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Hank’s Special Growth Cream Part 4

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Kristen wants more special cream so uncle Hank sets her up with a double dose.

Kristen continued to inspect herself every day as she looked for any signs of her tits and ass growing from her uncle’s special cream. She decided that it wasn’t working fast enough for her so she went back to Hank for more.

“Uncle Hank I think that it’s working but I feel like it’s not fast enough. Do you think that you could inject some more for my boobs and butt?” She asked looking determined.

“Well that’s a possibility but I might have a better idea if you want to be sure that it has the best chance of being successful!” He replied hoping that she would take the bait.

“I will do whatever it takes to get what I want. What is your idea?” She asked.

“Well I have a friend that also has the special cream and I think that if you are injected with both creams that it will double your chances of getting bigger faster!” He replied.

“So you are saying that you and your friend will be putting your cream in me at the same time?” She asked looking interested.

“Yes I believe that it’s the only way to make sure that everything works properly!” He said as his cock started getting hard thinking about the possibilities.

“Okay uncle Hank, when can we start?” She replied.

How about tonight since your parents won’t be home until tomorrow?” He said.

“Perfect! I can’t wait !” She replied as she skipped away to her room.

Hank calls up his friend James who is a black man that has a big black cock. He has always wanted to fuck a young white girl. He immediately said yes and came rushing over.

“Hank man are you sure that this is on the up and up? I don’t need to be accused of raping a little white girl!” James said as he looked around nervously.

“Dude trust me. She is basically begging for our special cream!” He said as he winked at James.

Kristen came into Hank’s room and saw the large black man standing with Hank.

“Are you Hank’s friend that has the special cream that can help make my boobs and butt grow?” She asked.

James looks at Hank with a puzzled expression. Hank immediately winks at James and smiles.

“Umm yes you are right. I do have some special cream that will help your boobs and butt grow faster!” James said.

“Goodie cause I don’t want to wait much longer for them to grow!” Kristen replied as she stripped off her clothes and stood there naked. James and Hank both stripped off their clothes and took her over to the bed. Hank had her get onto her hands and knees. James got in front of her and she realized how big his cock was. She was a little worried that she couldn’t get it inside her mouth.

Hank climbed up behind her and grabbed his lube and coated his cock and her tight little asshole. James had begun to push his cock into her mouth and she tried to accommodate his cock in her mouth as best she could. She swirled her tongue around the head and shaft like Hank had taught her.

James groaned as he grabbed her head and pushed his cock deeper into her mouth. She began to gag as it hit her throat but he didn’t stop. She tried to pull away but he was too strong for her. She tried to scream out but this only opened her throat and he shoved his cock into her throat.

Kristen began to rethink her wish to make her boobs and butt grow faster now. She failed to realize that she might have to take a cock down her throat especially one the size of James. She began to panic as this caused her throat to spasm around the cock that was thrusting in and out of her throat.

“OH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS!” Hank groaned as he drove his cock into her tight little pussy.

This caused Kristen to scream out again and it pushed her mouth down further onto James’ cock. They had her locked down between them and they were using that to their advantage. They bounced her back and forth between their hard throbbing cocks.

Kristen was just barely able to get a few breaths in between thrusts and this kept her from passing out due to the lack of oxygen. James’ balls were slapping her chin as Hank’s balls were slapping her clit. Suddenly she felt herself being spun around and she gasped for air as she coughed and sputtered drool and pre cum out of her mouth.

Hank immediately drove his cock into her mouth and down her throat without hesitancy as James drove his cock into her tight little pussy. She screamed out in pain as his cock stretched her further than Hank ever did. Of course this only allowed Hank’s cock to slide deeper into her throat.

Again James and Hank bounced her back and forth between their hard throbbing cocks. Kristen had given up trying to get away. She was just a fleshlight for their use and she strangely began to enjoy being used by the two men. She was starting to feel an orgasm coming on and she had begun to moan and whimper.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK Hank this slut is hot as fuck! She is about to cum on my cock! How in the hell did you manage to score this fine piece of pussy?” James moaned as he continued to pound her pussy from behind.

“It’s a long story but I will tell you more about it later! In the mean time be my guest and try her ass while you are back there!” Hank replied as he used her mouth and throat.

James pulled his cock out of her soaking wet pussy and pushed his cock against her tight little asshole. James had to really push his cock hard to get it to finally pop inside her. When he started driving deeper into her ass she was screaming out in pain as his cock almost ripped her open.

Hank grunted as her screams vibrated his cock into an orgasm and he pumped stream after stream down her spasmodic throat. She swallowed constantly around the spurting shaft as she struggled to stay conscious.

After Hank had finished draining his balls into her stomach he pulled out of her mouth and watched as her head fell down onto the bed while James dog fucked the shit out of her ass from behind. He had a death grip on her hips as he pulled her back onto his cock as he thrusts forward grew more intense. She grunted with every thrust as their bodies slapped together loudly. Her body shuddered from the intense pounding she was taking.

James fucked her ass for a good 20 minutes before he grunted and emptied his balls deep into her bowels. After he had finished cumming he pushed his cock back into her mouth and made sure that she cleaned every inch of his cock.

Hank’s cock grew hard again and he slammed into her pussy again and began to jackhammer her from behind. James watched as Hank torn her pussy up and she continued to orgasm over and over again. They took turns using all of her holes all night. She had lost count of how many times she had been injected with their special cream.

Afterwards they took her to the shower and helped her get clean and to remove all evidence of their playtime from her. They put her in her bed where she slept until late the next day. Kristen had fell for a trick and she had been used as a fleshlight. But that’s what happens when you have an uncle who is a pe**phile.

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    What happen 2 part 5?

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    Time to bring in more friends for a full breeding gangbang. If she gets pregnant her tits and ass will definitely grow bigger

  • Reply Kathy ID:2grormzrc

    Thanks for writing part 4 too! Love to see Kristen getting broken and used like the little kid fleshlight she is! Just wish i could have an uncle like hank

    • AlabamaSlamma ID:d7yn16s44

      You are more than welcome Kathy. I wish I had a niece that was willing to be a fleshlight.

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    Little slut needs more. Make the whore air tight.

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    A fun little story.

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    I hole you and James Impregnated her. Then her breasts and ass will grow.
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