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Britney the ballerina gets nutted by big john her dancing partner

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Big John finally gets to fuck and breed his Britney the ballerina .

I can’t believe that I’m paired up with Johnie , he’s the best male ballet dancer at my studio .We’re going to pair up as a couple for the upcoming ballet theater performance .

Britney and John were inches from each other ,they have been this close many times before while dancing ,but this was different , they are going to perform together as a couple in the theater.

John has asked Britney out numerous times ,and every time she refused , but after hearing the good news John asked Britney again if she will go out with him , and excitedly she said yes .Britney gently placed her hand on John’s lips , “Just don’t say anything…just kiss me…please”!!

Britney closed her eyes as Johnie leaned in to touch her soft lips with his . “Mmmmm”, Britney exhaled with happiness as the two dancers enjoyed the sensuality between them .John slid his hands up and down Britney’s beautiful curves ,the thin satin fabric of her form fitting ballerina costume allowed Britney to feel Johns touch more intensely .

Britney’s innocent mind didn’t allow her to recognize it , but John’s true intentions were much more sinister. Reaching behind Britney’s right knee , John lifted up her white nylon encased shapely toned leg up high , and placed her ankle onto the ballet leg bar .

“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time Britney”! John whispered between kisses , “And now I know you want me to give this to you”!!

“John…”!! The alarm went off in Britney’s head when she felt him place his hand on her raised leg , and began sliding it up her white nylon covered inner thigh , moving it closer to her innocent virgin pussy .

“John…what the hell are you doing”?? Britney went from holding John to trying to push him away .

The strong muscular dancer , John held Britney firm with one arm while his other disappeared under little Britney’s white lace tutu .Moving his hand between her legs in search of Britney’s most intimate and treasured area ,John’s elusive finger’s quickly found her young virgin pussy, and began rubbing and massaging her pussy , though the white fabric of her ballerina tights .

“OH”!!!!! Britney gave a high pitched yelp , as John reached around with his arm and grabbed Britney’s firm ass , while his other hand continued feeling up her pussy through the nylon fabric of her ballet tights .

“John , no”!!!!!! Britney struggled to get away from him ,but it was to late . Britney’s pussy is aroused .

Britney’s pussy doubled in sensibility ,her nipples became extremely hard and erect ,showing themselves through the thin satin fabric at the top of her white leotard . John glanced down at Britney’s tits .

“Oh no”!!!! Britney thought to herself , “He can see how hard my nipples are”!!!

As he continues to feel and caress Britney’s pussy through her ballerina outfit ,John locked his sight on his partner Britney , as if he’s a wild animal that had just cornered his mate .Britney’s brown eyes looked up submissively at his , and recognizing his dominance over her .

“OH”!!!!! Britney gasped as she felt John slip his hand into her costume .

“No ,please…please don’t touch me there”!!! Britney whimpered as she felt his finger’s parting her pussy lips .

“Oh ,Ahh”!!!!! Britney jumped as John’s experienced hand found her over-sensitive G-Spot ,and began rubbing and massaging it again and again .

“OH!!! OH!!!! OH!!!!!” Britney cried out as each touched sent mini-orgasms jolting through her , John could actually feel Britney’s clitoris throbbing as he felt and massaged it ,as Britney trembled in his arms .

“OH!!! OH!!!! OH GOD!!!! OHHHH G…GOD!!!!!! OHHHH!!!!!” Britney’s childlike voice gave little high pitched yelps of pleasure , as the most sensitive place on her body is being rubbed and massaged .

“OH !! JOHN !! NO !! OH NO !!! PLEASE DON’T”!!!!! Britney panicked as she felt John pull one of the straps of her ballerina costume down off her now bare shoulder .

“OH MY GOD”!!!!! Britney screamed in her mind . “He’s going to rape me”!!!!!!

“John , stop !! OH”!!!!!! Britney’s big perky supple tits spilled out of the top of her ballerina costume as John lowered the other shoulder strap and tugged the top of her ballerina costume down to her waist as her big 34DD tits spilled out .

“Please John”!!! Britney begged as John lifted her by the waist off the leg bar , and forced her up against the wall .Britney had been lifted by John many times during practices and performances but this was different though , this wasn’t artistic lift of a male ballet dancer , it was a show of sheer dominance as John positioned Britney to suit his needs ,he needs to fuck her .

John took Britney’s white nylon encased leg and placed her ankle on his left shoulder ,spreading Britney’s flexible legs wide into a standing split to get better access to her pussy .

“Don’t fight it , Britney”!!! John said taking her by the wrists and holding them against the wall above her head . “You know you want this”!!

Britney did want this but not here….and not this soon , and certainly not this rough .She realized that she wasn’t going to get a choice .John was taking her with or without her permission .

Britney trembled in fear ,just the thought of being raped by John as he held her down ,his primal urges was so intense it began to overwhelm Britney’s better judgement and weaken her resolve .

Britney saw the huge bulge of John’s cock trying to bust out of his tights and knew she was about to be violated and raped by his 9 inch cock ,it was going inside her whether she wanted it or not .

Even worse for Britney ,she remembered once that cock is shoved into her virgin pussy , her cherry hymen will be popped and torn , and impregnated by John ,and she will be unbelievably horny after
that and always in need of a cock inside her , putting her ballet career in jeopardy .

(Britney has to put a stop to this now !!!!)

“Please , please don’t fuck me”!! Britney’s voice trembled as she watched Big John pull out his 9 inch cock out of his white tights .

Without answering , Big John was able to slide the bottom part of my white leotard to the side and tore a tiny hole in my white tights at my pussy area while I futility tried to stop him .

“Please John !! Don’t rape me , please”!!

“OH MY GOD NO”!!!! Britney squeezed her eyes shut ,as she felt the head of his cock push forward through the hole in her tights , and straight into her tight virgin entrance of her sweet love canal .

“OH GOD NO !! JOHN”!!!!! Britney screamed as the walls of her young and tight virgin pussy stretched and parted to accept John’s large 9 inch shaft , that is tunneling inside her .


Britney cried out ,with her eyes bulging and going wide , as she felt every inch of Big John’s rock hard cock , popping and tearing her hymen cherry as the invading cock filled young Britney’s pussy , completely forcing the walls of her pussy , to stretch beyond her normal limits , and expand to accommodate his 9 inch cock .

The moment John’s cock came to a rest fully inside Britney , his ball sack is tightly squeezed against her ass covered white tights , Britney’s entire body was overcome by waves of intense pain ,then turned into squeals and moans of desire .

Big John placed his hands over Britney’s wrist’s again , looking into her brown eyes as he began fucking her pussy with long deep strokes .

“OH GOD !!!! JOHN !!!!! NO !!!!! MMMMMMM !!!!!!” Britney’s cries are interrupted as Big John kissed her hard .

“MMMMMMM !!!!!! MMMMMMMMM !!!!!!!!!” Britney’s beautiful brown eyes are opened as wide as they can be , while she can feel his huge cock plowing and ramming deep into her tiny ripped and torn pussy……further insider her than she had ever thought possible .

At this point , Britney is being fucked and bred into submission to satisfy his primal lust for her .He’s taking her pussy without her permission and it’s starting to feel so fucking good .

Big John is fucking and thrusting Britney so hard that her entire body lifted up a few inches off the floor , with each hard thrusting stroke as her white tights covered legs are dangling freely in the air .

“UHHH !!!! UHHHH !!!!!! UHHHHHH !!!!!!!” Britney tossed her head back and cried out at the ceiling as each massive thrust of John’s cock went deeper and deeper into her once tight unbroken honey hole .

The white lace fabric of Britney’s tutu made a swishing sound with each intense penetration ,as her big tits slammed and flopped up and down with every thrust to her pussy .


Britney the white costumed ballerina screamed out as her oversensitive G-spot was fucked over and over again by Big John’s thick 9 inch cock .

“Wait….”!!!! John thought to himself , “Did she just say ‘yes’ “??



Big John pounded and banged his little ballerina , Britney’s pussy with unbelievable force , pulling out high pitched squeals and yelps of immense pleasure out of her , with every thrust of his manhood .

“NOOOOO”!!!!!!!! Britney screamed while she’s being raped , her gorgeous and sexy full figured body had to be used and fucked and taken against her will by her dancing partner Big John .

“Oh god !!! I can’t believe this is happening to me”!!!! As Britney breathlessly forced each word out as her back hit the wall , being pinned against it by John .

“All right you twisted little ballerina”!!! Big John said ,pulling out of Britney’s pussy , grabbing her black hair ,and tossing her to the floor as he knelt down behind her, “I’ll show you that this is really happening”!!!

“OH MY GOD”!!!!! Britney gasped when she felt John’s firm strong hands take hold of her white tights encased , gorgeously toned legs .John’s arms spread Britney’s white covered legs wide into a full split on the smooth surface , her flexible body is very easy to manipulate into whatever positioned he wanted her in .

Britney’s tutu is bunched up between her hips and the floor ,lifting up her sexy pouty ass and pussy up a few inches .It gave Big John the perfect angle to fuck her .

Britney didn’t resist , she knew she couldn’t stop him from fucking her pussy again by his big thick 9 inch shaft .

“Here watch yourself”!!!! John grabbed Britney by her hair and forced her to look at he full-length wall mirror that’s in front of them ,”Now you can watch yourself getting fucked by me”!!!!!!!

“Oh god !!!! please not again”!!!!! Britney yelped as she felt Big John’s cock press against her wet pussy lips again .In one quick hard thrust John violated Britney a second time ,as the entire length of his 9 inch cock vanishes into her warm and wet depths of her once virgin pussy .

“OH”!!!!!! Britt’s eyes went wide , her mouth opened in a scream with no sound ,as she felt her dance partner’s big love root infiltrate her all at once .A few minutes later her seductive eyes glazed over in pleasure when he started fucking her slowly again .

“Ohhhhhhh….my……god….not again”!!!!!!!! Britney panted as she stared at her reflection in the mirror .
essentially watching herself being raped by Big John , as he pumped and thrusted his big cock into his gorgeous and sexy ballerina’s wet and fertile pussy .

It was almost surreal for Britney to watch herself getting fucked from behind ,seeing her big perky tits hanging down and swaying and bouncing forwards and backwards by every hard thrust from John,
while he’s pulling my long black hair and forcing me to watch the mirror , as I can also hear the loud slapping sounds of Big Johns low hanging balls , slapping very hard against my white tights covered ass cheeks , causing me to squeal and yelp from that sound of complete submission ,as he’s defiling me.

“OH !! OH !!! OHH !!!! OHHH !!!!!” Britney cried out each time his ball sack slammed onto her white tights covered ass and his cock is ramming her cervix .

“OWWWE !!!!! OHHH !!!!” Britney shrieked and yelped out as John’s big hand came down hard on Britney’s white nylon covered ass cheeks .

“Oh my god !!!!! how and why is this happening to me”!!!!! Britney thought to herself ,as her body is being pounded by John’s hard ,deep breeding thrusts .

“OWWWWE !!!!!! OHHHH !!!!!!! Another high pitched yelp and squeal from Britney as her ass cheeks are spanked hard again through the white nylon fabric of her tights , and her big tits are bouncing beautifully every time Big John’s cock slams into her .Then John noticed Britney’s entire body began to shake uncontrollably .


Britney cried out as her body is over whelmed by the massive squirting orgasm that has caused her to squeal and scream in total ecstasy .

“Oh fuck Britney !! you sure are one beautiful , horny , little , sexy ballerina , and your pussy is so fucking unbelievable .

Britney was hanging on for dear life as Johnny fucked her pussy and holding onto Britney’s tussled hair and rode her like a horse , and forcing her to watch him rape her while she’s making little girlish yelping sounds ,”OH ! OH ! OH ! OH ! OH ! OH !

John felt Britney’s pussy muscles contracting around his cock, as her pussy is holding his cock inside her until he delivers his baby making seed deep into her very fertile womb .

Britney could feel John’s cock starting to throb and seemed to double in size preparing to explode inside her .

“OH MY GOD NO”!!!!!! Britney’s eyes went wide as she realized what was about to happen !!


Ignoring Britney’s pleas , John placed one of his hands over Britney’s nose and mouth ‘

“MMMMMPHH”!!!!!!! Britney screamed when she felt her breathing being stifled , as the massive cock is pounding into her so hard that Britney’s hip’s lifted of the floor with every thrust and then slammed back down into her full split again .Her soft ballet shoes slid on the floor preventing Britney from using her legs to maneuver out of her obscene fucking position .

“MMMMMMPHH !!!!! “MMMMMMMMPPHHH”!!!!!! Britney is struggling in desperation as she began to feel lightheaded from the lack of oxygen , as her entire body is convulsing as another powerful orgasm hit her .

“Oh fuck yeah , Britney”!!!! John gasped as he felt his dance partner’s pussy constrict tightly around his hard cock from all directions .

“MMMMMMM”!!!! “OHH MY GOD OHH GOD”!!!!!!! Britney screamed again as she felt Big John’s cock explode inside her ,shooting massive amounts of liquid baby making seed deep into her womb , as Britney’s pussy responded with her own fluids splashing onto the floor below them , soaking and staining the lower part of her ballerina costume and most of her white tights .

“Yes…that’s my good little ballerina”!!!! Big John whispered softly into Britney’s ear , while his hard thrusts turned into slow strokes inside Britney’s raped and defiled pussy .The young ballerina’s hip’s began pumping in time with now John’s empty cock ,as each stroke inside her became more gentle .

“That’s my good girl ,Britney”!!!! As Big John finally releases his grip from Britney’s hair and hip’s , then pulling out his cock from her pussy and kissing her on her lips and leaving her by herself , as all his sperm and her pussy cum mixed with her blood from her popped and torn hymen , that’s leaking into her white tights and the bottom of her ballerina costume . Britney just stared into the mirror not realizing what really happened to her .


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  • Reply Hank ID:16kluau7pxny

    You can write me in your stories anytime you want. I’m Native American though . From the Choctaw tribe . I love cheating wife’s they always give up the best pussy to everyone except for the husband. Nothing hotter than fucking a sexy hotwife or a cheating wife .

  • Reply 1292 ACR ID:4bn00en3fia

    Hot damn! This story is incredibly well written! Amazing job!

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Thank you so much 1292 ACR !! Bitney the former ballerina !!

  • Reply Big Bad John ID:8bvvy07zr9

    If you like stories of big African cocks raping white pussy, have a look at the Wrong Semester in Uganda series by Histbuff. I think that they will make my nylon Queen’s pussy very wet. They certainly made my cock very hard. Love from your horny Johnny

  • Reply BadBrad ID:40kbpaq08rb

    What ballerina has huge tits like that?

    Otherwise well done!

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Misty Copeland has big tits in the d cup area and she’s the first African American woman to be a ballerina and Sarah Hay is another one with D cup area !! I don’t exaggerate breast sizes of women if I can help it in my stories , unlike you guys saying most of you have 12 inch cocks !!! Britney

    • Big bad John ID:2muspuh6ib

      You should do your research before making comments like that Brad. A well done for her story would have been sufficient and you might consider an apology for that unnecessary criticism! Britney writes from experience and if you were to read her stories you would realise that.

  • Reply Big Bad John ID:8bvvy07zr9

    I’ve become addicted to the Lady Sonia website!! I can’t get enough of her big tits and her sexy lingerie!! I’ve been jerking off to her being fucked by Omar a British black porn star with a 12 inch cock. I can’t than you enough for recommending the site. Your hard and very horny Johnny!!!

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Well don’t get to addicted !!!! I can get very jealous very quick my Big John !! Britney

    • Big Bad John ID:8bvvy07zr9

      Don’t worry my Nylon Queen as far as I am concerned you are my number one online fuck partner!! I’m thinking off doing a story with you as the main character but I really don’t think I’m a good enough writer. Do you have any tips? Love and kisses Big John

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Make sure to space your paragraphs out ,or the grammar police will be on your ass kind of like a book report , and no little kids !! starting is the hardest part so you can check out other writer’s how the start a story but don’t copy their story ! And yes you will be in my stories . would you mind if a big black cock fucks and breeds your princess . love your lady of nylons! Britney

    • Big Bad John ID:8bvvy07zr9

      I would love my princess to get a big black cock between her legs. In fact I would like more than one!! Maybe you can be gangbanged while I am forced to watch and then made to participate! Thanks for the advice. By the way, I’m not into kids or animals like so many on this site. Love, your big horny John

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      That’s nice to hear and now your my guy! I’m currently writing Victorian story with me as the proper lady !! if you know what I mean and mean while I”ll come up with something with me being either raped or cucked by you !! love your princess Britney

    • Big Bad John ID:8bvvy07zr9

      I can’t wait. Was thinking of a doing a story with you as a young novice sent to Africa who gets taken by rebels when the village she’s in gets raided. Plenty of opportunity for virgin Britney to get raped and breeded by multiple black cocks. I think it might take a while but I’ll give it a go. Can you see yourself as a nun?!!

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      There was a movie call ZULU in 1965 about the british being attacked by black tribes of zulu warriors and a british preacher was there with his daughter and you know what happens when they see a lone 20 year old virgin white girl .you could put me in as your daughter or father as they take me check out the movie it’s very good ! love your horny princess Britney

    • Big Bad John ID:8bvvy07zr9

      Yes, I can see you as a 20 year old virgin at the mercy of big muscular African warriors who pound your pussy and breed you. I see if I can find the film and check it out. The thought of being gangfucked by big black cocks is making me hard!! Stay horny my nylons queen love your big Johnny

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    I just got your story done and uploaded I really hope you like it I know it might not be up to your expertise.

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Thank you slim and the more you write the better you’ll get ! Britney

  • Reply Big Bad John ID:8bvvy07zr9

    Oh Britney I fucking loved it!!! The description of you bent over with your big tits swaying as my 9 inch cock pounded your virgin cunt made me cum and cum!! You are one great erotic writer and produce some of the best rape and black cock stories on this site that guarantee me boner every time. I know that you have a growing fan base but consider me your number one fan. Love and kisses from your very horny Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      I’m so glad you liked it ! I put a lot of effort to make it as erotic as possible and being a former ballerina myself helped out !! Britney

    • Big Bad John ID:8bvvy07zr9

      The effort you put it is much appreciated and the fact that you were a former ballerina shows through your descriptive writing. I’m trying to imagine cramming my 9 inch dick into my tights and stopping it bursting out when I got my hands around your waist ha ha. Please include me in future stories although I’m not the only waiting to have a guest appearance in a Britney erotic epic!! I’ll think I’ll jerk off to this again .