Cat: Rape

Raping girl for being rude

I (14 M) was sitting in a back lane on a broken wooden bench on a call to my friend. It was about 8 pm and it was winter so it was really dark. A girl walked past staring at me, she... # #

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Horny mom

Im Julia Reed, 36, with a 14 year old. My husband and I divorced awhile back. I think the main reason was the sex, not good at all. However recently I have found a new way to get myself... # # #

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Babysitting the bratty sister

I was in front of my computer desk. It was on one side of my room. The bed was on the other side of its tv on one wall by the door. I sat in the chair watching incest porn on my laptop... # # # #

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Devil in train

This story is about how I fucked a vendor on the train mercilessly. Leaving her filled with cum on the floor of toilet. # #

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me and my cousin

Im maya 5’2 bubble butt D size breast. My cousin was 5’8 i was 10 and he was 15. So one day I was at my aunt’s house and I was playing with my cousins. So when it was time... # # # #

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I rape my daughter

Short story! My daughter is let’s say 12 yrs old, she is a beautiful girl with a heart of gold but sexy aswell which turns me on. I watch my daughter shower and bath as I set... # # # #

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Dark encounter

Cameron jogged the same route every morning. The morning run helped keep her figure trim and tight, something she held great pride in. She ran down the same streets with a beaming smile,... # # #

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Raping Macy in the car

I was twenty years old, still living with my parents and taking a year off after graduating from mandatory school system. Back in the days, I was pretty much a good looking jock, attending... # # # #

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No longer (A rape poem)

(Girls prespective) To anyone normal Anyone without all-seeing eyes Would just have saw a little ten year old girl and her father walking down the street Not a predator and his prey.... # # #

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