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Bath with mum takes a new turn

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A regular bath with my mum takes a brand new turn.

My name is Lucas and I am 11 years old. My parents split up a year ago and now I live with my mum in a single bedroom flat.

It was a Friday afternoon and I had just finished school for half term. Mum picked me up and we went home. Once we got home, mum made me my dinner and then said it was time for a bath. Me and mum would bath together because it would save water plus mum didn’t trust me to wash myself properly either. Whilst the bath was filling up, we both went to our room and removed our clothes. I was wearing my white school polo with grey school shorts, grey socks and blue boxers. Mum was wearing a purple t-shirt with blue jeans, black socks, a pink bra and pink thongs. We put our clothes in the laundry basket ready for them to be washed and once we were both naked we went back to the bathroom and got in the nice warm bath with my body facing away from mum.

Mum got the jug and started putting water on my hair to get it wet. Then she got shampoo and began washing my hair telling me to keep my eyes shut so shampoo didn’t get in. After that she would apply shower gel to my body starting with my arms followed by my shoulders; then my stomach, then my back, then my bum, then my willy finishing it off with my legs. Mum was always gentle washing my body, not pressing too hard but making sure it was clean.

Just as mum was about to wash her body, I asked her “mum how come I don’t get to wash you”? She replied “because I’m an adult and can was my own body, you’ll be able to do that someday.”
“But mum I don’t think it’s fair that you get to wash me when I never get to wash you” I replied. She then noticed that I was feeling a bit upset as she wouldn’t let me wash her so to cheer me up she said “ok if you want you can wash me”
“Thanks mum” I said and gave her a kiss on her cheek.
So I got the shower gel and began rubbing it on mums body. I put it on her arms first then I put it on her boobs. “Mum your boobs are really nice” I said.
“Aww thanks Lucas” she replied. I then began to wash her belly then I began washing her pubic hair and vagina. But then she said “Um Lucas, you can’t touch that, I’ll have to wash that myself”
“But mum you said I could wash you” I replied.
“I know but my vagina can only be touched me, sorry Lucas.”
“But you get to wash my Willy” I said. I then started to get a bit upset but then she was like “Ok then you can wash my vagina, and my bum”
“Thanks” I said giving her a kiss on the cheek. So then I washed her vagina, then her legs. After that she rolled over and let me wash her back and her bum. Touching her body had me erect, but she couldn’t see until she tuned around.

“Oh Lucas, do you know what’s happened to your Willy?”
“No mum, why has it got all big” I said feeling slightly anxious.
“Because you washing my body has made you feel like that. You are attracted to me in a sexual way. But it’s ok because it’s perfectly normal and nothing to be embarrassed about” she said.
I was started to feel like I couldn’t control myself so I asked her “can you help make it go away”.
She said “Ok then, I’ll try my best.”

So she got her hand and begin rubbing it. “You like that” she said.
“Yeah mum I do”
“Good boy, if I carry on like this it’ll go away.”
I was starting to feel like I was seeing mum in a sexual way. I’d been learning about sex in school so I knew what it was. So I then asked her “mum how does sex feel?”
“It feels good Lucas” she said
“Can I try with you” I asked. Mum thought I’d get upset if she said no. “Ok once we are out the bath, you can give it a try.”

We got out the bath, dried up and went to the bedroom. She laid on the bed facing me and she spread her legs out. “So you see this bit here, put your willy in there, I will guide you.” As she helped guide my willy into her vagina I couldn’t believe it. I was about to have sex with my own mum. So as it went in, she told me to thrust my body forwards and backwards, whilst placing my hands on the side of her body kissing her on the lips. But then, I couldn’t do it anymore as I had apparently ejaculated inside my mum. She gave me a kiss on the lips and I took my willy out her vagina.
“Did you have fun Lucas”
“Oh yeah mum” I said, giving her a kiss on the lips.

We then cuddled each other and both fell asleep. It was the best day of my life.

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  • Reply wierd6 ID:63j3cyft0b

    Nice fantacy

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    what a great mum, best person to learn from

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1e7l21zj7tkr

    That was a good mama

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    Tell ys what happened after. I know you went back and fucked her again and again

  • Reply Nick ID:3n9wao7bqri

    I hope this story continues or u make more like this one