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Day 2 hope this becomes regular

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Day 2 thinking it was a one off, it wasn’t.

Day 2

I woke this morning to my alarm going off to get the girls up for school.
I sat there instantly remembering last night, thinking it was a dream but knowing it wasnt.
I went and woke L up for school, then through to C and woke her up, then back to the front room to finnish my cuppa and re live last night whilst they get ready.
Forgive the way I’m writing this just seems easier rewriting the texts.
As the messages came through.

C – Dad I got PE today and it’s swimming please let me have the day off.

Me – aww you just wanna spend the day in bed with me don’t lie hahaha

C – we can do it again if you let me stay off

Me – you can’t blackmail me like that hahaha you know I’d nver be able to say no to that

C – so I can stay home??? Please dad

Me – if I give you the day off L will want the day off then we won’t be able to do anything

Me – get ready as normal we can drop L off first then come straight home, that way she won’t know.

C – ok getting ready thanks dad.

Driving to L’ s school I could hardly concentrate. L gets out the car and heads to school C gets in the front so i just say right school or home to bed?
She says home but says she wants a shower before we go to bed I tell its fine I want one as well, nearly suggested having one together but didn’t.
As we get home walking up the stairs C in front of me I put my hand up her school skirt between her legs and run my hand from the front of her pussy to the back, she says oi and pulls my hand away laughing. I didn’t expect to feel her panties as damp and hot as they were.
She went straight for the shower and when she comes out I tell her to get dried off while i shower and ill meet her in her room when I’m done.
Walking into her room when I’d finnished showering and I sit on her bed asking if she sure she wants to do this. With that she pulls the covers off of her and pulls me down on top of her kissing me, which I briefly noticed she was naked. That led to what I can only describe as love making more then sex it was soo nice. It couldn’t have hurt as much this time as she was making the cutest noises I’ve ever heard, I cum 4 times before the afternoon school run and every time inside her it was the most memorable and amazing day I’ve ever had.
Getting ready to pick her sister up I tell her to not ware her panties in the car It will be hot.
Driving home C was sitting next to me and i hear her say YUK, I look over she lifts her skirt lightly to show me a soaking wet patch on the car seat then says in a quiet voice I just fealt it coming out.
Back indoors L ran to her room to get changed and C walked straight up to me kisses me on the lips ( never been this straight forward and open before ) grabs my hand and puts it up her skirt she was soo wet from both of our cum and it felt on fire,  then grabbed my cock gave it a little squeeze and said my room or your room tonight.
I just said I don’t mind baby you choose then follow up by telling her if this is going to be a regular thing we need to get you on the pill, dont want any accidents, she heads to her room saying it will be regular and I’ve dumped J her boyfriend, the boyfriend she wanted to see that made this all possible.

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  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii

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    • Negative ID:60aaribd3

      Danny you make no sense try clearing your words and rewrite what your saying so people understand your response