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My brother shared his little secret with me. Literally

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My niece is 10 and she’s been coming over more often since my brother switched shifts. Sometimes she stayed the weekend to play with my kids around the same age or for an overnight. I swear she has this sassy flirty Attitude with me, but because she’s young I never put thought into it. One day she was in my office and spilled juice on my desk and a lot of my paperwork got wet. She apologized so many times after I yelled at her. I was still upset and she randomly got on her knees and put her hand on my dick through my pants. I really flipped out and she went outside by herself. I cooled down and went to find her. I apologized for being so mean and asked why she did what she did. She answered “when daddy gets mad, he likes his dick sucked.” That threw me off. I asked if they do anything else and she said yes.

The next day when dropping her off, I had that talk with my brother thinking he was going to deny everything. I said she was on her knees and touched me. He asked how was she. I was really thrown off. He told me that they have been fooling around for a year or so and she’s really getting good now. I was really speechless. I asked if they had sex. He said “We started off with anal for a while but I couldn’t resist her pussy because it’s perfect. Ask her to show you next time.” I didn’t know what to really say. I went home and tried staying busy all day, but I just kept thinking of her on her knees.

Few days later she spent the night and my wife went out with the kids, my niece wanted to stay with me. I checked her out a little walking around. She actually had a cute body. Tan. Pointy nipples and a plump ass. I couldn’t remember the last time I got head and haven’t had sex in about a week and a half. My dick had a mind of its own. I went in my office and sat in my recliner and yelled her name. I pretended to be upset when she came in and asked if she touched my computer without asking. (I knew she played a game earlier). She seemed confused why I was upset and nodded. I undid my belt to test the waters, she got on her knees and asked if she could suck me. I had this guilty feeling, but was so horny. I nodded and she undid my pants, I slid my pants partially down in the back and let her free my from my briefs. My dick sprung out at her and she looked at it. Longest 2 seconds of my life until she grabbed it with both hands and put it in her mouth. I closed my eyes and relaxed. She was surprisingly good even though she only fit half of my 7 inches in her mouth. I asked if she could take her shirt off and she didn’t hesitate. I sat up and helped her. She had no boobs but really pointy nipples. I pulled her head towards my dick and touched them. I gave them soft pinches and she moaned. I felt more comfortable knowing she liked it.

It was only a few minutes in, but because I was still nervous, I knew it was going to take me a while to cum. I came right out with it, “So I heard your Daddy say you have a really nice pussy. Is that true?” She was all shy and said she thinks so. I asked if she wanted to bend over for me. I pulled her pants down and he was right. I don’t know how to explain it, but she had the pussy of a grown woman. No hair yet, but very big lips. I spread them open and my heart skipped a beat. I’ve never seen such a tiny hole before. I buried my face in it from behind. She surprised me saying “Oh fuck that feels so good.” I pulled back and asked what she said. She repeated it so I smacked her ass for swearing. What does she do? Moans. So I gave her another and another. Another 2 moans. I couldn’t believe it. I buried my face again and licked until she had a little orgasm. Her pussy and asshole twitching got me harder than I ever been.

I say back in my chair and pulled her on top. Her hot pussy pressed firmly against my shaft. I sucked on her nipples and she moaned and moved up and down my dick. It was teasing the fuck out of me. I spanked her ass and ran my fingers over her holes. I looked over at the clock and realized what time it was. My wife was due back any time. I told her we had to hurry and picked her up and carried her to the back bedroom. She got on all fours and pointed her cute butt at me. I felt stuck for a second. I placed my hand on her ass and put my face close to hers. I asked if she knew what I was about to do and if she was okay with it. Again, she shocked me saying “Yes I’m okay. What hole do you want? My butt still hurts from daddy yesterday, but I think I can take it if you want.” Now, I haven’t had my wife’s ass since our last anniversary, it was tempting, but I didn’t want to hurt her. I pushed my head in and grabbed onto her shoulders. It went in much easier than I thought. Few thrusts maybe and I was balls deep. I gave her nice slow dick. Slowly going deep. Slowly pulling out. She was moaning and making little noises. I went faster and eventually pulled out, picked her up with one arm and placed her on the dresser. I fucked her for a few there and then pulled her back on the bed on top of me. I had her waist and picked her up and was starting to slam her back down. She said “oh my pussy feels so good. Fuck me harder. Harder please. Please.” I watched her eyes roll and she gave a loud long moan then little squeals. I started slowing down because I was going to cum, then the phone rang. I picked up the cordless next to the bed. It was my wife. She asked me if I could turn on the oven. I felt my cock get wet and my niece was sucking me. I watched her look up at me and slowly suck on me. I was distracted and barely heard what my wife said and only caught the end which was she would be home in 15 minutes. I hung up, spun her around and put my cock between her lower but cheeks. I pushed and had some resistance so pushed a little harder. She winced and I pulled her cheeks apart and seen my head was in her ass. I said I was sorry and she said it was okay. Like I said it’s been a long time for me so I really wanted to enjoy her ass, but I really did have to hurry. I slapped her ass and picked up speed going deeper. I’d slap her ass again and she would push it back on me. I made sure she was okay and told her I was close and she needed to hold on to something and hold her breath. I held her hips and picked her up off the bed and repeatedly slammed my dick in her ass. She barely made a noise as I started to pump her ass full of my cum. Exhausted, I slumped back on the bed to catch my breath. She crawled over and sucked and licked my tip tasting her ass and my cum. We hurried to get dressed and went out like nothing happened. Watching her walk a little funny was the icing on the cake.

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    Awesome, she’s trooper hehe, part 2 is even better and i hope theres a part 3 and more!!

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    Part 2 is up!

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    OP here. Thanks! There have been a few times since then. Most are the same scenario except once or twice. I could always talk about one of them if you guys wanted.

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