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Author: Bruc3L

Bought daughters teacher a dildo

Was on the school council at my daughters school and had to visit a teacher at her home on a few occasions and we hit it off. I’d known her since she was very young and lived near... #

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Sister in a wheelchair

John S, who sad I love reading your stories wish you would write more. Well here you go buddy. This story takes place about 3 months ago. My in around 3 months ago. My sister Samantha... # # # #

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After Wheelchaired sister Fingerbanged

My sister asked me after we’d eaten to take her to the toilet. I assisted her onto the toilet No knickers to remove as they were still in my pocket. Not sure why but I turned my back... #

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Wheelchaired sister, fingerbanged

I’ve already posted on here about my sister sucking me off in her wheelchair. But we have found that when someone is crouched down facing her you can gain access easily and with the... # #

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Cousins daughter sucks part 6

Premiss of this story is the mix and match of having mother and daughter or as in this case cousin and niece. My last night here in my cousin’s house is come to help them move in... # # #

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