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Punished with rape

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My sister went too far and pushed dad over the edge, he made an example of her in front of us all.

My 15 year old sister Jodie had been stealing money from dad’s wallet for weeks, he caught her and told her never to do it again, but she didn’t listen, she did it again, and this time dad got pissed.

It was about 8pm and dad had been sleeping that day because he was working the night shift, me, my 2 other brothers, younger sister, Jodie and mom were in the front room watching TV, we heard dad shout upstairs.

“Fuck!”, then stomping feet coming down the stairs, “Where is that fucking bitch.” He shouted, storming in to the front room, Jodie was sitting on the sofa, wearing her yoga top and shorts, painting her toenails, dad raged straight towards her.

She dropped the nail paint bottle on the floor when she saw the anger on his face, she raised her arm to shield herself thinking he was going to hit her, “Dad – what?!” she said in a panicked.

“You stole money from my wallet again.” He snapped.

“I’m sorry. Dad I’m sorry.” She sniffled, starting to cry, knowing she’d gone too far this time.

“You will be. You fucking little bitch.” He snapped, then he grabbed her arms and held her down on the sofa before turning to mom, “Go in the kitchen, get the rope from the drawer.” he demanded.

Mom went to the kitchen and brought back the rope, dad tied Jodie up with the rope, but in a weird pose, he had her on her back, he bent her legs up to her shoulders and tied her ankles together, then he grabbed her arms and pulled them around the back of her legs and tied her wrists together, she was on her back unable to move with her ass directed towards dad, and he spanked her extremely hard repeatedly.

Jodie cried and cried, “I’m sorry – I’m sorry – Dad stop.”.

“You’re going to learn some god damn respect.” He growled, loosening his belt and unbuttoning his jeans.

As he let his jeans fall to the ground he reached down and tore off Jodie’s top, shorts and panties like they were made of tissue paper, exposing her naked body to the entire family, my brothers and sister tried to leave but dad got angry and ordered us to stay and watch, “You watch this. This is what happens when you steal from me. You fuck me. I fuck you.” He said.

“Mom, make him stop.” Begged Jodie.

“Don’t look at me. He warned you not to steal again. I wash my hands of you.” Mom replied.

“Dad – Daddy – No!!!!!” Jodie screamed.

Dad pulled his big hairy erect cock out of his boxers and with a single thrust, he pushed it in to Jodie’s pussy, she screamed again and dad started to pound her very hard on the sofa, “Yeah, you’re earning that money now, uh.” he groaned as he raped the hell out of her.

All we could do was watch and listen to his groans, Jodie’s cries, and the sounds of their flesh slapping against each other as he thrust in to her relentlessly, “Daddy’s got something for you. I got something for you right here. Here it comes.” He said.

“Ungh – Dad!”
“Here it is…Oooooaaah….” He groaned and he ejaculated in to her filling her pussy with so much spunk we saw it leaking out the sides of her pussy with his cock still inside her, “…There you go. You can have that for free.” He said.

He pulled out his cock and his spunk gushed from her pussy like a waterfall, “Don’t you ever fucking steal from this family again. Do you understand me?” he yelled.

Jodie nodded in compliance, still crying her eyes out.

Dad ordered us to leave her there tied up for the rest of the night and not to speak to her, just pretend she didn’t exist, we complied because we didn’t want to cross him, not after seeing that.

We left her on the sofa when we all went to bed, dad came home in the morning and untied her, Jodie actually apologised to dad to for making him rape her, she took all the blame and even gave him a hug and thanked him for teaching her that stealing is wrong.

My family is fucked up.

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  • Reply Biggus Dickus ID:1bdtuvkt82

    3 things combined are almost certain to help someone realise their mistake and want to be better. This situation gave all 3, which is probably why she thanked and hugged him in the mornint as she realised it was her mistake.

    1. Pain, pain is always been used for lessons so its not surprising that itd indeed help people learn mistakes

    2. humiliation, like being told youre wrong while being spanked in an awkward or public position, or in this case tied up and nude being filled with cum with your siblings and parents right there

    3. pleasure, without pleasure a punishment can often seem unfair and create a will for vengeance and hate, but with some pleasure the girl or boy calms down from the pain a bit and is more susceptible to having their minds changed. While your sister probably didnt feel much pleasure from the sex itself, being tied up there filled with hot cum is bound to start feeling exciting if you do it so many hours. Adding pleasure to punishment is indeed a taboo and considered wrong and in most cases illegal, but you cant deny the positive results

  • Reply Kik rinnybb/f13 ID:5rht6ftj8l5

    damn it’s pretty fucked up but sounds so tempting

  • Reply Thomas ID:7ylrenqb0i9

    I will make brother have fun with her too

  • Reply Jason ID:5u1d7cdqra3

    Have she learn or did dad have to Re teach her the lesson.

  • Reply 1 ID:3zxjp0lg4996

    Age and how?

  • Reply Joe ID:3zxjovj86i97

    I’ll makeu cum over and over again ann

  • Reply AdultRP ID:202m32dm9d2

    Do you have a Kik Ann?

  • Reply IncestLove ID:5u1d7ce20ip


  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fiin

    And no one else fucked her during the night I have a hard time believing that tied up naked pussy somebody playing with it

  • Reply Lewd chick ID:vzi12c2h4

    I would’ve enjoyed that 😅

    • Le ID:7ylren4oic0

      Lewd chick. Anyway to chat with you?

    • AdultRP ID:202m32dm9d2

      I would have went right after dad and fucked her in the ass. She needed it. My Kik is open if you want to talk about that

    • Ann ID:vuf1mxzl2

      I want someone to do that to me