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What cums next…

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After the movie, an older brother shows his younger sister what happens next…

I wasn’t stupid, but I guess you could say I was ignorant. My brother took me to the movies, when I was 11, and he was 13. Fortunately, they had a movie we could agree on, because it had action, adventure, and Romance right in the title.

Then, Jack came back with a sailboat, and a new pair of boots, helped Joan climb up, and the camera pulled back to show the mast, and keel. In the middle of the street, between 2 buildings, and I remember that scene, more clearly than anything else.

Finally, the credits rolled, and the lights came up, so we could make our way out the exit to the stairs. He asked me “You know what happens next, right?” Grinning, and winking.

I felt so smart, “They go sailing around the world, just like he always dreamed.” I had no idea that we’re out on a date, to me he was just my brother, taking me out to the movies. Then, he slipped his hand under my hair, and felt my cheek with his thumb. I backed up in the corner, where there was a pipe bent around the landing from the wall to the stairs, and then he leaned down to kiss me.

“Smooch,” just a peck on the lips, but it wasn’t like a kiss goodnight. It felt like I felt when I saw Jack kiss Joan the first time, at the end of the movie. Just then, I suppose I still had that feeling, but he looked me in the eyes, and shook his head. “No, before that. He takes her down below deck.” He took my hand, and led me down the stairs, to the alley.

“Uh huh?” I followed him down.

“There, he has a bunk, that’s like a bed on a boat.”

“Or bunk beds?” I had friends, who had to share a room with their sisters. So, they had bunk beds, or their brothers did, but we’re lucky. Mom, and dad had a boy, and a girl, so then they just stopped. Before dad had to complain about having too many mouthes to feed, though I had heard similar fights, from other families, with more kids. The lucky part was having our own rooms, and not having to share. Stacked up like cans in a pantry, on shelves. I enjoyed that freedom, but under the stairs, what they hard was a trash bin. “And a galley,” I guessed, “That’s what you call a kitchen, on a boat, right?”

He nodded, and felt up my sides. He picked me up, without a word, and lay me down on the plastic lid of the dumpster. It was a movie theater, so it didn’t smell like garbage. Just stale popcorn, but I had to wiggle a little to get comfortable. He leaned over, and kissed me sideways, his hand feeling up to my neck, and then he turned my head, to kiss my cheek. My neck, but he had to move his fingers down my shoulder, my chest, and I was trying to breathe, but it wasn’t easy.

I felt like I had just run, a hundred miles. Not as breathless as they write about in the romance novels, I hadn’t read. The kinds of novels that Joan Wilder wrote, and momma read, but I hadn’t. I hadn’t read a whole entire novel at all, just children’s stories. Nothing as long, and adult as a novel, but Romance was a word that I hardly understood. I hadn’t heard of sex, I know how people think about the 80s, and how it changed everything.

What you could get away with on MTV, for example. Madonna singing “Like a Virgin,” and rolling around, sensually, with all that lace, and not a clue what any of that was about. Even as I learned the words, and took turns on the table with my friends, acting it out. Now, I wasn’t like a virgin, I was in an alley, with my brother, and trying to understand what he was making me feel.

Shiny, and new? No, but definitely touched for the very first time. “Why is it so hot back here?” i remember asking, unaware that it wasn’t. It was me, but my dress. My Sunday best dress, I hadn’t changed from church, it felt so hot from his hand on my small barely developed breast, but he didn’t move it, until he said that. He just held it there, and every breath just made it feel hotter, until I started sweating.

Then, he stopped kissing my neck, and moved to the buttons down the front. After he got my dress open, he started over at my collar, and unbuttoned my blouse. “You are hot in here.” He slipped his hand in, his other hand, so the right one could feel down my panting tummy, and slip between my legs. Smoothing my dress out to the hem, he stopped, and slipped it back up, then he touched my bare thigh with his hand.

“I’m starting to sweat in there too.” I nodded, but he shook his head, and looked over at me.

“Hm?” He wasn’t listening, but then his thumb stopped rubbing my nipple, and he pried my blouse up with his arm.

“Huh!” I felt goose bumps break out all over me, when the cool are sucked in, and he kissed my chest. Pulled my breast over to him, so he could rub the inside with his nose, then kiss my nipple. He took a deep breath through his nose, and then licked across until he could feel my nipple with his tongue. Then, his thumb started rubbing my leg, and he slipped the hem of my dress up higher. “Huh!” His breath felt hot in my blouse, and then he kissed my nipple, sucked it in, and even nibbled it a little with his teeth, but not too hard. He didn’t pinch it hard enough to hurt, so it just sent sparks of pleasure through my body, and my shoulders twitched.

“Huh!” I felt the top of his head, and pushed him over. Sideways, so his chin went under the other side of my blouse, and he felt around for my other nipple with his tongue. “Oh, yes!” I was shivering with anticipation, knowing that he would kiss it, suck it, and finally nibble it gently. “Hhohohoh. Yes.”

“You like that, huh?”

He licked his lips, and smiled over at me, so I mussed up his hair, and pushed his head up to kiss me again. This time, he opened his mouth, and licked my lips. Sideways, up and down, but his hand reached the top of my thigh, and his finger slipped down the crotch of my underwear. Even as I opened my mouth to lick his tongue back, and I was really getting very sweaty in my undies.

No bra, not even training bras, our mother didn’t believe in them. Our father called them a waste of money, and of course, I was just 11. Not even old enough for a PG-13, which honestly, Romancing the Stone could have been, if it was more common. Then, he stopped rubbing the front of my underpants with his thumb, and slipped his finger out from between my legs. I shivered, and almost giggled from the way his nails tickled, between my thighs.

I’d never been tickled there, of course. He just looked over, so I licked my lips, just to taste his spit on him, while he plucked out the side of my underwear, around my leg. Slipped his thumb inside, and his fingers back down, to clamp between my legs. “Hoh, yes!” Now I was breathless.

“Feels good, huh?”

“This is what Jack did to Joan, after they kissed?”

“No, this is just the beginning. It’s called foreplay, to get you ready for what happens next.” He slipped his thumb out, and I got another shiver from his nails slipping out. “But we can’t do that here.” He pulled my arm, and then stuck his other hand under my other arm, to help me sit up. He kissed me quick, like that first real kiss. More than just a goodnight kiss, more than a brother should ever kiss his sister, but it was too late.

I was ready for him, and putty in his hands, to make do whatever he wanted with. Just like he planned with this seduction, but I didn’t even think to look at the front of his pants. I didn’t know that would be involved, or anything except his mouth, his tongue, and fingers. His thumb, and his arms around me.

I knew that, “He put his arms around me,” or “Took me in his arms,” but then I knew why they didn’t just say “He hugged me.”

It wasn’t just a hug. “You better fix up your buttons.”

I nodded, and looked down, but he just turned around, to keep an eye out. “What happens next?” I asked.

“Huh, we need a real bed, and privacy for that.”

“Oh, I know, we’re going to sleep together?” I remember hearing that. They were sleeping together, even though she was married to another man, there was something wrong with that. Sleeping with a man, when you’re married. Somehow that’s cheating on your husband.

He nodded, “I’m going to make love to you, tonight.” He took my hand. “Come on, let’s get you home.”


Brandon (mG)

Wow, this dating stuff was really tricky. I asked lots of girls out, but the only one that wanted to go to the theater with me was my sister, Kimberly. Let me go back, a few months. Maybe even a year before that.

At first, I thought it was sick, when I woke up with my PJs stuck to me. I thought that white stuff must be pus, so I went to mom, and showed her what happened. She sent me to dad, who had a talk with me, and told me what really happened was a wet dream.

That pus was sperm, and what it was for. Where the dick went, and how a girl got pregnant, to have a baby. There was a girl that got pregnant, at school. In middle school, but I had no idea that my sister could get pregnant, in 5th grade. He didn’t go that far, but he did kinda show me.

No, he didn’t whip it out, right in front of me. He asked me about waking up, with an erection. I honestly couldn’t remember if I had one, when I woke up with a load in my pajama pants. Let alone the wet dreams that caused it, but he went through the motions, like air guitar.

I copied him, and he nodded. Patted me on the shoulder, and said: “That’s how you take care of it, when that happens. So, you don’t wet your bed again.” Of course, I stopped pissing myself in my sleep, years ago, but I dutifully took care of it before bed, so it didn’t happen in my sleep. Not so much to avoid waking up with a sticky mess, of course.

For the feeling, the orgasms, and just the pleasure of my hand. I sure didn’t want to sleep right through that again, and miss it. If he had dirty magazines to look at, when he took care of it, I didn’t even know to look for them, but mom had her “Romance,” novels, and some of those were pretty raunchy. Like a soap opera, only instead of keeping her bra on, the mistress slept with any man that looked at her funny, while her clueless husband was none the wiser.

When he wasn’t around, when he was, he got jealous of any man she flirted with, but then he’d take her home, or just found a bush, to stake his claim. Once, they did it in an alley, but she made it sound so disgusting. The smell of rotting garbage, and the shit he pulled out of her ass with his sausage before he made her eat it. While the little mini-dumpster didn’t stink that bad, I didn’t want it to be like that.

For one thing, the plastic lid didn’t look that comfortable, with just her lying on it, and I could imagine myself on top of her. Crushing her, and hurting her, especially when I broke her cherry. I knew that would hurt bad enough, just from the mistress flashing back to her first time, on her wedding night.

She saved herself, they both did, so they didn’t know how to do it, he kinda fucked up, and just stuck it in. She cried, but bit back her sobs, so that he wasn’t turned off by her tears, then they slept together for the first time. It’s weird, how they talk about that. Sleeping together, instead of what he does to her first, before they fall asleep.

It filled my head with all these bad ideas, though. About how a man gets into that situation in the first place, because the mistress was one of those women, that turns into a sex starved nympho just as her husband starts losing interest, unless she makes him jealous. They skipped right past the romance, the first chapter started with their vows, the rings, “I do,”s and then went right to their honeymoon. Not even the first dance, and slipping the garter off her leg under the dress like Uncle Jim, and Aunt Marnie at their wedding reception.

Of course, I was too young for the bachelor party, but that was probably the first sexy thing that I saw, or at least remember. Her foot up in his lap, and his hands moving her slips, to show her leg, and the frilly elastic band around her thigh. Stretching it over her knee, then throwing it to the men, like the bride’s bouquet.

I remembered that, just the flash of aunt Marnie’s leg, and then imagined later that night. When he got her wedding dress off. His dick hard, and planted a baby in her, then she got pregnant, but she was married. I tried talking to that girl, before she had to leave school early, to have the baby. She wouldn’t give me the time of day, and she even started crying, so I ran off, ashamed of myself.

I guess now, with the benefit of hindsight, that I accidentally gave her a flashback, because i didn’t know that she didn’t have sex, willingly. I can only assume that she was raped, and it didn’t just hurt because she was a virgin. I wanted to make damned sure that I didn’t hurt my sister. That her first time was something special, and not a painful memory. I also tried not to get her pregnant, but I had no idea that she even had her period. Let alone where she was on the cycle. So, the only way I knew was to pull out, before I finished.

Before that, I just took her home, in time for dinner. That was awkward, she kept looking at me, blushing the whole time, and I could see the love in her eyes, but she didn’t say anything. Of course, I told her how much trouble she’d be in, if they found out that she was doing something so adult, so young. I kinda left off the part about me probably going to jail, and the rough treatment I’d get there. Without any women for the men to satisfy their urges, and being so young. So small, and inexperienced, until they got me alone, and broke me in. Passed me around, and made me the bitch of the whole prison.

I sure didn’t want that.


Kimberly (mG Incest)

The first time, my brother kissed me goodnight, on the cheek. He whispered ‘wait until mom, and dad are asleep, then meet me downstairs.”

In the basement, we had a family room, with a projector, and screens to watch movies together. When they could get them, this was back before every house had a VCR, let alone computers, and smart phones, but even he didn’t know that dad had a blue movie of his own. Left over from the bachelor party, he got the projector and screen for in the first place.

So, instead I got myself ready again, with my hands. Remembering how he felt my legs, and especially my nipples. Imagining his teeth nibbling them, while carefully pinching them, so my nails didn’t scratch them too hard, but I’d already had enough foreplay behind the theater.

He smelled his fingers, and then held them up for me to sniff. Even though I hadn’t soaked through, and he hand’t gotten them inside. Just his thumb, to rub the soft hot bump in front, and the tiny hairs I just barely started sprouting on it.

So, I slipped my nightie up my legs, and got my fingers smelly, through my underwear. The fresh pair I put on when I went to bed, and I couldn’t really get my other hand down the neck of my nightgown. I didn’t have a sexy one like mom’s, sleeveless, with just the tiniest strings over her shoulders to hold it up, and show that she didn’t have a bra on, when she went to bed.

I did wonder about the women on the TV, that slept in their bras, so they could sit up, when their husbands came home, and caught them sleeping with another man. “Huh!” I wondered how Brandon would act, when he caught me making out with another boy, now that I knew how. To kiss, neck, put his hand down the front of my top, and his hand in my lap to touch me, but that was about it.

I had so much more to learn, but finally, I couldn’t wait any longer. I carefully held the door knob, so it didn’t make a sound. Listening to dad snore down the hall, with the door open. They only closed it to make love, then left it open all night, so they could hear if we got up, and watch us go to the bathroom.

“Huh!” I was scared, that maybe mommy was awake, and watching, so I went through the bathroom as if I’d just gotten up to pee. Closed the door, and snuck out the other one, at the top of the stairs. Remembering the exit to the theater, where he took me in his arms, and kissed me like I’d never been kissed before. Before he took me down, and lay me down on the hard plastic.

He was right, that would have been too hard for me to bear the weight of him, on top of me. I knew that was part of it. What happened next, but he didn’t tell me too much. He left plenty of mystery, and surprises for me to look forward to, finding out. Then, I got down to the basement door, and saw the steps lit up in dim flickering light.

He knew to put on candles. I have no idea, what the deal is with candles, to this very day. Or turning the lights down, instead of out, like they often do in the stories. Mom’s stories, that’s what she calls her daytime dramas, on the summer when we don’t have school. So, she makes us go play, so she can watch her stories, but of course they don’t show anything. On daytime TV, at best you get to see him kiss her, and unbutton her top. Slip it off her shoulders, and her bra.

Then, it fades to black, or they turn out the light, and go to commercial. After they come back, it’s all over, and time for someone to come in. Catch them in bed together, so she sits up, holding the blanket over her chest, or just wearing the same bra, she never took off.

“You look wonderful.” He said, and got up. Came to me, and held me. Kissed me, then lead me over to the sofa he’d folded out to a bed. Like our cousins did, when they came over, and stayed the night. Sleeping together, as brother and sister, like Brandon and I had, over at their house.

“Now, we’re going to sleep together?” I was excited.

“Now, we’re going to make love, but you better go back to bed then. So, mom, and dad don’t find out in the morning.”

“Huh, why do they call it that?”

“I don’t know, but why don’t you lay down, here?” I nodded, and he even fluffed the pillow under my neck, as if he was going to tuck me in, but he didn’t even get out any covers. Not even a sheet, just the bare mattress, but he went back over the foreplay again. The kissing, necking, feeling my nipples, and legs. His fingers between my thighs, only this time. Instead of slipping his thumb in the side, when it came to that.

He stopped kissing me, and looked at me, in the candlelight. “You ready for what comes next?”

“Oh, yes.” I felt his face. “I can’t wait any longer.”

So, he slipped the nightgown up my legs again, and pulled the sides of my underwear down my hips. I had to push my heels down, so my butt came up, and he could slip the seat out from under my buttocks. Then, he went down. Taking my panties with him, until they slipped off my feet. He smelled them.

“Give them to me.” I held them up, and even saw the small dot that soaked through. i was so wet from all this foreplay, hours of it, and my only regret was it being so dimly lit that i couldn’t see him better. He couldn’t see me better, but then he spread my knees, and ran his hands up the tops of my thighs. Kissed my crotch, and lapped up my few little pubic hairs, to swirl around with his tongue.

He had to show me later, where he got all his best tips from. He read them in mommy’s stories. not the TV shows, the books where it told you everything. Especially how she felt, being seduced. His mouth, tongue, and fingers. Her clit, when i didn’t even know I had a clit, when they didn’t call it a man in a boat. A love button, or whatever else they made up to avoid such a stupid sounding word as clitoris.

“Oh, Brandon. Oh, yes! That feels wonderful! Just like that.” He didn’t stop, doing it just like that. He did it faster, and faster, without even knowing to tell him to, because he’d read about the mistress, telling her lovers that. faster, harder.

Deeper. He waited, until I was so overcome with pleasure, he had to cover my mouth, so I didn’t squeal loud enough to wake mom, and dad. Then, he stuck his finger inside me, and my love muscle kissed at it hungrily. I felt his nail, but it didn’t tickle, then I felt a sting. It felt like a sting, or maybe n ant bite, before it slowly started ripping wider, all around with a twist of his finger, and then it popped inside me.

I felt his knuckle, pop. Inside me, then another, until finally, all 4 pressed right up against my crotch. The backs of his fingers pushing my labia together on top, and my love button felt like it swelled up to a balloon. “SNH! Hmn! Snh!” I could just gasp, and pant through my nose, until I stopped squealing so he could let go, and replace his hand with his mouth. His tongue slipping in, and swirling around mine, while he moved his finger around, and around inside me.

“Ihn!” I hunched, and arched, my toes curled up, but he only pulled out to wipe his finger inside. Back, and forth, he turned it over, and then went back in with another. Longer, the longest one, and he still hadn’t even pulled his pants down. he hadn’t touched himself, he made sure that I was orgasming, so that when he broke my cherry, it hurt. A little, but that was nothing compared to the overwhelming pleasure that drowned it out, completely.

“Uh, huh!” He fell down next to my, and gripped his crotch. “Oh, damn. Damnit. Ngh!” Like he’d gotten kicked in the balls.

“Oh,” I turned over, and held him. “What’s wrong, does it hurt for you too?”

“No, huh!” He pulled his pants out, and showed me. He wasn’t even hard any more, but then it twitched, and another drop rolled out, to join the sticky blop soaked into his pubes. He was a lot harrier then me, but I just shook my head, on his shoulder.

“What’s that?”

He just dropped his pants, and patted it, then caught his breath, telling me about the birds, and the bees.

“Oh, so that’s why you had to rip it open?”

“Huh, yeah. I have to pop your cherry, so it will go in there, but I couldn’t hold it. I’m sorry.” he hugged me.

“It’s okay,” I hugged him back, “i forgive you.” Mostly for spoiling the surprise, but then we just cuddled there, in the basement. On the hideabed, without any blankets, and only a pillow to share between us. “Huh!’ I finally got up. “I better go back to bed, before I fall asleep with you.”

“Yeah,” he got up, and pulled up his pants. “I have to clean up, anyway.” he kissed me. “Goodnight.”

“Sleep tight.” I yawned, and went back upstairs, but when he said that, about cleaning up. That’s another thing about candles, which make them more trouble than they’re worth. So, we never bothered with them again. We just kept the light on, so we could see what we’re doing better.

Until I got pregnant…


^I can go on…

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