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Daddies little angel – part 2

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Part 2 of the story of my adopted daughter Ariana

Ariana was growing into the cutest little girl, her blond hair and blue eyes were striking and she had skinny little legs and a perky little bottom. I adored my baby girl and we settled into our routine, with me dropping her off at day care while I was at work and then coming home to watch cartoons together, have dinner, bath and then bed time.

At bath time, I would put bubble bath in and leave Ariana to splash around and play while the bath filled up. When the bath was full, I would strip off and join her in the bath and she would sit between my legs and play with her bath toys while I lay back and soaked. I loved it when her naked little body rubbed against my cock as she played, and enjoyed feeling my cock get hard from the taboo contact with my daughter. Most days I would wash her hair as she sat between my legs, her tiny little back pressed up against my throbbing cock. Then I would rinse her hair off and get her to stand in front of me as I washed her from head to toe. I loved feeling her firm little bum as I washed it, so small that I could cup both cheeks in one hand. Once I had washed her back and bum, she would turn around and I would wash her front for her, she had a puffy little pussy and as I washed her I would slide my finger down her little slit.

It hadn’t occurred to me that at her young age she would have any sexual desire, but one evening I walked into the bathroom to find her with her skinny little legs spread wide and holding her bald pussy up against the running tap as the bath filled up. It was clear that she liked the feeling of the running water hitting her cute little slit and stimulating her tiny clit. It was a turn on to realise that my little angel had sexual desires and I started to pay more attention to her little princess parts during bath time. I would soap up my hands and massage and rub her pert little bottom, exploring between her cheeks, then turn her around and massage her bald little pussy, running my finger up and down her slit, teasing her little clit. She would always respond by pressing her little pussy into my hand, clearly enjoying the feeling.

After our bath, I would dry us off and then the two of us would go to bed. I have always slept in the nude and Ariana would be naked as well. She would snuggle up against me, her head on my chest and usually her bald little pussy pressed innocently against my leg, one of her skinny little legs across me, tempting and teasing my cock with the feel of her soft skin, she had no idea what thoughts she was causing her daddy to have as she naively let her little leg rest on my cock while I read her a story as she lay in my arms.

After story time, it was always the same, with one arm I would gently hold my little angel against me, my hand cupping her tiny little bum her head on my chest. With my other hand I would start rubbing my cock not saying anything to her and not actively involving her. Laying on my back, masturbating with the thrill of the taboo of having my naked little daughter in my arms as I touched myself. I would often cum quite quickly, my cock throbbing and pulsing as my cum spurted out, I loved it when I got cum on Ariana either on her little arm or leg.

Then one night, as I laid there Ariana snuggled up against me as I started to rub my cock I got the urge to feel her little hand on me. My cock was rock hard and with my little blond angel snuggled up against me, her skinny little leg hooked around my leg as she lay on her side with her bald little pussy pressed against me. Without saying a word, I took her little hand in mine and placed her hand on my cock, it was like an electric shock through my body, the thrill was intense with my heart pounding I felt like I would cum in an instant. My cock felt huge in her tiny little hand, her fingers unable to wrap around it as I gently wanked myself using her hand inside mine.

Her hand was so soft and small, her little forearm didn’t seem to be much bigger than my cock and I continued to slowly guide her little hand up and down my throbbing cock. My heart felt like it was going to explode and I could barely breath as for the first time, I involved my little angel actively in stimulating myself. It did not take long, her little hand running up to the top of my cock and the pre-cum coating her fingers felt intense and after a few strokes with my hand covering her little hand I squeezed her hand onto the top of my cock and came.

I arched my back lifting my butt off the bed as I squeezed her tiny little hand around the head of my cock, I felt like I was going to black out from the intense feelings. Her hand felt so small, or my cock felt huge it is hard to say which as I felt my thick creamy cum squirt into her tiny hand, covering her little palm and fingers with my cum. We lay there for what felt like an eternity as my cock throbbed and pulsed in her little fist, my cum running down her wrist as I told her what a special little girl she was and how much daddy loved her.

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    Mmmmmm, so fucking hot!!! When did Ariana begin to stroke you on her own, without you guiding her? I bet it didn’t take too many times before that happened. I’m enjoying your memories of her sexual awakening. I’m anxious to read more. Thank you, Daddy. I’m enjoying stroking my cock as I read too!!! I love masturbating as I learn of your treasure girl getting more and more aware and desirous of your big hard cock and balls. Once you start fucking her, she’ll be riding you every night or spreading her sweet little naked thighs for you to penetrate her pussy as far as possible. Love it!!!
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    Write more of the story please

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    Keep this hot horny story going .

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      Hell yeah