Cat: Rape

“What did you do!?”

Ivelisse T., (born in 1973), is the mother of three children: Wesley R. (date of birth, January 4, 1993), Marcos S. (date of birth, December 18, 1998), and Rosaly S. (date of birth,... # #

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Daddys lil sissy

My mum had just left us, just walk out the door and my dad was pissed he punched the wall, the door as well as the table. I was scared I sat on the stairs crying I knew I caused this,... # # #

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My rape story

I was 15 the place was a public bathroom. I thought I was safe I thought I locked there door but the door must’ve been faulty. I went into the bathroom to clean up something I... # # #

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Gutter Whore

This is a fictional story of a sex addicted whore with depraved sexual cravings. It covers most perversions and is quite extreme in parts. # # #

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Bike ride

This happened to me when I was just 15 . I was different, though I was gay but after this happened it changed me and I’m no longer gay . I’m now married to a woman and have 2 kids... # # #

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It was a dark lit night in downtown. Amy was making her way home on the city bus while visiting a friend. The connection center in downtown wasn’t very well lit and to get to... # # #

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My name is linsey. I was 16. I had my first job, a lifeguard. I was so excited. I have been a swimmer since I was 5 so this was a very fitting job for me. I was the youngest person... # # #

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