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Raping The Neighbor Girl

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He raped his helpless, young neighbor. She couldn’t stop him and was forced to submit to him.

He got up from the couch when he heard a knock on the door. Looking through the hole, he saw his young, hot neighbor standing outside looking stressed. It was raining and her skimpy clothes were already soaked.
He quickly opened it and invited her inside, asking her what was wrong.
She grateful accepted the invitation and stepped inside, explaining that she had locked herself out of her house when she went to get the mail. She hadn’t expected to see anyone, so she hadn’t bothered to put on much clothes and was now covering her hard nipples from him.
He guided her to his couch and convinced her to give her clothes to him so he could dry them. He told her he would get her a towel on the way back.
However, when he got back he not only did not have a towel, he didn’t have any clothes on either.
She gasped when she realized what happened. He was going to make her have sex with him. She curled up, not missing how his cock got harder when she moved.
He went over to her and sat down beside her. He told her that if she wanted her clothes back she was going to have to do whatever he wanted her to.
She nodded shakily, not wanting to anger him.
He made her sit on his lap facing him and started touching her boobs. Reveling in their firm and perky shape.
His hands moved down her side and grabbed her ass. Then one hand went to her pussy and cupped it roughly. He slid his hand between her folds and could feel her starting to get wetter.
He rubbed her hard clit before sliding a finger inside. Her puissy gripped his finger as he moved it slowly.
He added another finger, making her uncomfortably tight. She squirmed as he moved them faster, not liking how wet her pussy was getting.
His cock was leaking precum as he played with her body. But soon he couldn’t wait any longer. He picked her up and placed her over his cock, she was crying, but he didn’t care. He slammed her down on his cock and buried his cock in her delicious pussy.
Tears were streaming down her cheek as he pumped her with his cock. Her pussy fit him like a glove, filling him with need for more. Soon he could feel the tell tale signs that she was cuming. She might like it, but she was going to cum on his cock.
With a couple more deep strokes and some clit stimulation, she cried out in pleasure as she squirted all over him. She couldn’t believe how her body had betrayed her.
Wanting to take advantage of her while he could, he picked her up and flipped her over the back of the couch and spread her ass cheeks.
He started fucking her again slowly and methodically with her played with her asshole. He paused for a moment and dipped his finger into her pussy, getting it nice and wet before continuing. Then he forced it into her tight ass, feeling it clench in resistance.
She lay limply, having given up on stopping him. She cried softly while he fingered he asshole, having now added another finger.
Deciding that she was ready enough, he pulled out of her pussy and forced it into her ass. He nearly came as her ass muscles clenched tightly around him, squeezing his cock.
When he bottomed out, he did not give her any time to adjust, but started thrusting hard and fast. He was slamming against her ass, making loud clapping noises as he fucked her desperately.
Her asshole was so tight that it didn’t take long before he felt the urge to cum.
He held it back a little longer before plowing into as deep as he could and emptying his load deep in her ass.
Since his cock was still hard, he sat on the couch and pulled her on top of his cock again. Then he watched tv, occasionally thrusting deeper in her to remind her of what he did to her, until he was getting tired and needed to get some sleep.
He turned off the tv and took her to bed with him, afterall, how was he supposed to help her with how late it was, and she was already there and he had plenty of room for her in his bed.
And he could fuck her whenever he got horny during the night.

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