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Coaxing Jenny

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I always loved spending time with one of my relatives. She was not blood related but by marriage.

We have lake property. She would come down and spend a week or more with us a couple times a year. I found her sexy. I would always pat her on the ass or innocently put my hand on her leg and accidentally touch her crotch. Kiss her affectionately all the time.

It all got started when she was 10 and I just turned 15. I would always go in and talk to her when she bathed. She was shy at first and asked me to leave the first couple times. I told her “I mean no harm and I just want to spend time with you.” She would play in the water and I would play with her. I loved watching her baldy through the water. I loved watching her dry herself off. She got up one time and showed me her pussy.

“This is what I got.”, She said. Although I had seen it many times when she toweled off I guess it needed a proper introduction? Lol. She was so sweet and cute.

“Can I touch it?”, I asked. She put her hands over her pussy and bent forward and cringed and shook her head no.

“Ok. You don’t have to. Hurry up and get done and we can play ok?”, I said. I knew she would think about my question and I could be a little bolder now with my moves now.

She started doing the same thing when I showered. I told her I did not mind but be careful the adults don’t see you. She said “Ok”.

“Is that how you pee?”, She asked pointing to my dick. I told her it was and peed in the shower for her.

“Wow. It is neat!”, She said. My mom was calling for her so she snuck out real quick.

We were watching tv, some dumb kids show. We were on the couch she was on my lap and we were covered up. I kissed her head. She turned her head and smiled. She had jeans on and I moved my hand on her legs just touching her legs playfully. When I got up to her crotch I started rubbing it. She looked at me and smiled again. She started rocking her hips. She liked it.

She was getting into it and pushed her hand down on my crotch as I was rubbing her. I was rock hard. “What is that? Is that your hose thing? Why is it hard now.”, She asked. I told her we need to go to my room.

I took off my jeans and there was a big bulge in my underwear. She went to touch that. I laughed. “Just wait and you can see the whole thing.”, I said.

I took my dick out and she gasped. She went to touch it. “Who said you can do that Jen?” I tapped her on the head with it. She giggled.

“No no no! I can’t touch yours you cannot touch mine.”, I said. She ignored me and went to touch it anyway. I ran away from her holding my dick as I ran in circles in my bedroom. She chased me giggling. I slapped her playfully across the face with it. She giggled.

“You know what I am going to beat you with it!”, I said. I hit her head with it and chased her around the room. We laughed together.

I sat on my bed. “Come here.”, She stood in front of me. I took her hand and guided her to the base of my cock. She looked at me. “We’ll go ahead!” It felt wonderful as she grabbed both sides and slowly felt up my dick. Feeling my hard stiff shaft. She felt the softness of the head and squeezed it with one hand. “Watch”, I said as I jacked off for her. She watched intently as my hand moved up and down. She watched with anticipation as tilted my head back about to ejaculate. “Ah oh oh”, I said. She jumped away as the sperm shot out as I came. I laughed.

“Oh my! What is that?”, She asked.

“It is called sperm.”, I said. “It is what makes your babies. Taste it.”

She was reluctant. “I don’t want to have a baby yet.”, She said.

I laughed. “You don’t get pregnant from eating it silly.” I put some on my finger and pretended to eat and said, “mmmm yum”. She tasted a little of it.

“It is ok.”, She said, “tastes salty”

I wanted her to put my dick in her mouth but knew it would take some time and coaxing. I was very patient with her. Knowing I would eventully achieve my goal with gentle coaxing and her curiousity. I cleaned up and we went back to watching tv. She guided my hand to her crotch now.

“Do what you did before please.”, She said.

“I know it feels good but it would be even better if you let me touch there.”, I said.

She undid her pants. She looked at me innocently as I stuck my hand down her pants and ran my middle finger up and down her pussy. I learned from my ex-girlfriend what to do. How to eat pussy and where to touch, ect. Her hips were moving up and down with my rubbing. “That feels good”, she said.

Aw the feel of her soft baldy was amazing. After a short time she closed her hips and tilted her head into my chest. She grabbed my shirt. She let out a soft moan and shook as her legs clamped around my finger as she had her first orgasm.

She kissed me. “That felt wonderful!”, She said.

Later that day we snuck into my room while my parents were outside enjoying the weather. I told her I was going to lick her “pee pee”. That was what she still called it. “Ew why?”, She asked.

“Ew! Because I love doing that.”, I said mockingly.

“Your mean!” She said.

“Uh it feels good and you will like it.”, I said. She finally agreed.

She spread her little legs and showed her treasure chest. I moved open the doors to her treasure chest and found the beautiful pearl inside. I started moving my tongue gently across it. It felt weird to her at first and she clamped her legs across my head. I told her to relax. She took a deep breath and just laid there. After a couple swishes with my tongue She was starting to react. She was moaning and started rocking side to side. I stuck my index finger in her and she got scared. She pulled herself away from me. “What did you do? How did you do that?”, She asked. “Calm down Jen. Come on Sport you know I would not hurt you!”, I said.

“Did you cut me? How did it go inside?”, She asked.

“Do you ever touch yourself down there? There’s a hole. That’s where your babies come out.”, I said. “come on Sport just let me finish.”

We started again. She was nervous now. I just started licking her again. She calmed down and started getting into it again. I stuck my pinky finger into her. I figured it was my smallest finger and it wouldn’t freak her out as much. She got used to my finger being in there. Her hips we’re rocking as I ate her out. Her legs clamped around my head and she rolled to her side as she came. She got recovered and got up.

“I like that!”, She gave me a lip to lip kiss. I showed her how to properly kiss a man. We started making out.

I conquered the parental lock on my phone. I found all the porn sites and watched them with my friends. I watched some with her.

“Watch this is how babies are made!”, I said.

“Is she going to be pregnant?”, She asked.

I laughed. “No they have pills and stuff to prevent that.”.

She was giggling watching the actors and looking at me comparing dick sizes. Lol.

“Wow he is bigger than you!”, She said

“You are going to get whacked with it again!”, I said. “Oh no not that!!!!”, She said sarcastically. I laughed.

“Let’s do this!”, I said. Watching a chick get her ass rammed.

“What stick your thing up my butt?”, She asked.

“Yeah come on it will be fun.”, I said.

“Yeah ok. For you! Probably not for me.”, She said.

“My mom and dad must do it.”, I said, “they use a lubricant. I found it. ”

“Ok but why do you want to do it there? I…I…don’t know about this.”, She said nervously.

“Ok Sport you don’t have to.”, I said. I hugged her and reassured her I wasn’t mad or disappointed. We went and played in the lake.

It took a couple days and a hell of a lot of coaxing and showing her it would not be that bad by using my finger in her. I made an offer to ride all the rollercoasters with her at the amusement park and that was my in. She finally agreed.

In between times I showed her how to suck dick. As usual she was reluctant to do this and I had to talk her into it. “Grab it here and hold it. Open your mouth wide and put the tip in.”, I said. She shook her head. “Ok Jen. Close your eyes. Stick your tongue out.”, I said. She did. She was shaking in anticipation of my touching my penis to her tongue. “Geez calm down Sport you are not going to die! It’s not as gross as you think it is. Women all over the world do this.”, I said. I did it. She opened her eyes as my dick was on her tongue. She opened her mouth and took as much as she could. I told her what to do and for a first timer she did pretty good. I wanted to jack off in her mouth. Again her reluctantcy kicks in. I had to talk her into it. Reminding her she ate some before. She finally let me. She watched as I jacked off. I was surprised that she actually did it. I thought she was going to back off at the last minute but she opened her mouth and let my sperm fly in there. She swallowed it and then went down on my pole and clean the rest of it off. I was so proud of her. I told her and kissed her forehead.

Next day my parents left for a little bit and I was put in charge of her. We went to my bedroom. I started tickling her little body. I lifted her shirt and blew raspberries on her soft belly. She was laughing. I kept doing this up to her nipples. She took her shirt off. I kissed her. Her soft tongue was magic in my mouth. I glided my hand down her chest over stomach and to her pants. I loosened the button and felt her soft panties. She lifted them for me so I could get my hand in as we made out. She bent her legs and spread them.

I felt her soft little slit. She giggled as I touched it at first. I put my cheek against hers as I whispered in her ear. “You are a good girl and I love you!”. She pulled her head back and looked and me innocently. “I love you too!”, She said.

We continued kissing. She stopped and took her pants off. “Give me kisses down there please!”, She begged, “Come on like you do! I love that.”.

What a difference a couple days makes. “Come on kiss me down there please!”, She begged

“What do I get in return then?”, I asked.

“Ugh ok!!”, She said with a sheepish grin. Pretending she didn’t want to do that to me.

She grabbed my cock and put in her mouth. She took it out. “When I get older will I be able to take this whole thing in my mouth?”, She asked.

I told her to just concentrate on sucking it. “I can bite you you know! You really want to talk to me like that?”, She laughed. “I sincerely apologize. Madam.”, I said mockingly. She laughed

Her little mouth was running up and down my dick. Licking the head with her tongue. I felt proud. I taught her well.

Her slit looked like a beautiful slice of pie just waiting to be eaten. I spread her lovely lips and softly danced my tongue on her clit. She moaned as did this to her. Slowly running my finger up and down her slit and sliding it in and pulling out and repeating. Her hips were rocking now as she came closer and closer to her orgasm. She was softly moaning and rocking as she came closer and closer. Her orgasm seem to come in waves. She would close her legs open them, close her legs and open them, and then she finally clamped down on my head. As her body turned to one side I kept licking her and she seized again into another orgasm. She kicking me away as I kept going so I stopped.

I grabbed the lube. Suddenly she had to go to the bathroom. She was doing her best to stall for time. Again I had to use my coaxing skills.

“Come on Jen. Every time I wanted to try something new with you you were reluctant to do it. Kissing your pee pee, putting my thing in your mouth, rubbing your pee pee but now you like all of that stuff. Let’s just try this. You liked everything else I’m sure you’ll like this.”, I said.

She finally agreed. I had her lube up my cock. It was a turn on just watching those little hands rub lotion on my penis. She bent down on the bed hands and knees on the bed. I held her hips and got into position. I lubed up her asshole a little and slowly poked it in. She gasped hard as I did this to her. I slowly slid my cock in an out of her as she made guttural noises. I started slowly picking up pace and giving her what she could handle. She finally got used to it enough that I did it at a nice even pace. Her little ass was so tight against my dick. I loved it. I felt myself about to come. I pushed harder and harder she was making “uh ahhh” sounds with every thrust in. I just let loose. “Uh ehhh uhh”, I said as I blew my load up her ass. I just held myself above her. She laughed. “Not that bad.”, She said. “See. I..I told you.”, I said out of breath. I pulled out. I went and washed my dick and came back and laid with her. “You ok Jen?”, She nodded. She climbed on my chest and made out with me until my parents got back. “I think you rearranged something in there!”, She said and laughed. She was twisting her hips as she stood up trying to get things back in order. I laughed and apologized.

The day she had to go back was the hardest day for me. I wished she could stay with us permanently. I really loved her. The next day I was kind of bummed out. Having to jack off sucked now. LOL. My dad asked, “you miss your little buddy huh? She will be back. It’ll only be a couple months and you’ll see her again. She adores you.” I couldn’t wait for the end of summer. She would usually stay for a whole month with us. Fun times await.

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    Hope you get to fuck her regularly and impregnate her when shes older
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    I want to be coaxed just like this.

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    Nicely done. I hope you continue story.

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    Nicely written. Please continue

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    Very well written story. Reminds me of my little sister Carley and me. I wish I could write it as skilllfully as you. Kudos

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    Simply loved the story. Why live in a box when there is a whole wonderful world out there full of awesome wonderful sex just waiting to plucked up and enjoyed. All females should enjoy sex freely embracing their femininity and sexual desires as they so choose. I don’t care if they are 8 to 80, blind, crippled or just plain crazy. ALL females should NEVER be denied a good cock orgasms when they so choose freely and unconditionally. All young females should be taught the art of sensual sex and foreplay when ever they so choose to which will lead to a very, very healthy sex life.