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Little cousin Maisie

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Had to take a shower with my cousin to save money and water while living in temporary accommodation and we ended up having great sex.

I, my brother, my mom, my auntie and my cousin had to live in temporary accommodation for a while because our moms lost their jobs when the factory closed down and we got evicted from our homes because they couldn’t afford the rents.

The accommodation was in a bed and breakfast place and we all had to share one room, it was tiny and cramped, there were two double beds, we kids shared one and our moms shared the other.

It was fine at first but after living in that one room for nearly a year it was getting frustrating, especially as I was now 14 years old and going through a lot of changes, my hormones were raging through my body, and my 10 year old cousin, Maisie, had grown a lot over the last year and because she slept in between me and my 10 year old brother, I would often feel her warm body against mine while we slept and I’d keep getting massive boners.

I spent a lot of nights secretly jerking myself off under the covers and ejaculating on the back of her pyjamas.

Then one day I took it to the next level.

The owner of the bed and breakfast had told everyone that because so many people were staying there, and they only had one bathroom, and hot water was costing a lot of money, all the kids and couples would have to shower together to save money and water.

So one night I, my brother and Maisie were told by our moms to go shower together, although Maisie and my brother would have been fine showering together, our moms seemed to overlook the fact that I was going through puberty and putting me in a small shower cubicle with a naked girl probably wasn’t a good idea, and it wasn’t.

We headed to the bathroom with our towels and wash bags, we started to take our clothes off but then Maisie ran back to our room because she forget her shampoo, me and my brother stripped and got in the shower, a few seconds later Maisie came back and locked door, she took off her clothes and got in to the shower with us, that was the first time in my life I’d seen a naked girl.

At first she was facing away from me and she had a nice round butt, she was thin and her long brown hair hung down her back and I watched her hair slowly turn darker as it soaked up the shower water, then she turned around, she began to pour body wash over herself and rub it all over her face and body, she had tiny pink nipples and as the body wash created white suds, the water washed the soap down her body, my eyes followed the lines of soap bubbles as they dripped down and then I saw her pussy.

The soap ran along the groves and curves between her legs and around her pussy, I was too busy staring at her hot little naked body that I didn’t notice that my cock had boned up, I quickly turned around and faced the corner, luckily neither of them saw it.

A few minutes later, my brother, who never really liked getting a bath or shower anyway, complained there wasn’t enough room in the shower, so he got out, quickly dried himself off, put on his pyjamas and then left, I leaned my arm out and put the door lock back on, it was just me and Maisie now.

I casually turned around, she was facing away from me again and washing her front, I grabbed her hair, telling her I’d wash it for her, it was as soft as silk, I swept my hands along her shoulders, and then down her arms, my boner expanded even more.

Maisie dropped her sponge and bent over to pick it up, the head of my cock rubbed against her butt crack as she bent down, then down the crack of her pussy, she felt it touch her and she stood back up and turned around to see what it was, she looked at my cock with surprise and when she lifted her head to look at me, I put my arms around her and pulled her in close so our bodies were touching, then I kissed her right on the lips.

I guess I must have been a good kisser because her body relaxed, she dropped her sponge out of her hand and then wrapped her hands around my waist and kissed me back, my rock hard boner was pressed flat against her stomach and in that moment I knew I was going to fuck her.

We stopped kissing when I was taken by surprise as Maisie pushed her hand between us, curled her tiny fingers around my shaft and then began to rub it, I asked her how she knew how to do that and she said she’d seen me doing it in bed when I thought she was asleep at the time.

I pushed my hand between her legs and felt her soft wet little pussy then I fingered her and we were masturbating each other and kissing with the hot water raining down over us.

She surprised me again when she got on her knees and slipped the head of my cock in to her mouth and sucked on it, I asked her why she was doing that, I didn’t even know about blowjobs, she said she didn’t know, that she just had an urge to do it.

After intensely enjoying a few minutes of her soft moist tongue swirling around the head of my cock, I couldn’t take it any longer, my body, my mind, and especially my cock were demanding I fuck her, I reached down under her arm pits and lifted her up, throwing her arms over my shoulders, then I grabbed hold of her butt and as her legs swung around my back and clamped on to my waist, I pushed her back against the tiles.

I was kissing her wildly on her lips and her neck, then the head of my cock was slowly sucked in between her wet and soapy slap and within seconds my cock slid through her hole and penetrated deep inside her.

As she tilted her head back crying out and moaning with pleasure, I slid my cock repeatedly in and out of her tight little virgin pussy, my sexual and reproductive instincts kicked in, my hormones went in to overdrive and I fucked her hard against the tiles

I felt so alive and Maisie was loving it, this little girl was moaning like she’d been waiting for this moment her entire life, even though she was only 10 years old, she even asked me a couple of times to do it harder which I was more than happy to do.

I pounded her pussy for a good five minutes and then I ejaculated, my buttocks clenched, my hips thrusted forward and I forced the entire length of my cock up inside her, only stopping when my balls prevented it from going any further in, I groaned as I shot my load several times, even I felt my warm come inside of her as it drowned the head of my cock.

We kissed briefly and then I pulled out my cock, she untangled her legs from around my waist and stood back on the floor, some of my come dripped from between her legs and got washed down the pipes with the shower water.

We turned off the shower then got dried and dressed in our pyjamas, constantly smiling at each other, and we kissed again before leaving the bathroom.

Maisie and I always looked forward to taking a shower together after that, waiting for my brother to finish and leave the bathroom, then we’d fuck like rabbits.

We are cousins but secretly boyfriend and girlfriend now, I can’t get enough of her tight little pussy and can’t wait for her to start growing boobs so I can have fun with those too.

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