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Wheelchair cousins dog laps it up

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M 41 F 32 This is short but was very hot.
My cousin and I had an ongoing arrangement where she would call me or FaceTime me whenever she was horny and I’d find a way of helping her out.
I need to explain she has MS and is often in a wheelchair.
Sometimes we would talk dirty. Other times she would flash me or strip in the chair.
This time she had propped the lap top on a chair opposite her chair and was fingering her self while I wanked. We could see each other and we were getting into it when there was a noise her end. Panic ensued. But it turned out it was their spaniel dog.
It came in sniffing and nosing. Like dogs do it sniffed between her legs and she pushed it away. Over and over she pushed it until I said “let us have a sniff “ I knew I wanted to.
Being on another country made that difficult. She relented and lifted her skirt, spreading her legs and tapping her pussy.
He got the message and his nose went right in there. Making her squeal.
I was shouting encouragement from my end. She shouted for me to stop but I didn’t. I could tell she was game.
She had one hand on her pussy and one hand holding the dogs collar pulling it in.
“He’s licking me” She shouted.
I was standing now near the camera jacking off.
She was really enjoining it as she was moaning and calling me names for “making her “ do this.
She came soon after.

More to come

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  • Reply Hornyforyou ID:1e8tlmxodhb6

    That’s so hot me and my girlfriend were goofing around one day and my dog knots inside her she was stuck there for like 10 minutes it was the best ever watching

  • Reply Jade ID:1gt0ienboib

    I love letting my dog lick my pussy. It’s a feeling like no other and I can cum over and over. He loves it x

    • YourFuckToy ID:5v8uep209

      It is the best feeling ever. Much better than a man or woman can do. I’m getting so horny now just talking about it and I’ve got 13 days before my pussy can be ravaged! It will be a great week x

    • Big dady ID:fx7qp06ia

      That’s hot

  • Reply YourFuckToy ID:5v8uep209

    Horny teacher I would love to be fucked by a dog but unfortunately they’re all bitches. Maybe one day

  • Reply YourFuckToy ID:5v8uep209

    I love having my pussy licked. I’m not allowed a dog in my apartment but I have the pleasure of dog sitting for three different friends a few times a year. The dogs each lick me up SO good. It’s not like having my own dog but it’s so worth the wait. Two weeks can’t come soon enough

    • Horny teacher ID:55x8ywvqk

      Would you let them fuck you?

    • Ren ID:phayta5dg7b

      Yes let them take turns on you. Then tell us about it