baby, and he’s only thirteen… Oooh it’s so erotic!” Patricia half-whispered, half-purred, lost in her arousal, while I started sucking her ungodly delicious nipples and gently caressed and kneaded her swollen whiteness.

After hearing her purring for a few minutes and once again immensely enjoying the scent and flavor of her intimate flesh, I ordered her to kneel down in front of me and suck my dick, the thrill of giving such commands to an older girl being as of itself an amply sufficient cause of penile enlargement.

A few seconds later, topless Patricia was kneeling in front of me and once again taking hold of my hard dick, which she promptly took inside her mouth and started working its full length, keeping it in her hand and giving me that wonderful corkscrew motion again!

“Oh yes, baby! You’re an icing Queen!” I told her between low-voiced groans as my wiener quickly returned to super-flagpole status. I took immense delight in gently grabbing her hair and nudging her to the rhythm I preferred. She purred in muffled as she kept tightly massaging my manhood with her sealed lips and her darting tongue!

“Oh yes, baby! You’re a very good girl! And call me Sir!”

“Yes, Sir!” she said, briefly taking my dick out of her mouth while keeping her corkscrewing hand on it. She readily resumed the fellatio and before long, I zoomed past the magic no-return point…

“Oh yes! Oh yes! This is it! This is it! Oh, baby!!!”

My dick took a life of its own, pulsating inside her twisting-massaging hand! She pulled it out of her mouth just in time to see my cock exploding!

I groaned and shot three thick ropes of blasting semen that splattered her entire face! Patricia had forgotten to point it down to her breasts!

“Oh, yes, baby! This was so good!”
“Hhhmmm… I like the hotness of your seed on my face! Oh well… I’m the icing Queen now!”

“Yep my little Dairy Queen! You sure are!”

“Oh gee! You had an awful lot!” she said in marveled surprise, laughing, as she wiped my cum off her face using my discarded pajama shirt.

“I think our young Mister will spend the rest of the night shirtless, Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”
“But I don’t mind!” she added in a purring tone as she came close to me and started kissing and licking my own nipples.

We soon found ourselves together in my bed. Naked girl with naked boy!


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