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Before I knew it I exploded hot sticky cum all over her tiny hands.

I stayed with my sister for a couple of years after I got out of the army.  She had five daughters;  the oldest was 16 and they all were about 2 years apart. They had friends come over to the house to watch TV or play games or have sleepovers. All of there friends had crushes on me,
I was 26 and still in great shape from the army.  I also loved attractive girls of all ages, but I do have a special taste for the young ones.

I would sit down next to them as they watched TV.  I would do a little innocent flirting at first. but soon I would make sure my hand would slide down off of my lap and lean up next to their hip or thigh.  They never shied away from it, so I would start to use my fingers to gently stroke the outside and eventually had my fingers going up the outer shorts or skirts.  and none of them ever pushed me away. they would even come and sit next to me if I was the first one watching TV.  They would never try to touch me. I would always have to be the one to start it. In fact I would do all of it.
They might slide their legs apart a little or move their hips to make it easy for  me but I would still have to make all the moves.

A  couple of the girls I started to move my fingertips inside of their panties from the bottom up.  It was easy to see this was turning them on.  As for me my cock was as hard as  possible.
One of her friends had red hair and freckles, I would slip  her bra straps off of her shoulders.
These three girls I wanted the most. They had me so turned on. I just had to make sure I groomed them correctly. I didn’t want to scare them off and I really didn’t want to get into trouble.
They never showed up on the same day. So I don’t know if they ever talked to each other or how much my nieces knew about what was going on.

One weekend one of my nieces’ friends, about 10 y/o, was staying for a sleepover. In the evening it was cold so everyone was using blankets on them as we watched TV. Before I knew what was happening, My cock was was being stroked by a soft little hand  under the blanket and I was in a total state of euphoria. She then guided one of my hands over to her inner thighs and slid it up her night shirt.  Before I knew it my fingertips were touching her engorged pussy lips.
This sweet little friend of one of my nieces wasn’t wearing any panties. her pussy lips were very warm and moist.

As she kept stroking my cock, all I could do was to keep running by fingertips around her slippery pussy. I put my fingers in up to one knuckle deep and she was softly moaning and looking at me as if she was in love, pure innocent love. Then I started to play with her clit and the look on her face changed to one of lust and she started to buck her hips and she was biting her arm so she wouldn’t moan louder. She started squeezing my cock harder and stroking me faster.
Before I could say or do anything I exploded with a very large load of hot sticky cum right into her hands.

We took a little peek under the blanket and it was a mess all over her hands, arms, belly, legs  and everyone was in the room with us, when it happened. luckily they all concentrated on the TV show. We slipped away and she was able to clean up and put on another night shirt. She had no idea what the cum was, at first she thought it was gross then after I explained it  to her she liked the idea that she was able to make me do it. I gave her some sweet kisses for a few minutes and then we had to sneak back before we were missed.

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    Sounds like fun to me , I liked the story so fuck her on next visit

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    I remember always getting my little tits, ass and young pussy touched and licked. Sometimes it would be under the table playing with others, or eating. Wayching movies, while camping it was the first time I felt the tongue. He pulled my pants down in the tall grass next to the huw and bridge. I tried to hold my pants on, but he layed me down slid my panties off and as soon as I felt his tongue slide up between my pussy lips and ass licking me all over. I spreadvny legs was open for him. When he started at the top (clit)didnt know then) and was licking and sucking I held is head down and kept his face burried i had my first O. As he was trying to getchis head up before getting busted between my legs.

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      Hot is a good description of you! Want to talk?