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Me and my mom

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How me and mom started having sex And she didn’t know

My mom was very open about sex , she walked around in bra and panties in front of me which untill I was 12 I didn’t really take notice off .When I reached 12 I started watching her and would get a hardon run to my bedroom and wank. My mom is a good looking women she’s 5ft 7 a size 8 and has 36c tits (I know I looked at her bra). That’s when I started thinking all day about her naked and wanted to see her I had seen her before lots of times coming out of the bathroom or bedroom but I was younger then now I wanted see her and wanted to touch her ,
I started to notice on a weekend she would have a few Gins and would be a bit tipsy and would sometimes doze off on the sofa, so I had a plan see how drunk she was and on the sat night watching tv I kept looking and I had my shorts on I pulled them up and let my cock out the leg hole while watching tv see if she said anything to me she didn’t seem notice so I started to slowly wank it with her on the sofa and me on the chair at end, It was amazing feeling doing this infront of my mom even though she was drunk. She hadn’t noticed as I wanked and I looked at her she was asleep as I shot my cum onto my shorts.
It felt great but she was asleep as u stood up and went to clean myself ,That’s when I started to see if she cared if she saw my cock or not and I was going to flash her in the morning the plan was to come down in my dressing gown and have it open and no boxers on ..So the morning came I was shaken as I went down for breakfast in my gown I had it fastened and I was talking to mom I pulled it a bit so it opened enough for her to see my cock which was hard as usual I was talking and noticed she looked and never said anything as we talked and her eyes kept going down looking I then went to my room and wanked like mad I had flashed my mom. So plan two was to see how far she would let me go before she said anything and it was the Sat night again, She was having a few Gins when I came down in my dressing gown after a shower to watch TV I sat on the chair she was on sofa she had her dressing gown on too I could see up to half way up her thighs. I got up to make a drink for myself and came back in with my gown slightly open and sat down and put my hand in my gown to hold my cock under it I can not tell hou how much excitement was running through my body as I played with my cock in the same room as my mom, I could see her reflection in the tv she kept looking over towards me as I was wanking She was drinking her gin then got up telling me she was getting another did I want a coke I said yes all the time wanking under my gown. She came back in and passed me my coke and she looked straight at my cock and smiled as she sat down and her gown was open a bit more showing me her panties I was so close to cumming I looked at her legs and I shot my load onto my gown .I saw her smile as I came and she continued drinking .I felt in heaven sitting there with cum on my legs and gown and she never said a word, all I wanted to do was do it again and was waiting to start when I noticed moms eyes starting to shut and then she was snoring,this was it I opened my gown and started wanking I looked over at mom she had slid to her side and her legs were slightly open and her gown was open just enough to see the bottom of her black panties I felt brave I lent over and opened it enough from her waist to see all off her panties I noticed that they had a little red heart on it and I was wanking staring at her panties and I moved closer to her and with my left hand felt her panties as I wanked my heart was in my mouth as I felt the silkyness of them and I moved my hand to the top and felt her stomach and tried to slide my fingers into her panties but as i did it was too much and I started go cum again I wanted to do so much to her but bottled it and pulled her gown shut and went to bed .
Next morning I came down for breakfast in my gown again mom was up sitting at the table we said morning and then she replied did I enjoy watching the film last night as she fell asleep but then she said she enjoyed what she had seen and we could watch again tonight and do the same,I didn’t know if she meant watch tv or me watch me wank.
All day I wondered then after tea she said don’t forget to shower and wear your gown . I was hoping that it meant it was OK for me to wank I front of her and after my shower I went down and she was in the room but was wearing a tshirt and short skirt I had noticed this time she had already had a few drinks as she slurred her words I sat down looking at her she was looking at the tv but kept glimping over .
I was nervous but horny as I reached into my gown and got hold off my cock as I did she moved a bit given me a view up her skirt I opened my gown and had my cock in my hand slowly wanking when she said to me do you like doing that with me in the room ,I gulped and softly said yes she said well I’m OK you doing it but don’t tell anyone you must promise she said, I will I will I said then she said take off your gown so your comfortable and let me watch this was heaven as I wanked infront of my mom she looked and watched tv as I cum and she looked and smiled and said was that good Yeah I said but I feel I want to do again She said wait and you can after I have a few more drinks I put my gown back on and she had a few drinks we didn’t talk just watched TV and she said are you ready now as she was tired I said yes and lay on the sofa and said start I could see right up her skirt as I wanked and she was watching but I noticed her eyes shutting and she was falling asleep again I started wanking slowly as she fell asleep and I got up took my gown off again and went next to her and slid my hand up her skirt to her panties I could not see properly so was moving her skirt up enough and as I did she moved and her legs went apart and her skirt was up to her waist and her panties full view I was so excited I lent forward and moved her panties and they starting coming down and I saw her little patch of black hair wow I was hard now I had never seem pubes before and now I had as I wanked I wanted to put my cock on them and lay between her legs and as I got closer I could not stop my cum from shooting on her pubes it went everywhere on her pubes panties skirt and she never budged I was excited and still horny and I had a stupid idea that I could see her nude tonight. So I quickly pulled her panties up skirt down and woke her saying let’s take you to bed .
And off she went with my help she lay on the bed and said leave me I will sleep and I went out her room leaving the door open after about 30 mins I went back she was onto of the covers still dressed I went up her she was out of it so I just thought strip her but before I did I went get my phone and wanted proof a photo everytime I took something of so started stripping her t shirt then skirt and she had just her bra and panties and then bra and lots of photos then panties now she was naked and I took lots of photos. now I was horny and hard I opened her legs I could see her pussy I pushed my finger in so warm and moist she didn’t even move here I was 14 and had a naked mom I lay next to her wondering if I could put my cock in I wanted to so much and I had cum twice so be ok I thought I lay on her keeping myself upright my arms and I poked around with my cock and then it went in all of it and it was warm and lovely that was it I had fucked my mom well my cock was inas I pulled back then in again She didn’t move her legs were wide open I was in between going in and out going so slow it was so much fun and I said to myself I’m not going to cum in her as I pumped her for about 3 mins then I felt myself cumming I wanted to pull out but it was so good as I shot in her and I looked at her she was so drunk she didn’t even realise I had lost my virginity to my mother and I wanted more

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      Is that all you do is grade the stories like an English teacher? Such a dickhead.

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      If I were to “grade” this story I would say a solid D+.

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