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Wrestle little sister to get my way

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My sister and I were always close I am a few years older. We did however always fight over stuff today it was keys
to my shed where my bike was And when I mean fight I mean wrestle. I was on the school team and she always mocked me in my leotard singlet.
One day I (m14) was kitted out ready to go to practice when she started poking fun at me. She was tiny for her age (12) 4foot 11 on tip toe and let’s be honest a little over weight. Small tits and big ass as I used to say. Well to cut this short. She had the keys and she wasn’t giving them up without a fight so I made out I was angry and gave her a bear hug lifting her off the ground making sure my cock was level with her butt. Not having any effect I placed her down on the floor and sat astride her my cock
Pushing against her small breasts. She struggles to get free by saying she was going to punch my balls.
She didn’t, what she did do was slid one hand in sine the leg of my outfit and found my dick.
It was so nice to feel her smooth small hand on my swiftly hardening dick.
I let her play for a bit befor emaking out I was searching for the keys.
She was in a fling t shirt and shorts so not many hiding places. No pockets so I squeezed her boobs to see if they were in her bra.
They were because I’d seen her put them there. But I still put my hand inside her shorts to feel how wet her pussy was.
And it was. Very wet.
I rolled her over making her pull her hand out of my shorts. Now she was on top.
She positioned herself on my covered cock and began dry humping me.
She was looking into my eyes and I realised she was really enjoying riding me in this way.
I pulled her t shirt clean over her head releasing her tits.
Grabbing them sent her over the edge making her buck me gripping my shoulders to get more purchase on me.
I was close to coming and moved my hips to meeet hers.
As she squealed with pleasure I shot my load in my wrestling gear warm and sticky cum inside my kit meant I wasn’t going to practice and she had won!
I went to my room to remove my kit and she went into the shower followed closely by me as we started on round two.

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  • Reply Hardon ID:1enxflfkcc61

    I wood love to fuck his tight little ass and cum inside him

  • Reply Yung lover ID:1euch8owj2n3

    Part 2 plz tell us about the shower

  • Reply Jason ID:1dgjts53ud8c

    Cant wait til my kids get older and my son slips into my daughter while wrestling and have that innocent accidental look

    • Yung lover ID:1euch8owj2n3

      How old r they now