Cat: Rape

A Hired Hand On The Farm Taped Me

I grew up on a farm. We grew hay and tobacco. Daddy had to hire men to help with cutting, baling and putting the bales up in the barn. Then he hired men with the tobacco to cut, strip... # #

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Rape stories

Tell me your best rape. How did it happen? Did you plan it? Did you feel bad? Was it your first? Write a short story in the comments. #

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My Step-dad Punished Me With His Dick

My mom remarried a couple of years after she divorced my dad. My step dad was nice enough in the beginning but he found out I was kind of a wild child and he didn’t like it. I... # #

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Work Work Work 6

They all looked at the opening wall, Vicky gasped, but no one else did in the room, this put some fear in her body, what they all looked at was a 20ftx20ft room of sex machines, all... # # # #

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Work Work Work 5

It is now Friday morning, Donna and Vicky 321 322 get up at 0500 like every morning, but this time it is not just them in the room, they look around and see at least 15 more girls in... # # # #

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Stephen Only Wanted Pussy

Did you ever feel used? I know I’ve slept around a lot but I never felt used because when I wanted to fuck whoever I was with, I did. I can’t say I was being used if I wanted... #

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Cured my lesbo sister

My sister and I (17F & 17M) are twins but we have never been close. Recently I came home early from my part-time job and needed something from her but when I entered her room, I... # # # #

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