Cat: Rape

Raped a burglar

A burglar broke in to our house when our parents were away. My sister and I knocked him out, tied him up and raped his cock for hours. # # #

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Becoming Stepbrother’s Slave 1

My name is Missy i am a 20 year old girl living with my Father(Mike 40) his wife (Emily 36) and Emily’s son ( Alex 14).I personally don’t like my stepfamily but have to... # #

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Red Room

It’s hard, but finally you open your eyes. A rush of panic crashes like a wave. Where are you? You don’t know this place, that much is for sure. # #

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How I fucked her niece

This all started after I raped my aunt she now was scared of me and I liked that. Any she has a niece who’s I wanna say 10 but man does she have a fat ass and nice chubby boobs. I... # #

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