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My life with Ruth pt 3

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Ruth set me up with her 12 yo daughter Megan and watched the whole thing.

I walked out the front door after fucking Megan and was standing face to face with Ruth.
Turn your ass around and get back into the house young man.
I raised my eyebrows in surprise, and started to say something, but she said, “nah! Just turn yourself around and march inside. Megan was in the kitchen rinsing out the popcorn bowl and glasses.

What exactly was going on here while I was away? Megan, did I tell you that you could have a boy over? What were you and your boyfriend doing?

Boyfriend? He’s your boyfriend mom. He came over to see you.

Really? Take off your panties. Eric, lift her up onto the counter please.

She slowly pulled her panties down, while starting to cry. I picked up her light body and set her butt down on the edge of the counter. Ruth walked over and spread Megan’s legs. She spread her bald pussy open and looked at it closely.

You’re pussy looks pretty red and used.

She then licked it. Probing it inside and out. You taste like cum. Eric, lick her cunt and tell me if she tastes like cum.

I hesitated and she said, do what I tell you young man.

I got between her legs and started eating. I could definitely taste my cum. Once I was back in there, I was instantly hard, and started licking in earnest.

That’s right boy, if you make a mess in my house, you clean it up. Eat that sperm . You like sperm don’t you? DON’T YOU?

I nodded yes as I continued to lick my 12 yo lover.

We’ll have to find you more sperm to eat some day. But now show me what you were doing to your girlfriend when I was gone. Go on, show me how much you’re in love with my daughter.

I undid my pants and dropped them to the floor. My cock was standing straight out. I pushed it into Megan’s wet hole. Megan let out a sigh.

You like that don’t you little girl, Ruth said.

Uh huh,

Does your boyfriend fuck you good?


I hope he knocks you up. That’s what you want isn’t it?
I came in just a few minutes.
I looked over at Ruth. She was fingering her pussy and squeezing her nipple.
Eric, clean up your mess. Then help Megan with straightening things up here. I’m going to bed. You can sleep in your new girlfriend’s bed.

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  • Reply Kinky old man nothing like fucking some ID:upy1mp43

    Ohh yeah sweet young pussy to fuck and lick 😋 any out there

  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbql

    Megan and Ruth both need your cock . Breed both of them