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Me and my cousin

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Ok I’m a fourteen year old boy, pretty athletic, with dark brown hair, and I’m about 5’6
In the summer we usually have family come from out of town to spend the week
Kyaking, hiking playing etc
In one of the family’s there’s a girl my age
She’s blonde, a little shorter then me, and has a great body,
One year we went kayaking in the local lake
Me and my cousin went to th far side were nobody was,
I just had swim shorts on with no shirt,
And she was wearing a bikini top with swim short shorts (she was hot !)
We messed around for about 30 minutes
Racing, skipping, rocks
When she got this funny look on her face and said
“I’ll bet I can dunk you
First one to dunk the other wins looser has to swim back
I’m an ok swimmer so I said “sure
We both got in the water and said go !
Imidatly she dives for me grabbed my head in both hands
And shoved my face in to her breasts!
I wasn’t sure what to think ?
I loved it ! And my penis was getting hard But I still didn’t want to loose so I Braves at her back to try to spin her around
But instead I unhooked her top and we both looked at each other scared
My face was the only think keeping my cousin fr standing there have nude
She smiled at me and took a step back
I was ate struck !
Her breast were full an bounced as stood there, and her tits were hard from the cold water
My cock was rock hard and throbing
I couldn’t look away
You pervert !!!
My cousin shouted laughing an turning around
I was scared silly and stooped down and handed her her top which she put back one
Then she looked at me for a minute
Get back in ‘she said and sit down
I figured maybe if I listened she wouldn’t tell anyone
I sat down in the cold water and tried to hide the bulge in my shorts but it was impossible not to see
She stated at it as she kneeled down
And then with out warning she grabbed the bottom of my shorts and yanked them off
Making me fall back into the water
Haha !
I win she said holding my pants like a trophy
I got up mad not realizing I was on full desplay until I saw her staring at my 8 inch hard cock
I turned bright red and grabbed my pants from her
You idiot!
What was that for ?!
I just wanted to see some of you since you got to see some of me
Your retarded !
And I headed back to were are family was waiting

When we got home it was dark
I couldn’t stop thinking about her breast
And what was she was hiding
I went to sleep in are “clubhouse ” that’s really just a room in the shop that had a hidabed and a TV
I sleepy out there course there was family in my room an it was the only place I could get peace and quite
As I was laying out there I herd some coming upturn stairs so I purses the show I had been watching and watched my cousin In a see through top and short shorts walk in
I’m sleeping out here with you house there’s no room in the house she said
And prosesed to sit down right next to me
And take he remote
What are you doing ?! I asked
I’m picking the show !
Come and get it then she said with a smirk
I couldnt let the chalinge go so
I jumped top of her and pinned her to the bed but before I could stop her she had panssed me again !
What the heck are you doing ?!! I said
I just wanted a closer look at that thing
And I know you want to look at mine down there, then she leaned up and kissede pashunitly pushing her tongue in my mouth
I gave in and kissed her back swirling her tongue with mine
Then we both snapped
She pulled my pants all the way off and my shirt and I pulled her shorts and panties of along with her t shirt and bra
We were both there,
Me on top of here my penis hanging over her stomach
We flipped around and started 69
She sucked on my cock liking the head an deepthroating it while she rubbed my ball
And I grabbed her roun ass and started eating her sweet pussy sticking my tounge deep inside her whole
With my other hand I started finger fucking her ass
After a phew minutes she started shaking
And then she screamed with pleasure and came all over my face
I smiled and licked it all off her pussy and turned around and started throat fucking her it didn’t take me long to cum but I pulled out before I hade to.
Then I got over her and laid on top of her sucking her tits
I want it !
Put your cock in inside me, fuck me tell you put your cum inside me !
I smiled and slowly slides cock in she slowly started to shack as I ducks her faster and faster
She was moning and we were sweeting like crazy the her viginal walls started to squeeze my dick Intel I could hold it any more I squirtedy hit but deep inside her with one big push
And she squirted her pussy juices all over the bed and we calapsed on top of each other still naked and fell asleep.

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    You can do part two


    Great Story Do Part 2

  • Reply anonymous

    Where to begin? There is a new app called grammar app, download it and use it, use a spell checker, too. If your device retypes what you wrote, turn that feature off. Otherwise get another device. Story line was ok, but the grammar and spelling made it unreadable

    • anonymous

      Dude, stfu. Anonymous is my thing and your making me look bad when I actually use my user. Who gives a fuck if this kid knows english. Might not even be his first language. Fucking muricans wanting everyone to bark english.

    • anonymous

      Jealous of me, my critique is correct. While the story was good, the poor grammar and spelling errors make this story unreadable, I should also stated to proofread as well, that alone would catch many errors

    • Anonimus

      Bro the Second anônimos is a hacker trash and without Future

  • Reply Samantha

    It was a good start
    Interesting to see where this goes?

  • Reply Richard

    Very poor grammar
    and spelling.

    • Tj21

      I’ve got a bad device that retires everything I say