Cat: Rape

Little girls

One thing I’ve never been proud of in life is my obsession with little girls, first, it was just watching petite girl porn you know extraxxx small stuff then I began reading hentia... # # #

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[911] send… “9-11, what’s your emergency?” “Yeah, I think somebody’s breaking into my house?” # # #

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Abused and raped from my dad

I was abused and repeatedly raped for 6 years since i was 10 from my dad who adopted me, this is my worst story and nightmare of my life. # # #

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The Shower

This is the oldest fantasy that I still have a copy of. Based mostly on my assumptions. #

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Hot girl on a school trip

I raped a girl in the toilets by the beach when I was on a school trip. She was hot, I had a boner, what was I suppose to do. # #

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This is a true story, based on works of fiction. No copywrite infringement applies, because it’s Not For Profit. # # #

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alone with my older brother

I was sitting in the basement on my brother’s beanbag playing on his ps4 when he got out of the shower I turned and didn’t expect to see my brother’s soft cock it... # # #

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